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I tend to have visions of people places and events that I have no waking experience of.
Last night I dreamt vividly of Amy Winehouse and events from her life. I was out of the UK the years she was famous and not familiar with her music apart from the songs which are well known. I have no personal reason to dream of her.
Yet last night I (or thru the eyes of her boyfriend) was at a bar in a tropical location ( I thought it was Fiji but now figure it was Carribean as she went there to work on music) it was romantic and happy. We were sat on stools by the bar and I had visions of island hoping.
Then back in England she was pregnant and I (as her bf) was telling her she had to quit drinking and drugs for the baby.
Next she was at somewhere like the Royal Albert Hall, the bf no longer around and she no longer pregnant, high as fuarrrk on all these drugs walking up to the VIP balcony area with others. I went in this room (maybe thru her eyes now) and there was a table with all types of drugs.
The next scene was a grouping of friends/fans trying to create an intervention to get her sober. Then there was dealers coming to collect money she owed and she was spending all her label advance on drug debt. Literally sacrificing her music career for drugs.

It felt like I was witnessing very real events from her life, but why? I did a search and apparently she did have a miscarriage. I am a musician myself, maybe I have some kind of affinity with her, like her spirit was showing me these things. I don't know but it is strange to have such a vivid experience of a person I havnt thought or heard about all year


sometimes I get looped into a dream where I am Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. But it's the most boring day ever. She/I spend most of the morning inside doodling, then we go out and eat an enormous amount of sweets, and then go back home to doodle while singing in some japanese-style gibberish.