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Hey sleepy Lains, ever had the experience of identifying a person in a dream as a particular person from reality, despite the dream person having a totally different appearance from the real person? Or even having the appearance of another person from reality?

I have to wonder why it happens; is it a conscious choice after the dream to identify this person in the dream as someone who's on your mind, no matter who they have the appearance of? Or is it more a choice made subconsciously, during the dream, to mix people together?


Yes, many times. Its a common thingx and theres an specific psychoanalytic term for it, tho i cant remember it.
For me, it sometimes happens with places like houses or institutions. I find myself in my sister's place, and it "functions" as a school room. I know it looks and its decorated like my sister's place, but in the dream, i know im there sitting in a class listening to a teacher.
Or, for example, this really tough and huge guy serves the purpose of a specific friend of mine, despite having no physical or even vocal resemblance to him.
It seems like the brain creates an image of a familiar concept or person or place using different materials: altough it does not look or feel like that one item, you deeply know what it represents.
In dreams you know things without them having to be explained.


I don't think anyone knows that much about it but I can tell you, from lucid dreaming, that the knowledge is there during the dream, not just after, and it's the same as the background knowledge you often have in dreams. Where you know something but can't explain why.