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So, I have this problem, I can't sleep a lot, at night I can be awake in bed at 4 or 5am, then I sleep untill 11am but I can't dream at all, or at least I don't remember anything.
When I can sleep more early, this thing happens to me that I just wake up with a lot of heat and exalted...
Someone have the same thing? What I should do?
Sometimes I feel despersonalization/desrealization it's very weird, I don't like that so I want a solution.
I don't drink a lot of coffee but tea is my addiction.
(Sorry for crappy english)


Thanks for being so nice you people


I've found just calming yourself down enough to be able to lay with your eyes closed still allows you to rest - having lucid dreams is fun and also exhausting so I think sometimes just letting your mind be absent is good...


Have you tried exercising. I find going to bed dead tired from exercise is the best way to make sure I go to bed. As far as the dreaming--that could mean that you aren't acheiving a deep enough level of sleep. Something you can do is: take Zinc and Magnesium before bed. Studies show that it could help achieve deeper sleep. Fo me it helps a ton.


I can't sleep right unless I've exercised or done something physical for at least a small part of my day.

Also, if you can get to a doctor, trazadone is amazing for sleep and it'll give you intense dreams. There's several dosage levels, so if it doesn't work right away or it stops working after a while, remember you can always increase the dose.

This is what I'm currently taking. I don't take it every night and I take a moderate to light dose. It always gives me very interesting dreams and it has only failed to work for me a very small number of nights.

Good luck! Sleep problems are the worst.