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Who has space dreams? I have them all the time. Last night I dreamed I was some sort of augmented superspy or soldier. I was on a space station that was about to get smashed and everyone was abandoning the place. The commander wouldn't let me into a pod because he had no record of me being there. I was undercover/top secret I guess. Then he said I was probably just a junky and I showed him my arms, no track marks, but there was eczema spots which he took as proof of drugs(!). I don't know if I escaped.

Another time I was in a large space station with centrifuge fake gravity and went to the hub where there was a big free fall arena. We were experimenting with using a hand held fan as a personal propeller and I kept bonking my head on things but was wearing my helmet.

I posted some others in general threads here previously.


I regularly get Alien/Aliens dreams.
I'm either a space trucker like Alien, or a Colonial Marine like Aliens, and it's either an isolated ship way out beyond normal space lanes, or some shady, not quite legit colony, and the god damn xenomorphs get loose and fuarrrk everybody's soykaf. And then the fuarrrking Predators show up and start trolling everybody with their stupid triple laser sights.
And no matter how many times you set everything to blow and take off, you just know one facehugger or egg or chestburster came with you and it starts all over again.