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This constitutes more to daydreaming than anything, but does anyone else have "premonitions". I have to say, I don't believe in mystical soykaf, but I believe in patterns, and I believe that may be what it is. I also know everyone has dejavu, but I'm not sure how it works. For example, three years ago I had a dream about a big guy I know punching me in the face, then kicking my face in. It felt...weird. I could see the guy's face and everything. I didn't remember the dream until yesterday, when I saw him coming at me, I was able to dodge his first hit, but I was still beaten up, though not half as badly. Not every dream, or daydream (which is was happens mostly) is like this, and the ones I do have, I don't remember until before the thing happens, and not everything that happens is "amazing", a lot of the times it's me in a new job, or at home playing a video game that I haven't even heard of down the road (that's probably because I don't do much. When I do remember the dream, I zone out for a second...so anyone else like this? If so, or even if you know what it is, explain please.
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I had similar experiences bro


Awesome digits, but care to elaborate? I'm curious about other's experiences.


Well I had experienced some premonitions: once I dreamed I saw a landscape and after some days I did.
The most particular experience was when once I had a vivid dream:
I tried to highfive , at school, my friends, and they all made a strange move instead of giving me the high five. A week after that move became popular in my whole nation.
Sorry for bad English.


Your English is fine, but do these dreams happen often? Even if they're meaningless, like you driving down a new road or anything?


I am not dreaming often this months, I really miss the crazy soykaf and the girl I loved the most in my life. I have to say: these dreams are like 10% of the whole, and 60% of the realistic dreams I get. Have you got any advice on how to have some dreams?


I've learned how to lucid dream, if that's what you mean...but the premonitions, they just come to me. If I zone out long enough, or sleep long enough, I start to see stuff...not like the regular dreams and daydreams though. It's looks like tunnel vision, and everything's shakey, then I see what I see, forget about it, and remember it when I see it start to happen. But I have my theories on what I'm actually seeing, since I believe time is linear.


i used to be able to predict reruns...
I must have watched so much TV after school that i subconsciously would figure out a pattern.

About once a week in highchool i would be bored on the bus and think about an episode of something like the Simpsons, and when I got home and watched the simpsons reruns it would be playing the episode i was just thinking about.

Kind of the saddest super power ever


Saddest? Or the baddest...like as in good...Imagine being God, no joke is funny, no cartoon, movie, or any other medium is new, you know everything that will happen. So this is your first step to becoming God, my friend. Good luck.