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I have precognition in my dreams. I've had it since i was 10, and became really prevalent when i turned 13. Now it is almost something that happens daily for me. anybody here have this? also, my first post here, yay!


Those dreams never occured. When you remember that something specific happened in a dream before, then you're misremembering.
IIRC it's an acknowledged condition with a name.


Sounds more like your mixing up reality and dreams. And while that sounds really cool at first that could become problematic. You might want to take some time to clear your head. The early days of your life become a hazy memory as time goes on anyways.


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I've had this before, the issue is that you can prove that you knew something was going to happen after it's occured.

Let me guess, not all of your dreams are prophetic, and the ones that are are too obscure for you to be able to compile them as proof?

That's what happened to me, I was sure to write down every detail of every dream I remembered, I still had the feeling I had a prophetic dream, but when I went back to check the catalog, it was never there. That's what made it go away, at least after a while.


Unless you can write down hard to guess details in the morning (large numbers, longer sentences that you don't expect being said, full name of a person that will introduce himself, etc) and then have them occur precisely like that, it's not precognition.

Precognition is easy to explain away: you dream anything, it doesn't even matter what. You wake up with a sense of "I know what the future will be". You mostly forgot your dream by now, all that remains is an expectation to see the future. Sometime in your day you see something, and while digesting just what you saw, it floods into the place where your precognitive dream should be (although it is completely gone now). This one thing is now in two places simultaneously, and so you get that OH soykaf moment when you realize this. It's basically deja-vu with the extra parameter of "having a conviction that you saw the future in your dreams".

Whenever you wake up with the sense of having dreamed the future, write down whatever you can, especially details like 5+ digit numbers, important sentences, anything that could not be guessed and are have statistically low chance of happening. Things that are hard to differentiate (behavior or mood of people, feelings you feel, exact images you saw) or things where there aren't many options in the first place (the ice cream truck comes/doesn't come) mean next to nothing as they mold easily in your head, or can be expected. However if you write down the number plate of a car that is somehow significant, plus its brand, color, and any oddities, you have plenty of bits of information to check. In case you really encounter the car, you write all those things down again on a separate piece of paper, and compare them later.
I don't want to take away your superpowers you acquired in your youngster years (I used to be able to make things not happen by imagining them repeatedly;), but unless you can reliably verify it yourself with the method I outlined, it's probably just your brain playing étrange déja-vu connaisseur. Best not make a fool of yourself unless you can reliably prove stuff for yourself.


I think it's mostly just a case of confirmation bias coupled with a soykafty recollection of dreams.


This can be caused by temporal lobe epilepsy which makes it feel like you're remembering a dream as you live life, or as if you're living multiple realities at the same time.


My brother had a nightmare about our great-grandmother laying in bed, then sitting up without her eyes. I remember this, he woke me.

We found out she died the next morning.

Allegedly, said brother also doubled over in pain the moment our father died - supposedly corroborated by security footage.

Said brother is a talented artist with synesthetia, which unfortunately blossomed into schizophrenia like symptoms as he's gotten older.