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Lains, what's the most profound dream you've ever had, or one of the most profound dreams you've had.
>I wake up on a warm tropical island
>Seeing an out of place sewer grate, I crawl into it
>I walk through a perfectly smooth, octagonal tunnel for what seems like ages
>The tunnel ends and I fall into space
>As I float I become acutely aware of my size
>I panic as I destroy planets and stars just by floating into them, I can't maneuver at all
>In the midst of my panic I turn and see that I'm floating towards the largest star I've ever seen
>The star is so impossibly large I can hardly wrap my around it
>I feel terrified and in awe, biblical awe, as I float towards it
After that, I woke in sweat, completely terrified. It was completely amazing, like a surreal continuation of my day.


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I don't often have dreams that I remember much of or even have any real meaning or deepness but there is one recurring theme I have.

Quite often I have dreams where I am forced to fight to defend either myself or a friend from one or several aggressors. The problem is that whenever push comes to shove and I try to fight I am always powerless and can never hurt the other person. This is always the same formula for dozens of different settings of the same dream.

I suppose you don't need to be a qualified psychiatrist to realize I have a lack of confidence in my own ability to protect myself or those around me. I wonder how I should deal with that?


I used to never understand why people wanted to have kids, but one night I had a dream that I had a daughter. Nothing really strange or amazing happened in the dream, but I do remember having an intense feeling of closeness with the girl in my dream.

It was the most intense relationship than any I'd had in my life, and it was only a dream


I've had an eerily similar experience. I've always hated the thought of having children, but in a dream I was the father of a little boy and a slightly older girl. I recall feeling extreme happiness and warmth in may dream. I'm not entirely sure what to think of it.



I have experienced the exact opposite. I had dreamed that someone I loved died and I was so broken that when I woke I had tears in my eyes. It was so real and made me super depressed, I had never felt so utterly broken before


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The only re-occurring dream I have.

It starts with someone else, (a friend, or co-worker, someone I know) discovering this machine. A machine I have prior experience with.

This machine, or kind of a computer, is made of all kinds of components, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, some parts of the machine are literally text-on-paper books on shelves. It was assembled over a period of decades, or possibly centuries, by a single person, who added to the machine bit by bit, integrating new technologies as they were invented. It's all one big connected system hidden beneath the floors and between the walls of some real-life location.

I'm familiar with this machine when the dream starts. I've used it before, and have some kind of relation to the creator. (sometimes it's my dad, one of my old teachers, etc.) The machine can be used to, among other things, tell the future. However, it has a kind of monkey's-fist effect, that you can use it to tell the future, and gain all sorts of advantages from that knowledge, but it will never end well for you. at the beginning of the dream, I always warn the person who has discovered the machine that they want no part of it, but they're always too eager to try it, and end up regretting it. The machine possibly also has some limited sentience, or self-awareness, because at the end of the dream I have a conversation with it.


>I am in MMORPG game
>got two buddies of mine
>we are best warriors on the server
>we are in cave preparing to fight a boss
>2 of us are in entrance part, third guy is coming from deep in cave
>I suspect him of setting up explosive traps against us to get all loot for himself
>the boss hasn't spawned yet
>we go deeper in cave
>I accuse him of setting up invisible explosive traps
>he denies it obv
>I try to look for them but they are obviously invisible
>he calls me paranoid
>I tell him that I will activate the traps with my bomb
>he gets nervous
>he activates the invisible trap, kills other friend and injures himself/me
>we fight to death
>he kills me and loots our bodies

I bet every lain knows my life story just from this dream


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Awww, dude.


I don't remember my dreams due to an erratic sleep schedule, but in the rare event I'm sick with a fever, my brain concocts something especially strange.

once, I had one so vivid I immediately wrote and drew what I saw
>starts at my minimum wage job, bagging groceries
>it's a big store but it's empty besides me, the cashier, and a couple checking out
>they ask me to babysit their infant child
>I agree because dream logic
>baby turns into my teenage younger brother, the couple is gone
>this happens in literally the blink of an eye, no visible transition
>I take bro and leave without clocking out or even getting my car
>we walk home but it happens in jumpcuts
>get to my neighborhood
>another abrupt transition, my brain starts mashing familiar traits of my dad's, mom's, and friends house trying to create home
>finally settles on the actual house I live in, plus one addition
there's a keyhole in the wall above my sofa
>in the keyhole is an ornate, gilded but tarnished brass skeleton key
>it's about 7" long and has a ruby at one end of the shaft and an emerald at the other
>I pull it out of the wall, meanwhile in meatspace I swear I can feel that dirty, cold feeling old brass has
there's no brass anywhere near my bed and my family doesn't mess with me in my sleep, can anyone explain how I could actually feel something in my dream?


