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General dream thread, all dreams welcome.


From my dream journal (phone notepad), written within the first minute I woke up so excuse the writing:

I was in highschool, a new kid. In a class I sat down next to a girl. On a single row of desks we were the only two on the row. I think I saw her drawing but I'm not sure. She asked me what I was into doing, I responded that I liked generating fractals and various images via programming. I had to explain this to another girl in the class.

The girl next to me, I felt close to for some reason. I liked her quite a bit. She was interesting, had a welcoming voice and her aesthetic was either simple or on the verge of punk, I can't remember. She was petite.

Later in the dream we were hanging out together at lunch. First we went the front desk to buy something. Then to the food court. I remember thinking how we both must not have a lot of money since we had to get a tray lunch. We stood in line. I got a chicken sandwich with cheese, it only had one slice of bread on the bottom.

The girl asked the lunch lady to get fries for me, she responded saying they didnt have any. The girl was making sure if all I wanted was just a chicken sandwich. We had to wait longer in the line even though we had our food. At the end of the line I had to give back my food and wait for it but the girl did not have to. She took a booth in the cafeteria and was clearly waiting for me, and not eating.

I had to wait for some time, waiting so long that I decided to leave and come back later, completely forgetting the girl. Coming back I saw my food was ready and the cafeteria was nearly empty besides the girl. She looked sad. My chicken sandwich now was in a clear package and had two buns, the cheese melted, and lettuce.

I took the food, sat next to the girl and immediately starting hugging and kissing her cheek as I apologized for leaving her. She cried and started kissing me back. She told me how she was alone and loved me. We kissed then passionately, intimately. We tried getting closer than physically possible. I relished in that feeling.


Would you say you typically have vivid dreams OP?

This one is from the other night..

I woke up in a bed with my ex (irl she and i are fwb and on good terms now) in what appeared to be a motel room. It was still nighttime. Directly across from where i was sleeping in the bed was an open door frame that looked into the room attached to ours.

I could just barely see two other people sleeping in there. There was a baby crib blocking their door to outside. I assumed there was a baby (their baby?) in the crib. I contemplated getting up and going outside, but the woman in the other room woke up and started mumbling to herself.

I knew her name was Effa. Dont know how i knew that, but i did. I have that feeling a lot in dreams, where i "know" something to be true even though there is nothing in the dream that tells me i am right or wrong in my assumption.

Effa was talking and occasionally sobbing. I found it odd she woke up to talk to herself and cry. I laid under my sheets and listened but i couldnt hear what she was saying.

I rolled over to talk to my ex, she and i spoke but in my dreams i almost never remember what people say. It was dawn now- the room was lighting up slowly.

I woke up.

I dont know anyone named Effa and i had never even heard of that name until my dream. And why did she wake up to sob and mumble?


Desire for desire. Nice dream, I rarely have those but when I do I feel a mixture of sadness and a feeling that isn't happiness, rather like an enjoyment to the idea of becoming a whole with the other

>We tried getting closer than physically possible. I relished in that feeling.

like this.

My last dream, which happened when I fell asleep in front of my laptop after reading about a Japanese naval ship, the Kotetsu. I named the dream Kotetsu from this.

The beginning is blurry, the most I remember is a sort of keep in a snowy land, with grey mountains and rocks in the landscape. Grey walls too inside the keep, no illumination inside, only the dim daylight.

Inside was a monolith made of stone, placed in the center front of the building, like a sort of idol (a similar monolith appeared in other dreams, sometimes plain, sometimes disguised). There was no one nearby, but I could hear someone whispering to a group they were with about horror stories. These stories felt so moving, they caused me frisson in the dream, almost feeling them as if they truly were happening. I warped to a neightbourhood.

The neighbourhood was covered in snow as well, and there was a sort of military building some apples away. In this neighbourhood I was reminded of a girl I really want to get to know, who wears glasses (strangely one of the things I like from a woman but not mention often). I hung around seeing the desolate neightbourhood, when I was picked up by a granduncle in a sports car.

