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I hardly ever dream. If I do it's usually once every year.

Recently though, I started collecting comic books again after coming into a new job. I picked up The Sandman as I had heard praise about it and I really like Dream and Death so far.

But since starting I've had nightmares and dreams every night for the past 4 days now. I read a little during the day and more at night before bed.

Is this ok to do? Am I just worrying over nothing at all?


you're probably just worrying over nothing at all. Maybe try cutting back reading before bed? Usually if I spent too much time playing games / watching something / reading a book before bed I end up having a harder time falling asleep and when sleep actually does come I have restless dreams.


I'll try that. Since finishing reading the book I don't think I've dreamed since then. But I do kinda like dreaming more often.


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Hay OP, you ought to read The Dream Quest Of Unknown Kadath.


Not dreaming is often a sign of not getting proper rest at night, maybe your new job has been tiring you out more and you've started dreaming frequently thanks to that?


I guess so? I don't know.