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I've been noticing a recurring theme in my dreams recently and wanted to see if anyone else gets this.

I've had this now and then for years, but very recently it's been every night that I can remember a dream.

Basically in the dream there will be something I'm going to do, or somewhere I'm going to go. Say, off the top of my head one time I was at my grandmother's, and I was going to drive an ambulance back to my house. No idea why it was an ambulance but that's not important. The majority of the dream ended up getting ready to leave, but never leaving. I would be calling for the ambulance, putting on my shoes and feeling like it takes forever, almost getting ready but only to have more stuff come up. This keeps going on until I wake up. Sometimes it can be quite stressful in the dream too, if I really want to get somewhere to do something.

So yea basically there's an event, or a place I'm going to go to, but things keep coming up before it can ever happen.

Does anyone else get this?


I have something similar: I pack my bag and it takes a lot of time. Stuff I have to pack keep appearing and I keep thinking I'm going to be late.
It doesn't appear that often (maybe once a month?). I use it to become lucid (just recognize the situation and wonder whether you're dreaming or do a RC)