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Tell me about your most recent/recurring nightmares.

I keep having dreams about bears. This morning I woke up after the strangest dream.

I was at a campsite which looked way different than anything around here (PNW), maybe it was in Japan or something. Anyway for some reason I get out of my tent during night and get in my car and start to drive to the exit- maybe I had a bad feeling. I'm going towards the exit of the campsite when this massive brown bear blocks my path. I somehow end up down a hill near a broken bridge trying to get away.
I jump across the bridge while trying to run away. I'm going through the forest with a flash light when I hear rustling, but am relieved when I see another human. Except he is mauled, and walking like a zombie. I can see he has a horrific headwound. So I turn on my heel and run the other way with pure fear controlling my nervous system. I climb back up the broken bridge/halfway up the hill when I look down and see the man standing at the bridge, unable to get over it, apparently.
And then a girl, a few feet away from me, speaks up and says something about how, if you're attacked by a bear, you can suffer significant injuries like broken bones, and brain damage. The guy at the bottom says: "brain damage?" in a worried yet monotone voice.
And then I woke up. I also had a previous nightmare about bears I could go into if anyone wants me to.


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I keep on having dreams about my ex and while in the dream they aren't so bad when i wake up i realize how fuarrrking awful they are. I thinks its a combination of my inability of asking out a new girl and my fear of being reliant on my emotionally abusive ex.

I apologize if this is unintelligible im super drunk.


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After a car accident when I were 13 all of my nightmares are now motor vehicle related

They start off comfy, exactly how I like my dreams. Misty, at night with salt lamps on every corner and a cool summer breeze. I'm on my way home from where ever and then I hit something.

Ive awoken within the dream a few times unable to edit anything. I just wait for the coming smash followed by a fuarrrking heart attack scare to wake me up.

My most recent: I'm on a bus riding through my home town, Staring at all the women that get on. I get comfortable and close my eyes for a bit. Eventually I begin feeling odd so I move back a few seats and I smash into another bus and wake.

I wake with pain from my first accident. In my face. I cant breathe and I'm dizzy. Its not even scary. It just flares up the ptsd and It feels real for a few seconds.


Sorry that happened. I was actually in my first car accident just this late September. No one was hurt but it certainly was terrifying and my brain blocked most of it out.
What happened? Was it a particularly violent crash?


Today I had a nightmare that all people I knew hated me because I was not good at sports ;-;


I keep having gulag nightmares. The local schools are turned into concentration camps and I end up dawning a mask and then I wake up. 2spooky4me


Its been almost one year since my apartmwnt was broken into and trashed. Recent nightmares (and many throughout the year) is there is some one in the house. Im sure theyre triggered by me sensing/hearing late night street filth walking on my street (and probably snooping around my house)