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I need to write this down. Perhaps you can understand.
My whole life Ive had visions which are more than just muddled dreams. Vivid, lucid experiences of other places and lives. I am from the UK of Cornish Celtic ancestry

One which effects me emotionally still when I think about it. I was a native American boy probably no older than 7, I lived on a large flat plane in the South, maybe Apache tribal area. I came back from playing and my mother was traumatised. My baby brother had been taken by a bird of prey. That's all I remember, sometimes this memory has made me cry, it has a very real resonance with me.

Then another time I had an experience of seeing the beginning of mankind's life on Earth. That is too much to go into right now but towards the end of the vision I found myself talking to a native elder, he showed me a large rock/cliff edge that had ancient carvings in it. He told me that the carvings had come from the old civilisation, there was a fracture down the middle which had happened during a cataclysm that wiped out the ancient people. He said that when it moved again it would be the end of the world. I woke up and wrote down what I could and wrote Dakota as the place. Later that year a dreamed of a white buffalo, wild and powerful surrounded by dense foliage. I then learnt of the Indian prophecy, of a white buffalo calf, and its return marked the end of the world. It has grown now it seems

Then this last week, Ive dreamt of Standing Rock, in Dakota (strange coincidence in name relating to my vision)
I was there and riding a horse bareback. I think Ive dreamt a couple of time this week.

I feel that all this is connected and that Standing Rock is indeed a metaphor for the end of days. Of Man vs anti-human capitalism. I feel that something big is coming, and all I can do is watch my dreams.


I wish Standing Rock was the calling for the end of capitalism... but sadly it will be crushed by the government sooner or later, as will all resistance.


well the people won today, pipeline is being halted/moved.


Thats great to know, thx for the heads up!