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I've been having dreams a lot here lately about helping Donald Trump "Make America Great Again". And things are so much better in these dreams and me and him are good friends. Anyone else have dreams like these?


I just had a dream with Donald Trump helping me to get my stuff from my old parent's house.



during primary season my dreams about trump were apocalyptic. I'd be sitting in a home with ugly wallpaper, Trumps face on the TV, and I could feel the world go to shit.

Now my dreams are much more pleasant. I had one where I shook hands with him. Another where we hung out. And yeah it feels more optimistic


Have had several dreams being Joseph Goebbels, I think these kind of dreams are just variations of the classical being-a-hero dream.


I had a dream that i met Donald Drumpf at a 7/11 in the middle of the night. I don't remember much else but it wasn't a particularly bad experience.