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in the dream my character was a young girl in a futuristic setting, mother earth had been long forgotten destroyed or faded into obscurity, i cant remember which.

in her computer she had on her small 2-3 person ship, she had an incredible amount of storage space (as is natural) she had stored hundreds of millions of memories of humans past. the dream did not specify how these came to be stored. in an average human life they tend to have around one or two sincerely intense memories of strong and meaningful magnitude. these memories can be collected by enthusiasts and experienced with VR headsets. these headsets have cognitive interaction far unlike ours today (though no doubt the present versions inspired the dream). this girl collected and experienced these memories. she binges them one by one like drugs and like art.

the dream starts in the role of an elderly woman in a japanese rural town in the 20th or 21st century. she has some sort of role in a nursery. along the country roads she plays with small children, aged approximately 6-7 years.she knew them by name and by heart. she enjoys meaningful and sincere happiness at the times she is with them (filial piety is an influence?) she is granted second hand, the youthful innocent and pure happiness that only a child can have. she experiences it greatly and with meaning. she came to know each child's personality and without the thoughts to accompany it, she felt sincere wonder at sprouting life.

on one such smiling conversation with the children she stopped and had a brief and rare moment of clarity. she spoke aloud "i will always remember this" and cried deeply. this phrase had several meanings she felt sincere emotion and knew that the moment would stay with her for a lifetime. she also knew well in that moment that she would die soon. you see, she was not the type to think of that sort of thing too often. she thought it improper and that it would ruin the children's mood that she so desperately treasured.

the children around her didnt know why she was crying, even the ones that knew her best. i imagine she kept crying for some minutes longer before shakingly continuing along their shared slow and lazy path.

i do not know as at this moment the memory ends and i am cruelly pulled away from that world. the girl in her infinitely slowly orbiting spaceship sits shocked holding her helmet in her hands. normally she takes a few seconds to steady her thoughts before entering the next stored memory but this time it was at such a magnitude that she spent a good few minutes sitting and thinking. she knew that she must take a break for a few days (she imagined two although it became six). around this time she came to the thought that the emotion she had felt in the womans memory was so strong that the girl herself would likely always remember it for the rest of her life. she dried her eyes and steadied her feet. someone called her to check on the botanics so she left her seat in her quarters to attend. at this point i (and we) leave her, this is where the dream ends.

much like her i had to steady my thoughts, although this is standard procedure for me waking up. i dried my eyes like her and i thought of the woman and the girl who i had shared the moment with. neither of them knew they would be sharing the memory with anyone else. i came to think too that despite my third hand rendition, i too would likely remember that feeling for the rest of my life.


>neither of them knew they would be sharing the memory with anyone else.
you write as if they are real people. i am baffled


it just felt like it


i dont really have any input, but i really enjoyed reading this
thanks for sharing


thank you.


I enjoyed the read too, thanks for writing it so gracefully and not just greentexting it.
Memory is recursive.