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Some asshole broke into my house and stole all of my door knobs last night. He left a cryptic letter on my front door which I had to urinate on to reveal a map of where he buried them in my front yard. Have you ever done anything shitty to your subconscious for it to treat you this way?
ITT: Asshole dreams


I had a dream that I was eating used cat litter as a habit. I was sad about it but couldn't stop either, like a junkie or an alcoholic.

(I think it was caused by the realization that I was filling my brain with mindless drivel on the internet every night rather than all those other things responsible adults are supposed to do, but wasn't stopping for some reason either).


A while ago I was trying lots of techniques to have lucid dreams, and a couple times I dreamed that I was trying to have lucid dreams and failing.

It's more interesting when my subconscious does some cool trick like having a dream character make some joke that I (dream self) find funny, or letting me have a real conversation with a dream person instead of basic and dull dream talk. Recently I deramed of having a coffee with a friend and I would ask or say something to her, she would think for a while, I would think something else as well, she would reply something that I'd find interesting or even surprising. It's weird that I was actually talking to a different part of my mind.


I was chased by witches last night. I had a long paragraph but it said throttled by filter, so thats it


Try splitting it up. It probably just exceeded the character limit