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Does anyone else find they enjoy their dreams so much that they miss appointments to sleep in and continue them, or that they feel overwhelmingly sad upon waking? I've had this issue since I was a kid, and it's really bad on days I don't "have" to do anything, like weekends and such, since I'll sleep for 14-16 hours until I literally can't sleep anymore. Smoking weed/benzos etc. will make my dreams less vivid, but I'm not sure I want my solution process to rely on diminishing the overall impact of my dreams; I'd far rather find a balance that allows me to transition into my day to day life without feeling like I'm losing something more important than my waking experiences. Thoughts?


i'm also frequently missing my uni classes due to enjoyment from dreaming and i usually sleep 12 or more hours in the hope that i would dream more.


happened again today: slept 8 hours, then slept another 2, then another 2, missing all my classes. It was a definitely interesting dream (and I managed to keep it despite repeated awakenings); it had a lot of elements of loss and nostalgia I've been feeling recently. There was a moment which brought up a long dormant feeling I get from fading reciprocity in relationships; I've had two relationships end due to distance in my life without noticing the signs until too late, both when living in the same basic geographical area (not my main home, less than 2 years total spent there) which was where this dream took place. A moment where you meet the eye someone you know, and you know they would've come over to you every time before, but they don't. Despite that (which I honestly suppressed pretty quickly, wasn't feeling like that defined my experience in the dream so I didn't follow up with it) I had some mostly realistic moments of human interaction, a few of which (one with a person who was most like my older brother, another with a definite father character, and another with a therapist who took the vague appearance of an older lady I knew briefly) immediately conjured nostalgia, and I couldn't enjoy anything for how fleeting I knew it would be. I don't lucid dream (a practice that has caused night terrors in the past for me) but I do know how to maintain a dream past recognizing it's fictionality (that knowledge can be suppressed like other undesirable developments), so feeling like this fleetingness would culminate in separation from these interactions unless I defied it by sustaining a presence in the dream- where other people consistently proved my existence in neutral, unselfish ways- so I set my alarm clock back at first, then turned it off after my second awakening. The kinds of interactions without traces of motive or strong emotion are so confirming to me, just the tacit understanding by a person who doesn't want something from me that I exist and neither stand out or fade away in the world... if there's strong emotion involved, it either manifests as unconditional love or respect (which I've never understood or trusted when paid to me) or violent intent, which is influenced by both my own robbing/manipulating of people in my life as well as my being victim to violence... It's very easy for an interaction in a dream that begins warm and informal to develop into an immobilizing attack if I play it wrong at all. That's probably the main reason I find dreams like today's valuable.

I'll probably post updates to this thread whenever I have a day play out like today, please feel free to do likewise or otherwise discuss related topics.


^all you're doing is telling us how lazy you are


the right amount of opiates causes a lucid dream like state. Although I can't say taking up opiates for better 'dreams' is a good idea.


Maybe it's not entirely what you meant, but I often find myself devastated waking up to find that something was a dream, and wishing i could fall back into the dream. Every now and then, i have extremely long dreams. dreams that last for years inside my head, a day at a time, as real and vivid as my waking life. you can sort of imagine how that fuarrrks you up, when all of a sudden, a year or more of your life didn't exist. I spend most of my days wondering whether I'm in a dream, and half the time I'm right, and end up waking up. Other times, I die within a long dream, and wake up questioning whether I really did die, and have quite genuinely woken up into another lifetime, or just another dream.

I'd say my sense of reality is rather vague.

What actually gets me overwhelmingly sad, though, when i wake up from those dreams, is that I've often met people in those dreams. Friends, partners, people i've quite genuinely loved. It probably sounds pathetic, but realising that all those people and all those years were never real hurts. a lot. After those sorts of dreams, I spend a really long time stumbling around my daily life, thinking back on the days and weeks and months I spent with people who weren't there. All the laughs and stories and experiences we shared, and how i'll never see them again.
I dunno if i'd call those dreams more important than reality, and i don't sleep a ridiculously long time in the same way you do, OP, but i would say that they affect me on a pretty deep level. if you're interested, i could share a couple i have written down.


