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Let's talk about synesthesia, lains. I found out about it only yesterday while binge browsing Wikipedia, and discovered that something I've experienced all my life is not something everyone shares: I have pictured the months, weeks, and hours in a certain path/pattern for as long as I can remember, and always assumed this was normal.

Do you experience synesthesia? Have you found some use for it?

Pic related, it's roughly how I view the months, although they're more three-dimensional in my head.


I think very mildly, it's not like I'm blinded by colours when I see a number or anything, but I do make seemingly unrelated associations between things. specifically I remember when I was a child explaining what colour the numbers were to my mum.

I do find it useful for remembering port numbers and multicast addresses, based on how they fit with the "correct" numbers
for example the IP next header for TCP is 6 when it should be 7 and UDP is 17 which is fine


I experience strong audio flashbacks occasionally when I'm triggered by something. It seriously spooks me out.

Visually, it's null. Occasionally I feel, smell, or taste something nostalgic but it's generally something audio.


I get it a lot with music or just sounds in general. I'll typically associate certain songs etc. with different color patterns or "temperatures", and if I get into it enough even vivid complex geometric shapes.

It's pretty amusing sometimes and I find it potentially useful in an artistic context. I could see how it would make for a good literary device or help a musician figure out what kind of sound they want to go for by going off what it makes them "see" or "feel"


I have something similar but it happens even with slight sounds like someone walking and even breathing. I used to think it was normal until I ran into a Synesthesia video.


nope, i wish i did though it's a great mnemonic.

i do feel certain ways about numbers, not just if they could be the right answer to a problem but there are nice numbers and ugly numbers. idno how to describe it and i'm not sure if it's innate or learned. i'm autistic so that might explain it. also when i see a group of things i can tell you immediately how many there are without having to count (as long as the total number is up to the lower teens and they are visually distinct)


I was also under the impression that this was normal.

To my knowledge, I've always considered a week to have a specific set of shapes it can take. Months take on their shapes as in calenders. A year also does.

I thought it was normal to imagine these kinds of sequences as, let's say a straight line for an example.

I'm currently having issues recalling other concepts I apply shape or other senses to, but I may unwittingly do this more now that I'm aware of it being uncommon.

>Do you experience synesthesia? Have you found some use for it?

It helps me think. I don't see how it's different from imagining a function as its graph.


I view months in same manner, OP, though use it as completely symmetrucal with july being lowest and january/december are two highest.

It is very common indeed - most of my friends see have it in some way. Some see it as linear and infiniti like big ruler with scales of days, month, years.

There is no much use to it though - just a crutch created by imagination.


I think of numbers like that. Not sure if I still do though. I used to get colours for music but not any more now it seems. Seems to be related to me losing 90% of my emotions and being unable to really enjoy anything anymore. Fucking hell somebody help me.


Yes. I can see music. Every note, instrument, and pitch has its own shape, color, pattern, etc. I can't imagine not seeing this. I've described songs as bright, busy, forest-like, hot, or cold.

When I read, I translate the words into pictures, and recall a page in book by what I saw, not the word I read. This is more a hindrance than anything else for assignments. And I do real time speech-to-text on everything I listen to.

Similar to the others here, every number has a color (0 is white, 1 is black, 2 is red etc.), and a gender. From a young age, I've assigned gender to cars and numerals. Evens are female, odds are male. Sedans, coupes, etc. are female. Pick-ups, buses etc. are male. Minivans, sports-utilities etc. are neuter or both.

I also see the world differently when I'm sick w/ a cold. Something about the feeling in my nose taints the sun & anything it hits with a creepy tint that words cannot describe.


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Its crazy, i actually can't remember whem i start to see the months and the days like this in my mind. But it's really useful, i think everyone does, it's just hard to explain whitout trying to draw it.

This is how i see the months and the days.


I've had visual-audio synethesia a few time, only while on lsd/2ce and it's incredible.

Now I've only ever seen vibrations from bass but it's still an amazing thing to see/feel.


Interesting that saturday and sunday are both extended in length and are darker - I too imagine the week roughly like this.
I think given the number of lains in this thread who have experienced similar things, it's safe to say that this isn't actually synesthesia (a fairly rare condition by comparison).
Involuntarily making faint sensory correlations to concepts is probably something that only a very low percentage of the world's population does not do.
I believe for it to be considered synesthesia it would have to be much more vivid and pervasive that what has been described itt, and also not change over time (which it has for me if only subtly).
Nevertheless this is a very interesting thread.


fuarrrk i sound like a retard when i try to sound all proper and soykaf then fuarrrk up my spelling, grammar, and sentence flow


Just putting this info out there
Synesthesia can be induced.
If you take a good 10000 word count book or essay and change every character in that book to a specific color (ie a=red, b=blue...) then after you read the book a couple of times (or multiple books) you can induce synesthesia


File: 1485836987817.png (34.64 KB, 200x153, Text Rotation.png)

Whenever I read a rotated page (lying in bed/ head tilted to side at PC) for a while and get into a flow state, all of the text I scan over will look as if it has been rotated back to normal. So instead of reading at an angle, I'm reading down stairsteps of text, which is much faster but not quite as fast as reading normal text. I've never tested the limits, but I would guess it works at up to 30-40 degrees, and certainly for more shallow angles.

Very amusing but once I notice it happening, the flow state ends and the text returns to normal.

Does anybody else experience anything similar, where your subconscious modifies your senses so that you have less conscious burden of figuring it out? But all synesthesia is somewhat like that, isn't it.


I am not special ;-;
Months and numbers in my head are always black characters in a white background, its always a computer font. Still, I can relate numbers to colors, like 2 is yellow, 5 is red. A lot of people must think like that too.


Oh yeah Lain, oh yeah. I visualize music really well, and the visuals I imagine cause tastes to come to mind. I think my synthesia is the root reason that I use words really loosely, like the definition can be changed with the right context as if I was trying to get the reader to visualize what I see when I listen to music. I love you, Lain!


I see words like this too, only when it rotates to a point, it all adjusts back and I can't read it anymore.


most calendar and time related visualisations i make are kinda hard to describe. for months it's mix of twelve shapes with different densities and temperatures. with weeks it's a feeling of suffocation or pressure that varies with different days. i always thought everyone sees it the same way

i also see music pitch as an object moving through space, something like gameplay of Flower on PS3. when i close my eyes in a church i can pretty much seeing dancing to the voices of the choir. i don't know anything about music theory though, hah


I see days the same way, but clockwise.
It has colors that change, depending on things I have to do.
Months are like a long rope of grey shades and years are a ribbon divided by centuries and eras.