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If I keep dreaming about fuarrrking my friend, does it mean I might be in love with her? Should I go for it? I really like the idea of being intimate with her.


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People have dreams about kissing and f*cking all kinds of people they don't even like, or which they do like but merely wish to be closer to. Sexual attraction isn't equatable to love in real life, and in dreams it's even less likely to be related.

But it sounds like you already have feelings for her including sexual ones anyway so this is probably the source of the dreams. This doesn't sound like a particularly deep problem to analyze, Lain. Acting on it or just living with the realization may be the bigger problem.


if it means anything to you, i used to have intimate dreams involving my mother and sister


Eh, unlikely. I've had dreams about a lot of weird soykaf, doesn't mean I am in love with those people, etc.


I've had dreams involving close relatives but (luckily) never with my mother.


I fuarrrked my mother in the ass once in a dream.

I then checked out of life nearly completely.


HOoooooooooooooo fuarrrk dreams. They are tricky beasts.

I had one ... very symbol heavy, but nonetheless, disconnected from my current reality. I stood at a clearing on a cliff. A path led up to the cliff. The entrance to the clearing was beset on either side with a few 12ft~ columns. I stood at the foot a bed in the middle of the clearing with a rams head mask on my face. I would fuarrrk a woman then she would jump off the cliff...

And for miles and miles back a single file line of women could be seen. Finally disappearing at the horizon line.


> involving my mother and sister
Good stuff.
Assuming your mother is good looking.


Wonder if he had them both simultaneously
Depends on you and on circuimstances. Are you lonely? Is this friendship good? You probably should not go for it if this friendship is more valuable to you than you think.


i'm glad i'm not you