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initial question: has anyone else here used chantix (Varenicline - prescription to help quit smoking) and experienced the effect it has on their dreams?

i have used it three times (it actually works very well; for me side effects are minimal as long as i eat before i take it, otherwise fierce, unapologetic nausea) to quit. before i started taking it, i heard from others that it had affected their dreams.

many had said they began having nightmares or dreams that were too intense, and they had to stop taking it. this is pretty common; both my girlfriend and my mother have found it tends to give them a higher rate of nightmares, but not terribly so.

for me, i absolutely adore the effect it has on my dreams. two to three days into taking it, i begin to have extremely vivid dreams, and significantly better recall (even with low-key casual-onset alcoholism; i generally don't recall dreams well, regardless.)

When I say vivid, I mean vivid. During the experience, I generally have a number of long-seeming, interwoven dreams (along dream logic). Often, when I wake, I am immediately able to return to the dream, or at least pick up the thread.

today I had no reason to wake up early, and allowed myself to sleep in past noon, although i had originally woken up four hours earlier. i had what seemed to be at least a dozen dreams, which often had common threads, including characters and locations. i wasn't lucid, but there was a remarkable amount of control over the content of my dream - i'd awake, take a second to think about what reality i'd just shifted out of, think of something or someone, and it was influence my dream (mostly subtly, sometimes strongly.)

i just thought this was really fascinating, and it definitely makes this process somewhat fun. am wondering if anyone has had similar experiences.


to open this thread up outside of a potentially small base of users: share the most significant nightmare you've had.