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For most of my life I've had very few dreams which I remember when I wake up, as if I haven't had them at all. But for the past month or so I've started to have extremely vivid dreams more and more regularly. At first it was amazing, because in a night I'd have a spectacular and surreal dream which would feel as real as life. But this week there were multiple days where I slept 12+ hours because I had two or three dreams like this in a night, and I think it makes my sleep restless. Has anything like this happened to anyone else?


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Latelly I've dreamed with things that are going to happen in the next day.


Do you know what is reason for increased amount of dreams?
I usually don't remember my dreams (maybe once a month) and would like to change it.


Write them down, or if you don't remember any write down no memorable dreams


Recently I keep having dreams that I awake from every hour or two non stop. Il go to bed at say 1 am, wake up at 4, wake up at 6 wake up at 7 wake up at 8 wake up at 9. each time I have a dream inbetween those periods. The ones that are 2 hours often feel a full 2 hours. I have so many even if I wanted to remember them all I probably couldnt. I wake up feeling like the worlds kind of surreal but the feeling fades pretty quickly.