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The other day, I gave yukko a bit of a surprise by texting a volume worth of legible crap about facebook while asleep. Unfortunately, I wasn't actually aware when I was doing it (it was within the context of the dream I was having) When I woke up we tried to record to it in the future by enabling the tap sprite in android and running a screen recorder while I slept, and as luck would have it, I discovered that I instead sat at my computer trying to remote into for about 8 hours, where my roomate found me and shook me awake.

Since then I've tried to record my movements with my phone and screen recorders on my respective devices, but that doesn't give me a good impression of what I'm doing aside from watching some of the conversations I hold in real time. Its also really easy for my sleep self to disable/neuter the recording, whether through the stop button on CM's screenrecorder, restarting the system, or ridiculous Red Moon settings. There's also evidence of me leaving my room and hall members have reported talking to me when I know I've been asleep.

My question is, how do I document this? I can't remember a lick of what is happening in real life, only in the context of the dream, and I can't think of a recording and storage scheme that would be flexible and cheap enough for me to not just use, but not be able to fuarrrk with while asleep.

If you suggest I try to execute and then observe consistent actions within a dream, most of the time the actions I do in the dream and in real life aren't 1:1 correspondance. For example, in the remoting case, I distinctly remember hiding in a stall during that entire dream. Which translated to me pressing enter over and over on tigervnc.


For you not to disable any surveillence device, it must be installed without your knowledge, somewhere you would not find it. One solution to this is to ask your roommate to rig car registry cameras all around that place while you are away, then collecting few days after. Another solution is to lock all physical recording devices with means that you cannot unlock. For example screwing all on-off witches with torx screw. I don't think there are any other means as cheap as these.
By the way, this condition is so rare you probably can make pretty decent dosh by participating in experiments. Just saying.