He offered me a ride home, and I left. On the way, I saw some sort of ramp extending on the air next to the road, very high up.

Once I arrived, I somehow knew that some thieves were robbing the entire neighbourhood (I could see them outside, climbing into a house through a fallen gaten, and were coming from the houses beyond the backyard. I quickly told my mother and my brother about it and so we started packing our valuable things in the car (strangely there was only one, when there are actually two cars). I put my clothes and laptops in the back seat, which ended up occupying all the space in it. As I went back, I saw some flashlight aimed at my house, the light coming through the windows in my room. At this point I knew I had fuarrrked up and worried immensely about my cats, and woke up from the nightmare, extremely anxious.

I haven't had dreams I could consider nightmares for more than 5 or 4 years, yet recently I had one as well a few weeks ago. But not of this degree, this one legitimately scared me.



This happens to me a lot as well, to the point it's just a given in most dreams. I usually also try to write down things regarding my own fantasies (although sadly I often end up waking up and just remembering only one of the words I wrote).

Does the word 'effacer' mean something to you?



>Would you say you typically have vivid dreams OP?

OP here. The dreams I remember are usually vivid. Hopefully they become more so as I continue my journaling (first step to attempt to become lucid)



OP here (should have replied to you in previous post, oh well).

>Desire for desire

The day this dream occured I had several girls complementing me on my hair, my first time having people complement anything about me physically. I think the feeling of those experiences triggered that theme.

As I've gotten older (19) my dreams have been about desire, love. Something I'm undecided about (never had a gf, questioning if I want one) in real life.


I finally had one of those dreams where you're in public in your underwear recently. It happened about two weeks after I started a dream journal for the first time, so I guess mine's off to a great start with such a weird thing three dreams in. The strange part is, every time I've heard about dreams like that people often describe them as uncomfortable, but for some reason within the dream I didn't mind it at all, and only did anything about it within the dream once people in the dream started complaining. I wonder if it's some subconscious thing about being at peace with my body or something...


Well, this one was a doozy. I've been reading some Greek mythology lately - particulary drama - and it's very clearly reflected here. I don't quite exactly understand the premise, but I was told the summary of a Greek play and then found myself the star of it. And it was kind of fuarrrked up.

Six to eight teachers showed up at this colosseum-like thing with their kids, and the goal was to fuarrrk with the participant (the mortal I guess) in as many ways as possible. I was given a trophy by some random person, and told to flee along with the kids while the teachers chased behind us. They were like Greek gods though in their agility, and it was a waste to even try.

That part's kind of odd, but the real strange part was their costumes. Sadly I can't remember most them, but they were made of random objects in the world. For example, the craziest and meaning of them was a very fat man on a floating couch who enjoyed calling me fat and a cu*k. I think the fat part comes from my own insecurity, and the c*ck part from Antigone (p.s. that word's not just an insult, mods).

After that, I woke up in a hotel a few years younger than I am now surrounded by creepy older men wanting to reenact the play with me. They kept prodding me to play the main part with an almost sexual glee, and so I came close to accepting it before saying that I was a minor. Immediately they scattered, and I was left alone and it ended.

>Does it mean anything?

I don't know. I could have sworn it was a real play right after I'd woken up, like it was "Orpheus" or something, but I doubt it is. It's kind of neat that I accidentally improved my own, even if it is simplistic. It makes me want to LD and go back to it somehow.


I dreamed I was living in my computer terminal.

I was cycling through commands and text was flashing a thousand times per second.
Then I hit a wall. I was attempting commands I didn't have permission for. Packages that should have been installed were missing on dpkg-query. Network managers were more fickle than Norse gods. I had fewer than 3 GB left on my Linux partition. I was in the middle of copying over 24 GB of Cowboy Bebop. My operating systems were taking turns rewriting the BIOS boot-order until each press of the power button was a spin on the OS Roulette.

