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Dreams inspired by TV and movies anyone? Novels or other fiction? I often have dreams of the environment from a series after I've been on a watching marathon. Not the characters usually, just places that look like the setting of the show.

The main one is Deadwood. It can be the studio set of the town, or I'll be actually there in the town as if it were real. Once, the town was depicted like an old video game. If I'm watching medieval or fantasy adventures, it'll be castles and rickety wooden structures in a green land. I've had quite a number of dreams where I'm driving or walking through post-apocalypse Georgia USA. There's no zombies or Rick Grimes or black chicks with swords, just a dead world with no people and a deeply sad feeling everywhere, because we lost. All of us; the human race has lost everything, forever.

I had dreams about Dhalgren many times too but I haven't read that book in about ten years and I don't remember them. Other dreams resembled the book in no surface level way but the FEELING was there which, if you know Dhalgren you know it can't be described quickly, but it was definitely that feeling.

95% of the time, again, it's the setting or a setting very similar rather than the characters or situations. But once I dreamed that a scene from the film Starship Troopers was happening in my childhood neighborhood. The audio was the same, with Kitten Smith shouting "here they come" as the bugs crawl out of every hole, except the battlefield was the streets and backyards where I used to deliver newspapers.


I once had a dream about Breaking Bad in which Hank and Jesse were in a car with me. It was filled with tools and such (this is when I worked in construction). We ended up at my friend's basement and Heisenberg was there too. Then one of them stabbed another in the head with a screwdriver

>The Sopranos

Tony is angry, running around a forest with some low stone walls looking for someone . Furio and that dude with glasses (patsy?) are also there. A different dream Chris ran a sweatshop filled with kids. They appeared like 07 Runescape characters, and it showed them taking damage amd dying as they worked harder


not tv but once I played through the entirety of portal 2 the day it came out after a week or two of playing pretty much nothing but the original.
The result of this was my brain being unable to leave the portal puzzle solving mind set for the next day. I dreamt about portal at night, when I woke I thought I was in a test chamber, and at school having a mini panic attack every time I saw a white wall.


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I once had a dream about Umineko no Naku Koro ni. I was made an apprentice of the witch (likely Bernkastel) and I had to learn all that she knew. Those who know the franchise might guess that this means I had zero idea what to do, zero hints or directions or grading or anything. I had little tasks, like going into a dark animal pen and have the door locked on me. It had about 15 chicken, and after a minute or two their eyes started to gain a very faint red glow. Slowly enough that you can't tell whether it's real or not in the first 30 minutes, but at one point you realize they are full on glowing. They proceeded to grow steel beaks and claws and then start poking at me, eventually going full aggressive and taking me apart. It was especially nasty when they took bites from the inside of my ear. Things faded to black and I was standing in front of the pen, and had to go in again.
Another task was digging a ditch and then filling it back, 16 hours of uninterrupted work ever day, for about a century. Stuff like this.

I didn't feel like I learn anything, but that was just how hard this sort of education was. I think I completed all my tasks after a long ass time. The final task was to defeat the witch with my bare hands. To those who played Dark Souls, it was basically me going with a fresh deprived character, naked and with fists only against a SL 400+ sorcerer standing on top of a bellfry, which I had to climb from the outside using glitches only. I somehow managed to throw her off the tower and she died. I then sacrificed myself to revive her, and voilá, I learned the one lesson: I was the witch all along.

I love this dream, it was f... I mean a great pastime.


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That's cool, I thought I had suggested video games too but I guess I forgot. I used to know a guy who solved computer programming issues that way, problems he's struggled with for days. He'd dream the code he needed and then wake up and type it up for real.

Two more I remembered from books; once I was lying in bed imagining what it would be like to be a spaceborne paratrooper like in the original Starship Troopers; the book is very explicit about everything that happens, from the soldier being fired out of a cannon from the ship, his outer capsule burning away followed by a series of parachutes, and finally the still rough landing softened by the armoured suit's rockets. When I started, it was a daydream in bed. By the time I reached hard ground, I was dreaming it and there I was. I don't think there was a battle next but I can't remember for sure.

The other was "The Five and a Half Minute Hallway" from House of Leaves. For a whole week my dreams seemed to start with this. What's interesting is that in both these examples, the spacedrop and the impossible corridor, the short journey was like entering a portal into the other world. At least that's how I remembered it the next day. The "daydream" part may have been a sleeping dream which I only remembered as a waking daydream. Or something.


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kind of a musical dream last night. Basically I lost my dog in a car park and after hours of searching someone found him. None other than than animal lover and death grips front man McRide. I gave him a hug, I could feel his beard tickle my face. I said "thank you" and he replied "eh"