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Vanilla sex dreams are cool too, but last night I had the weirdest dream.

So I was in bed with a cute girl and she suddenly grows a dick and starts crying. I think I was trying to make her feel better, so we started to rub dicks together. Her dick was so girly looking compared to mine and she had a tight foreskin that covered like half of her head. For some odd reason, she didn't grow any balls.

I gave her a handjob, sucked her a little but either one of us came. I was wanting to dock with her but then my dream suddenly changed to me and another woman who I was just gently fucking. Like it was a real comfy, lazy fuck, like we should have been playing some Nujabes where we were doing it.

I don't get why I'm having so many sex dreams, I fap regularly and I'm just a virgin. What are your sex dreams like?


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>Her dick was so girly looking compared to mine


Yea, it was so delicate and cute.


Take it for what it's worth. I'm a complete amateur.

A dream analysis from a Jungian perspective would go like this:
Your feminine side (called the anima) is trying to contact you. She's looking for you to start some introspection work.
The only way she found to get your attention is to arouse you sexually. This is because she's young and inexperienced (your anima is in her first level of development, and only has her sexual side).
What gives me great hope that you should be able to do this kind of work is that when you're trying to be sexual with her (going for a "deeper" contact). The dream transformed into a positive imagery, almost spiritual or zen, which indicates your unconscious is ready for change.

This would be the basic framework on which to understand your dream: your unconscious is literally going "notice me senpai" so that you can start working on yourself. I can't go any further because I don't have any specific details about you (dream analysis operates within frameworks, but the content are completely unique to someone's experience).

Remember all dreams are symbolical. The sex is not sex, it is used as a symbol for something that would resonate emotionally with you. But I can definitely say that this is a very positive dream.

Does that make any sense to you? Again, I'm a complete amateur. Disregard anything that I say that does not connect with you.


It does make sense, a little bit.

I've been working on myself in various ways. I've been trying to dress better, so I've been thinking way more about myself and what would look good on me. Plus, I'm considering going into exercise.

But yea, the dream was really happy and upbeat. I wasn't grossed out by the idea of rubbing dicks, it was just a real feel good dream, despite just being so off the wall.


I was trying to fuarrrk with people using this virtual reality thing and I found this really insecure bait able guy and I lured him into doing this virtual reality sex thing. I appeared in this slightly dirty bathroom with him. He was lying in the tub. I started feeling this sense of power over him. So I went and straddled him and started to smash my hips against him to the point where there ended up being blood everywhere all while feeling this amazing growing sense of power as there was no sexual attraction just that. I kept doing that until his hips and surrounding area were bloody pulp. Until I think I had an orgasm and the VR thing ended. I think later on I then considered doing it again in the dream in some cruel sadistic way. I've never had a dream anything like this before. I have no idea what could of caused it.


I don't get sex dreams often, but the other night I dreamt I almost fuarrrked my sister.


Somehow the few I've had were only about rubbing my insecurities in my face.

There was this one dream where I was with a prostitute(male) and since this was my first time I tried to suck his dick but he couldn't get hard. Then he felt bad about it so he tried consoling me but I was still sad anyway.

Then there was another dream where I was sucking some girls asshole but instead of the girl feeling the sensation it was my asshole that felt like it was being sucked. I distinctly remember thinking "so this is what it feels like" before I woke up.


Incest dreams. 'Nuff said.


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Men can't rape in my dreams. Only women.
What does this mean from a female's perspective?


you're probably not a replicant.


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Had quite a ton with my mother and once with my grandmother when I was around 16-20... guess what, nowadays I love siscon doujins.