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First of all, the frequency at which I've been having dreams seems to be increasing. If I take a 3 hour nap, I'll have typically one an hour, and wake up for a short time in between. I really should be keeping track of what they are, but it's only been becoming apparently weird enough to do so now. It was great for a while, because dreaming so often, and so easily, makes it feel like you're getting much more sleep than you really are. Time kind of slows down. An hour feels like 3-4 hours easily. It's concerning at this point though. I've been sleeping way more than usual, having started a new job on midnight shift, and I know it sounds crazy and all,but it seems like my dreams may be changing my perception of reality. Things that I would have sworn to you on cutting off one of my fingers are different. Little things so far mind you, but the kicker was tonight. I knew, for the past week, that I was off tomorrow night, not tonight. I was completely dressed, ready to go to work, and then i glanced at my schedule as I picked up my wallet and keys. It says I'm off tonight. I have an almost photographic memory of what that schedule looked like. Things before this have been inconsequential. Like someone telling me a time to be at an event, or that the event even existed, and me having no recollection of it. You could easily say this is normal, but not for me. I never forget things. I've worked nights before, and I've worked much more stressful jobs with longer hours, so i doubt that's the problem. I'm going to start recording my dreams as I have them. There has to be something in them that's messing with me. Has anyone had any similar issue before with dreaming?