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Does anyone here's concept of self sometimes get completely reworked in dreams? I cant tell you the number of times I've woken up from a dream, and sitting in bed in that halfway state, I am no longer ME but I am a collection of other people who were in my dream.

For example one time, I had a dream there was a ragtag band of kids trying to save the world from a great evil. I was the ragtag band of kids. I was all of them, not any of them individually, but the group itself. Has anyone else ever experienced this, or have relevant things to read about it?


I know what you mean. In my dreams I am always myself whether I'm me, another person, a group of people, an abstract concept, or nothing.


I kinda know what you mean OP.
The thing for me is though, that I often show personality traits that I wish I had, but don't quite show like that in real life. In my dreams however, I do. And then when I wake up, I feel this lingering sensation of them and wondern if I could actually "act" like my dreamself.

I am however always myself, or rather I always seem to mantain my concept of "Self", regardless of "who I am" in my dream.
It's really a strange feeling.


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>I was all of them, not any of them individually, but the group itself.
That's really interesting, OP. Allegedly, all dream characters are really representations or portions of the dreamer, which seems fitting with this


What is this like during nightmares? Do you also feel yourself as the "monster"?


I've had dreams where I wasn't myself, but rather a different dream character. My appearance, personality, name, home, "memories" and relationships in the dream were all a bunch of made up "original" stuff unrelated to who I actually am.

I've also experienced dreams where my perspective kind of jumps around. I'm a certain person, and in the dream it feels like it's me, then suddenly I'm another person interacting with "myself", or I can see the results of my previous actions, but I no longer feel like I was that person from before. That, or my point of view shifts and I can see myself from afar while simultaneously control my body, which feels totally normal.

I've never experienced being multiple characters at the same time, though.