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Hi /zzz/

This isn't a question directly linked to dreaming but it's somethings that have been buging me for a while.
Normally, when you close your eyes or you are in a room with no lights you see "nothing" or more precisely black, right? But even tough I see that too, I see black shapes moving around. When I try to focus on it I just get lost because it's just black in black.
Hope I expressed myself well. My questions are, do you see it too and do you know what it is?


Do they ever look slightly green/purple? Yeah that happens to me as well and when I try to focus they disappear. It's funny.


I get these after a 24/7 drinking binge only they don't disappear when I focus on them. The more I concentrate in fact, the stronger they get. I believe they are a mild version of delirium tremens and are the only pleasant thing about being in that state. Usually it's faces, sometimes old style comics and cartoons.


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That's called Hypnagogia. Its completely normal, and if you get it often you could use it to access lucid dreams. http://www.world-of-lucid-dreaming.com/hypnagogic-state.html


I can manipulate it to do lucid dreams as long as I don't go under and they're normal. I can't see it well but mine are orange and green, generally.


Thanks for the info, pretty awesome. Mine are darker, I mean, I don't really see any green or purple. Going to try anyways!