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>that one dream where you seem to be falling endlessly


i know the feel


but have you ever had one that was pleasant? i have once. it was almost serene until i hit the floor splat.


I've never had a dream where I was falling. Ever. It's supposed to be common. I feel like I'm missing out.


>that dream where you try to walk but only always tumble one step, then fall over and end up crawling


Closest I've had is a recurring dream where I fell into a nearby canal while completely ignoring the fact that water has a bigger density than air. The whole dream takes less than 10 seconds start to finish.


I know man. I've never had a lucid dream either. I rarely dream at all.

It sucks.


You probably just don't remember them.
Do you have an exact time to wake up? Set your alarm to one hour ealier and go back to sleep.


I always have this dream where I'm falling and hit the water and slowly drift away. Mostly this is with half-panic, but the last time I was calm and it was relaxing. I could feel everything leaving and I didn't care one bit.


I thought this only was only hapening to me.


i never had any falling dreams either, but i think it would be pretty awesome - vid realted why i think so http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWsjlFB9l5Y

closest thing i had was in the stairway that goes down from my flat - i was moving down the stairs, falling so slowly that basically i could get down the entire stairway without touching the ground if i caught the bars and used them to turn around to the next few stairs
i also had dreams of flying as a kid, but they were very very slow, like i had to concentrate and do these weird moves to keep me in the air. highest i could fly was roofs of some buildings, and it took a lot of time, but was worth so i did it.
guess overweight kids move slow even in dreams, right?


literally every time that happens I'll wake up in the exact same position, face down with my head falling between the bed and wall

must be something to do with orientation


that's like all of them for me
were scary at first, but I got used to them.


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Does anyone ever keep dreaming after having hit the ground and died?


No, but I had a dream once where I was shot and killed that lasted several minutes after being shot.


No, however I had a dream once in which it was implied I was in a full immersion virtual reality game and when I died (by drowning) there was a short game over scene before I woke up


I have had lucid dreams. I have had many dreams that I remember. But I do not remember any where I was just falling. I have flown. I have starred out into open space and felt the air rushing out past my face as my cabin depresurized. I have driven cars through store windows and had my arms hacked off at school.

But I have not fallen like this.


It happened to me once, I had a dream in which I fell, hit the ground, and my exploded into a massive puddle of blood, for the rest of the dream I was observing my family cleaning up the mess.


I've never had a falling dream before, once I get my dream recall up, I'm going to try to put myself in the position that some of the other lainons have said in this thread where they were face down and there head was suspended in some way. I'll test if it's repeatable and see if I can get reliable results from it. If I do do this I will post results.


I never wake up when it happens and I don't die either. But I feel the impact on my body pretty strongly.


I've sort of had falling dreams, but it was because of something I did within the dream

As in, I choose to jump off a cliff - one time I managed to fly


Guys I'am getting reapeted dream like resident evil the whole world gets affected even my parents are affected and I have no other way rather than killing them. I feel terrible for it. Is there anything I can do..!


do you know how to differentiate between dreams and reality? If yes then, Bad dreams are a good thing your mind is trying to overcome something but you keep rejecting it or its preparing you for the next day.


I heard somewhere that those dreams are how the conscious brain interprets rapidly falling blood pressure, which is why often people wake up right before they hit to ground, it's the brain's way of shocking you back into consciousness.