I was cycling stackexchange at a thousand pages per second. I was resetting permissions on external drives, archiving data and making backups. Wireless interfaces were configured and then reconfigured. Gparted shrunk opposing partitions. I felt at ease.
Then warning messages. Moving a partition to the left may cause your system to be unable to boot. Diving through Gparted FAQ. More backups. I can feel my sleeping body thrashing about. I'm loading Debian Live onto my USB but GRUB won't recognize it. I'm resetting flags on the USB partition but nothing happens. More stacks are exchanged and I wake up more exhausted then when I went to bed.

fuarrrk you Linux.


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I think I had my first lucid dream last night. I clearly remember realizing that I was dreaming and attempted to float or fly but was unable to and disapointed. I remember being surprised by how real it all felt, then I had sex (lol).

But it's all fuzzy so I'm not sure if I had an actual lucid dream or just dreamed about lucid dreaming, heh. Also had a 100% non-lucid dream after this, same night.

3rd or 4th day dream journaling, the adventure continues!


>I'm not sure if I had an actual lucid dream or just dreamed about lucid dreaming
How would the two differ? It sounds like Cartesian doubt on your part.


too many dreams last night, now i cant remember and slept like soykaf


Sometimes when I sleep in the afternoon I have the most charged dreams. It was pretty short.

I was at college, and had heard of a sinking ship in the lake named after my city. It was a commercial ship, and I could see it in the distance.

Two guys were talking about their dreams, regarding dreams in which you are punished. I listened to them, and after one of them ceased speaking, I told them I wanted to mention something and apologized for breaking in the conversation.

I mentioned something I had read one of two days ago related to some work Freud had done with the phases of a fantasy (A child is being beaten) and how, some paragraphs later, the very punishment inflicted served as the confirmation that one had successfully fulfilled one's own fantasy (desire is transgressive). As I finished saying my part, I saw the sinking ship and the raging waters unbelievably close to us even though the classroom I was in was several meters away from the ground.


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I had highly-paranoid dream last night, for some reason cops were after me and I was hiding in a slums of a city. I was just drinking beer in my hideout when some shady-looking guy came and said "It's over, you better turn yourself in".I was scared as fuarrrk and ran away. I remember the dogs barking behind me and people shouting at me, but I'm not sure what have I done to anger them this much, because I knew that I'm not a criminal. In the end I was surrounded by pursuers and... I'm awake with a terrible headache.


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Most of my dreams now a days are getting back at my ex who was a manipulative bitch. I've acted on one of them. My new anti deppressants also cause me to dream less but if i sleep in I just dream of things like failing classes or being late to work.

I had a specific dream last night where I was asleep and I woke up at an airport about an hour away just sleeping in my car in the parking lot. As I woke up I checked the time and saw it was about 2 P.M. I also knew I couldn't get back to work in time to get anything done. I basically just gave up.

My most recent dream:
I was at my ex's apartment for some reason. We were just chilling and talking. She leaves the room. I start jerking off onto her broken fuarrrking Mac book. I knew she would think it was her bf for some reason. I finished and stood up.

IDK why these dreams continue.


I always have dreams I think a kid would have. For example, I took a nap just now and I had like 4 dreams which were all really childish.
One was driving really fast with my best friend. In another I was a pirate(or playing an adventure video game, idk) in which I stumbled upon and was trying to defeat some a spider lady, then the dream turned into me actually trying to defeat this monster at my house. I was really concerned that my silver sword was missing(I don't have a sword, I think I realized that halfway through. Also my bookshelf was missing, but I wasn't too concerned about that).
Eventually it just cut to two people playing some weird anime version of unreal tournament(I don't watch anime, I knew because there was an intro to the competition). Is there meaning here? I'm fine having these mildly fun adventures.


