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When you all dream, you are running around in a bubble world, a sort of prison which keeps you from navigating the open world system. All the bubble worlds are connected to a hub, which is essentially the open world system where all the dream people interact with one another, outside of your perception. You are not ready for the Hub. There is a lot of work that needs to be done before the Hub is able to be accessed. When will you join us?




what kind of work do i need to do?


How does one achieve such transience?


Ive heard of this while astral projecting, it was sort of a library of knowledge. It is gnarly


op please tell me more. I want to learn.



Me too, please post something more concrete.


I dreamed of a new League champion, including a spotlight and gameplay footage. The trees felt much more real though.
She was a support, and quite an OP one indeed. Short, blonde hair, similar movement to Janna, but had a white-purple color theme. Name was made of 2 words, Q????? Noma
Her Q was the core thing, it made enemy champions switch side for 4 seconds. They could not receive damage from my team, but they got buffs and heals and stuff. Their turrets started to shoot them, ours stopped. Their own team could shoot them. The most fucked up things came from transforming them while they were escaping or hugging a turret.
W was an aoe damage over time, just like Nasus W, but you could put it on a teammate for minor shield, and then the aoe followed them. E was a short range aoe magic damage in front of Noma. Her ultimate was… fucking wicked. Depending on the country you were from, it did fake game events, like lag, server shutdown, user ban, update, etc UI elements appear in the game for everyone. Can't remember the passive, nothing significant.

My question to OP is, how do I buy this champ?


Look at it like this:

-People are kept separate from each other within the Collective Unconscious. Initially, this seemingly protects individuals. However, these bubbles also act as a means of control. Dreamworld criminals act as gatekeepers, or jailors, preventing people from utilizing the dreamworld as a social networking medium. These criminals pose as deity figures and work in conjunction with one another to create a system of control that has prevented progress from occurring… until recently.


>You are not ready for the Hub.

Not really… You know what karma you will get for this? You better fix that or my Naga will catch you.


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>until recently..

w-what does though mean?, can I be in the hub too.. how?


*Jumps on the fence, pulls his dick out and delivers a pee blast*

IOW, you don't want me to join, you don't.


can you give us a direction to look in, or will we find it when we explore enough?
these dream bubbles better not be what I think they are


>these dream bubbles better not be what I think they are
Not unless you're thinking that the concept is a prime example of internet schizophrenia.


let's say the concept is very similar to something very popular in another corner of the internet



The internet spans almost every human interest out there. Popularity and similarity are both very relative terms.
It'd be pretty difficult to think of something that
>very similar to something very popular in another corner of the internet
doesn't apply to.


how often do you astral project? what else have you seen\learned while doing so? (assuming you still browse here)

interesting concept. This is kinda how I see our virtual reality metaverse working in the future. Where type of people who use propreitary tech and dont understand how facebook is harmful (both in the datamining and distraction sense) become inprisoned by it and the rest get access to an i2p like metaverse where all information is free,encrypted, and if you want anonymous.





Is the dream bubble going to be a clusterfuarrrk of "le anonymouse tier" people, because I really don't feel like going there if it is.


The hub is the orgy section, it's where we go to get laid on dream world.


I consider my inability to interface with the Hub a feature.


Nice psychic bother you're running there, friend. B^)


psychic bother?


You mean the "hub" isn't ready for me. Come down from the mountain. It's a nice place to be but you'll lose perspective if you don't come down from time to time. Balance in all things.

That's often known as the akashic records.

It is.

Connection and independence are both fine. Either will bring wisdom. Both simultaneously are true art. Balance in all things.


I've experimented with sending messages over the hub, but usually the data i send gets garbled or otherwise distorted by the time it reaches the other person. I'm not sure what the problem is, me or them.


Misunderstandings are always a reality of communication. Keep practising.