Your mind can make you see, hear, see whatever it wants.
Maybe your hands were cold because of the fever and that made you dream of a cold key.
Did you wake up after taking it?


I did wake up almost immediately after. I remember my body being slightly hotter than normal but I don't remember if my hands were above or below my covers. I guess that could be it. It's just unusual because I've never had a dream that made me feel something, usually they feel muted except for my emotional response.


>stood on a train platform with a girl I had a crush on 3 years ago
>she has a suitcase and is waiting for the train to go to university
>tell her about the crush I had on her
>she asks me why I told her then
>"I'm feeling very blunt and very honest"
>stand there in silence
>her train arrives, people get off, she gets on
>watch her leave
>train leaves the station and it gets stuck a kilometer or two down the line because there's a train which broke down


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Depends on the meaning of deep. But I had one where, as a prisoner, I'm being killed by a soldier while I try to escape from my captivity, in a train. One of them (I'm surrounded by a whole troop) shoots me through the hand… then I'm floating into space. I move forward a nebulous corridor, which is, I knew it while dreaming, the gate leading to the terrestrial world. While moving into this corridor I understand what happens after death, and how God is a terrestrial illusion which have no place in this space. In the meantime, I feel anxious about it, and fly over the gas figure of a crucifix.

Current 93 - Patripassian

I often (well, several time a year) think about this one and his meanings. I'm not the kind to interpret dreams too much yet this one is so full of powerful symbols it's impossible for me to not ponder. At the moment it depicts quite well my craving for divine as a materialistic mind.


I was 15. (currently 27)
>There's this abandoned decayed church.
>Zombies begin crawling out of the mud.
>It's raining.
>Strangers tell me to get inside.
>We shoot the zombies and hold them off.
>I look to the fireplace and remove the wood.
>There's an old box.
>Inside there's a handheld chaingun.
>Look up the chimney and there's a ladder.
>Climb up and start shooting them.
>Feel so overconfident I jump down.
>Start fighting them.
>Going all bad ass.
>Ammo runs out.
>There's a nearby Chinese broad sword. (Dao) I grap it and slash away at them.
>Zombies go away.
>looks like I killed them all.
>Yellow sports car zooms up to me.
>Its a blackman and a women in a trench coat.
>she tells me she has been bit.
>Everyone pleads with me not to.
>I bash the women's head in.
>The church sinks to the ground.
>I'm alone.
>A stone garden emerges.
>Zombies return.
>My sword breaks.
>I go hand to hand but, realize I have no strength.
>Surrounded by them.
>The dark sky turns red.
>I levitate to the sky.
>3 Orbs tell me that I must make a choice.
>Something very evil about these orbs.
>I tell them no.
>They make stranger sounds.
>I fall to the Earth.
>I sink as the zombies tackle me.

Wake up in a cold sweat.


I can't tell you, because then they will know that I know.


dream can not be deep.


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>at Burger King with female friend
>float upward and teleport to some dystopia version if the highschool I went to.
>it's a work camp, and I follow around the girl I would later engage, and the breakup would ruin me.
> we carve may 15, 2013 into stone several times, it was her mothers birthday but I didn't know then.
>Serj tankian is playing a song I never heard in my pen.
>I decide to become god and collect all matter to recreate the universe.
>I start Naming planets after people I care about.
>I get depressed and stop existing.


I'm with my family in a cube-like metal tunnel that extends upwards. We are standing on a ledge high up. There's no gravity here. I know we're in space, inside a large, large structure. I begin exploring- my family remains on said ledge- and I stride down this corridor and become afraid at each turn, wondering what I may encounter, most specifically; alien life. Eventually my whole family joins me and we continue on the same path of which I strode earlier. I know that my family and I are the last surviving humans from earth- which I look at somewhat positively being that I hate humanity. My dad finds three identical glass crafts that are rectangular. They each carry 10-20 humans that I know aren't of Earth, but of elsewhere. They are all laying down, some floating above the others due to the lack of gravity. They, evidently, were in cryo-sleep and he awakens them, and they exit. At the top of each craft lies an alien body, of which we all refrain from awaking. The humans we awakened all enter a large craft of which we enter as well. I somehow just know that these humans are part of some uniting of all humans across the universe. My family and I are given are own room within the craft. The walls are made of glass. We put on these suits to counteract the G-forces of which we will be traveling. The craft takes off and flies in space. The stars look so beautiful as we pass them. We eventually land on an ocean planet. We land on a surfaced canyon area with arches made of natural yellow ocean stone. All the stone has coral attaches and starfish- evidence that it was once underwater. There is no sapient or even sentient life that we see. We all exit and explore somewhat, and then enter the craft once more and begin flying around the planet and landing and looking.