I had a dream last night, can't quite remember all of the context, where for some reason I ended up eating a steak made out of human flesh. I distinctly could taste it in the dream, and usually my senses (hearing, touch, taste, smell) are nonexistant. It was very tender, a very bright red color. I felt sick to my stomach after eating a few bites, knowing what I was eating, but in the dream it was okay to eat it. The person wasn't killed to be eaten, but died some other way and it was normal in this world to reuse people after they die to help other people be nourished. I still feel sick thinking about it. I wonder what it means


This happened a couple days back.
I dreamt my boyfriend got arrested for laundering bitcoin or something equally as dumb. We were in court which was in the middle of the street of a suburban looking neighborhood, outside. The verdict came that he was guilty and he had a choice to pay back the money he stole plus an extra percentage of it, or go to jail for a number of months.
I begged him to take the money deal and that I would help him in any way I could, but he stared me cold in the face and went with the jail sentence.
I woke up immensely upset and immediately crying.


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Some of the dreams I had lately

Bathroom dream

I was in this club/bar I had gone to to see some local artists preform. It was mostly populated by metalheads and punks. IRL I had gone to the bathroom and it was what you'd expect for a place like that. Graffiti everywhere and he only stall door had been kicked off the hinges.

Anyway in the dream I was there and for some reason I had a pistol in my hand. I wasn't pointing it at anyone and I don't know what I was doing, but that's how it was.
I pulled the trigger and I saw this zoomed in internal view of the gun. The hammer crept forward at a snail's pace and touched the firing pin. It hit the back of the cartridge but didn't fire. Somehow nobody noticed me standing there with a gun, so I decided I needed to go to the bathroom and hide while I got the live round out of the chamber.
I started walking towards the bathroom, but suddenly I was in this maze of cramped hallways with tons of doors. I kept going until I ended up in this little kitchen. There was a young guy standing behind the kitchen counter and he was talking as if there was someone else there, but he was alone. He mentioned something about his roommates to his invisible conversation partner and took no notice of me. I turned and went through a door.
I found myself in a pristine bathroom that looked like something you'd find in a classy hotel. There was a guy standing directly in front of me as I went through the door (his back facing me). I said nothing and just stood there until he moved out of the way. I became aware of the fact that I needed to take a dump, so I tucked the gun into my waistband and went into a stall.
After closing and locking the stall door I was suddenly interrupted by someone outside of the stall telling me I wasn't allowed to be there. I looked over the top of the door and saw this guy who I recall was strange looking. I think he had curly hair and he was wearing a ton of eyeliner. He said I wasn't allowed in there because I wasn't renting a room. I thought to myself that I needed to be assertive and I should tell him to fuarrrk off, but when I opened my mouth I was just all apologetic and said I'd be gone in a minute. He laughed and said "Okay fine" and then suddenly said "hey, check this out!" and he was holding a pair of jeans in his hand. He was already wearying a pair of jeans, but he began trying to pull this second pair on over the ones he had. I was thinking "What the fuarrrk is this guy doing" and decided I should just do my business. I unbuckled my pants and began pulling them down (the stall door is still closed btw). At this point the gun has vanished from my mind, so it is no longer a factor in the dream.
Suddenly there was a very short guy with a mischievous grin standing next to the weird dude. He said nothing and stood there in front of the stall staring at the door. I looked at him and he ignored me. He kicked the door and broke the lock off. I got pissed and I grabbed the little bastard by his collar and hauled him up one handed like he was as light as a feather. I plunged his head into the toilet water and held him there. I had intended to drown him a bit, but the toilet flushed by itself and he was able to breathe when the water went down the pipe. I let him go and realized I had toilet water all over my hand.
I looked at the little guy and I was surprised to see that he didn't fuarrrk off. He was just standing there and he looked murderous. I thought "Oh fuarrrk, now I have to fight this little soykaf for real." and the dream ended.


2nd dream

Psychic children

This dream started off with something happening to two adults. They were parents of the main characters in this dream. I don't remember the details, or if there ever were any details. Many of my dreams include some kind of vague backstory that explains the events of the dream.