I have experienced this. I'm sober from heroin for a few years now with kratom; it has a very nice nod, like tramadol.

>>3158 this is exactly what I meant; dreams that fuarrrk you up, if not for enjoyment, then for a feeling of reality extending beyond what you generally feel in real life. Sorry for not checking back in such a while, but I would love for you to share any of your dreams.


Sorry for the extremely late reply, but i thought i'd tell you about one that happened today. it kinda made me laugh.

I had to get up early for therapy today, which usually means a lot of interrupted sleep. one or two hours at a time, at most. that usually results in some really odd reality-dream mixing. after waking up and going back to sleep again, i woke up to find myself in the car with my mum. she explained that she was taking me away somewhere nice, to get away from it all, and didn't think therapy was helping any more. I kept protesting, and saying that i had to go to therapy today, and that i'd miss it and all. she didn't seem too interested though, and i honestly didn't mind much. i was glad of the chance to sleep. I fell asleep in the car, and when i next 'woke up' i was in Cornwall, in some nice little cottage by a farm. My grandma was there (which probably should have been a good dream indicator - she's dead) and we ended up having a lovely time. I'd guess we spent a week or so there. walks along shorelines and cliffs, sleeping in a comfy bed, eating scones and swimming in the ice cold sea. although i'm summing it up quickly, the individual days passed slowly, and I really loved being able to relax, away from the world and my troubles.
On one warm evening, though, while i was talking to my grandma on the sofa, my dream suddenly collapsed as my alarm woke me up. I felt really confused for a minute about why i was suddenly at home again, before working out it was a dream. While i was doing that, though, another curious thing happened. during that half-asleep time i spend trying to wrench myself out of bed, i was suddenly jerked back awake by the sound of a phone call. i grabbed at my phone, and saw the number from the hospital flash up. they told me that my therapist was ill, and wouldn't be able to make the appointment. bad as it probably is, I felt pretty relieved. after that kind of dream, i really just wanted to sleep. i was still dead tired. i turned over again, and drifted off fairly quickly.
A few hours later, though, i woke up to another surprise. i checked my phone as i got up and saw a handful of missed calls from the hospital, and a voicemail from my therapist asking where i was, and why i missed the appointment. This one really screwed with me. i couldn't work out what the fuarrrk was going on, wasn't she ill? didn't they say my session was cancelled? i checked my call history, to confirm that the call in the morning had actually happened, and couldn't find any trace of it. it slowly dawned on me that the first call, saying my session was cancelled, was also a dream, and that i'd slept straight through it, thinking i was in the clear. I dunno what kind of subconscious feelings i can divine from those experiences, except that the dream gods must've really wanted me to miss therapy today,


I enjoy dreaming a bit too much I think. Since I was a kid most of my dreams were lucid dreams and I thought that is how everyone dreams. I felt my dreams were a playground for me where I could play if not god, then definitely a powerful wizard who can bend time and space to his will. Sometimes I'd feel as if I was in a dream place with other people and would try to devise ways to keep in contact with them. I'd try and memorize phone numbers and then later email addresses of people I'd meet in my dreams, hoping they were real.

Now, a while later and having gone through some rough times my dreams have become an escape. I love dreaming even more because in my dreams I have friends, people care about me and I get to live in the same way as I did before: carefree and without worries.

I dream intensely. I have a lifetime of memories and sometimes I can feel like my dream is going on for days and weeks. The worst part is waking up, remembering where I am and realizing that it was all a dream. I then make myself get up, get through the day and wait to fall asleep again. I think my brain has developed a coping mechanism for my existence in the form of dreams.

I even enjoy nightmares because they are different nightmares than is my life. I find the only way to cope with life is to become cold, withdrawn and not think about people around me too much. I still feel the love for humanity as a whole, just for those in my vicinity I can't afford to feel anything.

I'm tired awake because in my dreams I live.