Not the most profound one since I have weird dreams almost everyday. only picked this one cause I had it saved in a text file. I had this other dream about watching a really fuarrrked up anime, and have some notes on it that I wrote after I woke up. I can post about it if anyone wants me to

>with (fake) internet friends, playing some sort of mmo

>on a computer I guess, kind of felt like I was in the game
>regular mmo like wow or something, we're in a place like a town
>soon we figure out some secret command, like /help and /cry actions like that
>it's /wake up
>we all do /wake up, and when you do it it sends you to a different part of the mmo, almost like another game
>the new area is kind of open world like minecraft, trees everywhere and mountains
>we try /wake up again, but it only seems to work once
>random cut in dream I guess, like time goes by
>I try the /wake up command again
>this time it works, and I'm sent to this house that's bleak and brown, and syringes all over the floor
>when I look outside the neighborhood looks fine, but the houses all look dirty and creepy
>talk to friends on skype about the wakeup command (I don't even fuarrrking use skype or keep in contact with anybody)
>none of them can do it
>another skip in the dream I guess, got sent a youtube link (this may have happened before I did the wakeup command a second time, not sure)
>this didn't seem weird at all, but it was a recording of a dream I had weeks ago or something
>it was so strange. in the dream I had there were computer windows open and it was like a windows 98 OS, random pictures like faces and colors and strange expressions kept popping up randomly

Continued next post



>at that time I thought, "wow I sure have some weird dreams". I realized the irony of that once I woke up

>back to the mmo
>the area I got sent to after waking up was on some other planet, and on some island near the south pole
>it was called "salt world" or something like that, although it was more like a tropical island
>friends on skype still freaking out because I disappeared out of nowhere
>mmo kind of merges with real life, I get some special "salt world" internet and a special version of youtube
>youtube version is like a hardcore version of liveleak
>still red and white themed, but filled with videos of child porn and snuff. I don't really remember anything specific about any video, just that they were there
>friend finally able to use the /wake up command a second time
>I'm in a saloon type of place, brown with syringes still all over the floor
>his head spawns inside a jar on a shelf, not able to move
>dream skips a little, I think I was able to get out of that area and go back to the second one (minecraft-like area)
>with like 3 friends instead of the 11 that I was in a group with on skype
>we're ascending this giant tower
>on the way up floors there are red demons roaming about, not really attacking or anything
>we get to the top
>there's just this platform that extends in 2 directions, so like a ladder on the ground that extends forever

that's all I remember, I believe after that I woke up. I have a dream basically every night but the last time I had a nightmare was about 6 months ago.


>in house
>some huge object crashes into my house
>I get hit and go into a coma
>The next thing I realized I was in the downstairs bedroom
>I go upstairs everyone is shocked to see me
>I realize that seven years of my life were just passed
>jump to me awkwardly being in school of some kind I don't know if it was supposed to be college or high school
>somehow meet old friends
>still feel really disconnected from everything
>next thing I remember
>lying on my back on water
>my arms are outstretched
>I feel someone grab my two hands
>feels really intimate
>feel like I love this person
>I start thinking into the water
>she kisses me
>last moment before jump I feel something on my dick for a second
>jump to buying a house of some kind
>have a lot of money
>feel fulfilled and with my
>I remember buying house
>dream ends
>I feel very strong amount of emotions about dream for a couple hours after


>in a small dilapidated hut in the middle of a field, surrounded by a forest
>some other strange people around
>i can see some dead cows around the field and some black figures sneaking around the trees
>tell people we gotta keep moving
>they start going out in cars, i get into a big truck with some strange guy and my best friend
>suddenly, we're in front of my childhood home, but it's entirely dilapidated
>truck guy and best friend go out to talk to other guys who already got there
>i go into the house
>there are crazy satanic symbols inscribed over all the walls
>i go out through the back door
>some guy in black (I think it was a priest) comes over
>i start babbling about how it was all my fault and crying, while he tries conforting me with words
>stop crying, go back to group
>they're preparing to leave
>some huge green flies start buzzing around
>i start attacking them while everyone runs to their vehicles
>wake up


Craziest dream I have ever had

>Driving in a bus talking to other people

>Look outside to see the moon looks like it is about to plummet towards the Earth
>Look up at the sky to see a soykaf load of celestial phenomena
>Stars racing across the sky, stars flashing, nebulas, blackholes, etc.
>No clue what is going on so I go into a Church

That is all I remember but I love having dreams about space.


best dream i've read so far in the whole board.
i liked the becoming god and then depressed part


>wake up on a warm tropical island
>crawl into sewer
shazbot this is the reason we can't have nice things!