The two children were lying in a large cage on the street of a city. They had a long rope that was tied around their necks and it connected them together. They woke up knowing that something had happened to their parents. They flew up in the air and out of the cage as the rope glowed with a blue light.
Something happened and they were no longer connected by the rope. The main character (the one whose perspective I was viewing things from) had an oversized head (like Billy Quizboy) and he was riding around in some kind of flying chair. He was flying over this city that looked like NYC from above (glass skyscrapers etc.) but Victorian England from the ground (filthy streets and all red brick buildings). The city was totally deserted. There were no signs of damage, but I knew that the kids + their parents had somehow taken over the city and forced every living soul to leave. As I watched, I saw some late 19th century looking street urchin children running down the street. Brainiac was furious when he saw this. He knew that people were returning to "their" city because of the demise of their parents. He flew down to confront them, but I don't remember what happened after that.

Frozen in time

I was kneeling in the sand at the beach. I was holding a bag of chips and I looked at it. I saw it had a few small holes in the sides of the bag, and I was disappointed because I thought the chips would be stale. I ate one anyway and concluded that they weren't stale and the holes had got there after I purchased the chips.
There was another person there with me but I ignored him. We were approached by a third person who conversed with the second guy. He told us that the two of us had been "frozen." Apparently we would both just cease all movement for an extended period of time and essentially turn into a statue. This came as a surprise to me, but my companion said that he was aware of it happening to him. I tried to tell the third guy that I couldn't perceive this happening, but he ignored me. He offered to inject us both with some kind of experimental drug that would fix the problem. He warned us that the drug would either fix us, or it would cause us to lose our minds.
I figured that my choices were quite limited, so I agreed to take the drug.
After we both took the drug my companion was suddenly wearing a medieval jester's costume. He began running around shouting gibberish and generally acting like a retard. I started to feel extremely giddy and almost manic. I wanted to join in. I then became upset because I realized that the drug was driving the two of us insane. I tried to stay in control of myself and simply followed my companion around.
We were now following a railway and the beach was nowhere in sight. We reached the end of the line where there was a concrete platform. The railway ran straight into a small room under the platform. The room was padded like a stereotypical asylum cell that you would see in an old movie. My companion ran right into the cell and stopped while I remained just outside. He looked confused, like he didn't know what to do or where to go.
The drug guy followed us and pulled out a giant looney tunes syringe filled with a red fluid. He walked into the cell with the jester and closed a large metal door behind him, locking the two of them in there.
End of dream.



Rotted leg

This one was very short, but it was hyper realistic and left an impression after I woke up.

I was lying in bed and my blanket was covering my legs. I pulled it to the side and saw that my left leg was rotting and necrotic. The whole thing was covered in this massive black pustules. The muscle and flesh around the pustules was sagging and indented as if it was being eaten away under my skin.
Someone else was there and I looked at him and told him to get help. He was staring at my leg in horror and stammered "Y-you're bleeding!"
I looked down again and saw a massive strip of flesh slough away like wet paper. A mixture of blood and yellow pus poured out of the open wound.
That's it for the dream, but the image was very fresh in my mind when I woke up.

I have about 200 dream recordings. Many of them are too uninteresting, personal, or abstract to write up so those are just a few. I wish I had some artistic talent so I could draw some of the crap from my dreams.


I had a dream last night where a group of people were invited to this rich psycho's mansion. After they got there they found out about his plot so they tried to ran away but were chased by guards with guns. Then the perspective shifted to each group of people trying to escape untill settling on this woman, who was sneaking into the psychos living quarters. She(or should I say I) was trying to look for a gun but found a large silver knife inside big closet instead. Then she/I hid in his room untill the psycho got back and beheaded him from behind.

As for the beheading itself, I distinctly rememer how I was trying to stab his back but instead chose to slit his throat. After the first slash the front of his neck had a deep gash so I slashed again, this time taking the head clean off. But, creepily enough, before the second cut he he advised me to close the curtain to his room, so his body wouldnt be found by the guards.

After that I snuk out of his room past a guard doing something in the kitchen, then I woke up.


last night in my dream.
I went to jail. I don't remember what I did, I only remember it was something I'd done with some middle school friends, andI remember I was pleading and I thought I would make it but then I heard the sentence: 7 years.
But it was not prison per se, it was similar but I was allowed to go out for a day if I issued a petition. It was the first week and I was already bored with that stuff, I was considering going to prison to reduce my sentence.