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Since this board is slow I've decided I'm going to post all the dreams I have in this thread. When it dies (in a million years) I guess I'll make a new one.

Latest dream:
I can't remember much, I was just chillin on Volafile when I asked a question and then someone replied to me with my full first name and I thought I was doxxed and woke up spooked.
Short and boring. See you next time I remember something




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I had a strange one the other night.
For some reason my mtf transsexual friend at family dinner with me and she was mad at me. There was more to it but I can't remember.


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I've had a lot of lucid dreams were one or two people are mad at me at the point of trying to kill me and i don't know why. This is making me worry.




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Last night I had a dream a cute girl from school kissed me on the cheek. I immediately woke up from a surge of happiness.
**Then later on today driving home through my neighborhood I saw her and she waved at me smiling.**


Last night I had a dream where my little sister kept stealing money from me. The day before that, I dreamed about fuarrrking her, licking her cunt. I woke up feeling fuarrrking disgusted with myself.


I just woke up so my dream is a bit more vivid to me.
The setting kept changing, from night or day. I was in this armored car thing with my little sister, but it kind of looked like a homemade go-kart/dune buggy that someone would use in the desert. We were being chased at night time by that fish character from Undertale, Undyne I think it's called? Anyway she chased us all night in her own car until it was night time. The roads were paved, but very hilly and there was a lot of forest around. Our car was starting to run out of gas, but we reached a hill. My sister scrambled to put the car into neutral and we sped down the hill. Undyne was catching up to us, but there was a mounted turret on the back of the car we were in. My sister manned the gun while I drove. The drivers seat was on the wrong side of the car (british style) but we drove on the normal side of the road. Everything was also really black because it was night time, but all shiny in our headlights like it was wet and had been raining. My sister eventually gunned Undyne down as she got closer. She was laying there dying in her wreckage, and we turned the car around somehow, and my sister shot at her more until she didn't move anymore. By then it was day time, the trees were green and dry. We suddenly had our two dogs and started to walk home. There was something of a confusion with one of the dogs and a fence, and that's when I woke up.


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I slept with pic related in one bed. We woke up by the hydraulic movement of the house. Rin was pissed off for some reason.

A helicopter took us to the city, where I met a black singer, I didn't know. That was a shame.

Later I escaped the fearsome helicopter flight and was hunted by some kind of soldiers with a black hound. I transformed into a rabbit and hid behind a bush. The dog found me and growled, but I did likewise and managed to chase him off.

I realized how much power I had, did the breathing reality test and became lucid. As there were no people around to mess with, I tried to fly, but could barely levitate to the roof. This roof then stretched like a fractal in the sky. I followed it upwards until I hit some cave ceiling.


I don't remember what I dreamed about last night. However, I woke up feeling less tired than I normally do, almost refreshed.


I once had a similar dream,
waking up I felt happy for some time, but soon after this bliss made way for the void of reality.


Even though I've just woken up, I don't quite remember what I dreamed about. I think it might have been the Sniper and the Spy from team fortress 2 having sex. Which is very odd as I haven't played that game in months. I woke up not feeling tired, even though I got very little sleep last night. It was definitely not a wet dream, either.


its really silly but sometimes i feel like when we have dreams like that about people we know, they can feel it a bit too
like a donny darko type deal
i dunno