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Can anyone here move limbs or a finger at least during a sleep paralysis session?


my brother used to shout when he would go into sleep paralysis
soykaf was scary af


interesting pic


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What age?



You mean outside the dream? I don't know myself, but in The Nightmare, that documentary about sleep paralysis, there was one guy who would shake his head left and right while sleeping.


cool. the face gets more decrepit in the next phase with a new earring in place.


Yep, that's how I end it.


I could move my toes, then my feet, and move up to my chest which I could wiggle the most and bring myself out of it. I've always tried to escape asap, because I get those dark shadowy figures and my body automatically starts feeling fear.


I used to get a really strange version of sleep paralysis several years ago. I've heard at the time that sleep paralysis usually happens when you wake up abruptly, but I'd get it when I'd wake up "naturally" after 9 hours of sleep, only to find that one of my arms won't move at all. Usually I'd have to rub it for about 5 minutes as if I'm jacking it off to get it to move again. The one time when I woke up and both arms weren't moving was also fun. I was about 30 pounds underweight at that time though, so I bet that contributed to it somewhat.


I used to have sleep paralysis 2-3 times a week for a period of 6-7 months, and I found that the easiest way to snap out of it is to just close your eyes and hold your breath when you realize you're in it. You'll end up waking up in 4-5 seconds, usually before the worst of it starts.


First time poster on Lainchan, hi /zzz/,

I've never had a problem moving during sleep paralysis. I've gotten to the point where I can shift my entire body (for example, moving to laying on my right side from the left) while maintaining sleep paralysis. It's an awkward process, but it feels amazing, satisfying. Something like when your foot/etc falls asleep and you feel those pricks, only there's an accompanying pleasure to it as I'm squirming in my blanket.
The only time it's (relatively) difficult to move for me during sleep paralysis is when I'm experiencing an outside force, i.e., an abduction scenario. Not sure if that's because the sleep paralysis has a stronger hold over me, or because the abductive force confuses my brain/muscles too much to really move. I suspect it's the latter, since I can never quite get any tactile bearing on my relation to the the blankets, mattress, etc.--I may be moving, but not even know it.


I do that too.
It's my technique for breaking out of it.