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Once I remember being in a dream. It was actually a nightmare, but for some reason I was 100% sure it was just a nightmare but I wanted out so I started swinging wildly and slamming myself on the ground and punching myself in the face (in the nightmare not in real life). I eventually woke.

If I'm having a good dream, how can I do the opposite? Like how can I make myself stay there longer and take full advantage of the environment and live it up as long as possible?


Have you tried drugs?


This is something I'd like to know too. I have a lot of dreams where the visuals are very muddy or just not there at all, often literally embodied by an inability to keep my eyes open. Usually results in either shifting to a new dream or waking up. I'd like to know tips for maintaining a dream and making it more vivid.
I'm not interested in going that route.


I use the sense of touch to keep myself in the dream when I start waking up - usually I grab a wall or an object and start feeling its texture.
I've also used movement once. I started spinning on the spot and I the distinct feeling of dizzyness/disorientation made the dream vivid again.

I guess the best method would be to do something that you just can't feel while laying down and then concentrate on the sensation.


Mostly this. You usually wake up from good/lucid dreams due to excitement, so calming yourself down and "grounding" yourself in the dream helps