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Dream History?
I'll start
>Dreams as a kid
Space & other worlds, running/fighting danger, and somehow dreams of friends I would come to meet.
>Dreams as a teen
The constant feeling of being followed/Watched, running/fighting an unknown force, and some other emotional stuff (loss of a child, etc.)
>Resent Dreams
Running from myself, the constant feeling of hopelessness that comes from depression, logical and rationally planing my own death, Some times even carrying it out, and then end up laughing/crying because something will happen where it wont work.

>pic unrelated


>dreams as a kid
flying on clouds through the night, being haunted, dark big rooms, ghosts
>dreams as a teen
sex with girls from class, being haunted, dogs, daily stuff, car crashes
>resent dreams
flew of with a motorbike in a curve, so its car crashes again, old schoolmates, big halls, nighttime (most of my dreams are in a night like ambient), climbing, woods, weird creatures, stress and pressure from bureaucracy and family members


>As a kid
Stuff I saw on TV. Mundane stuff. Being ejected from vehicles. The occasional really big thing.

>As a teen

World of Warcraft. Being lost. The occasional vaguely sexual dream, as in, I wouldn't dream about having sex, but I once had a dream where 2 girls from my class were giving me some sort of sex-ed lecture in a nightclub, and I asked them if I could touch their boobs, to which they politely declined.

>As an adult

More being lost. Slipping and falling. Crashing my car. Having a really sick entertainment setup.


I also have a recurring ream where I'm in a familiar place, but I have no sense of scale or distance, if that makes sense.


My dreams as a kid were horrible. I was always being chased by something, run over by something, shot at by something, trapped in my room unable to move any muscles, falling forever…

Not to mention that time where me and my brother accidentally pulled our skins inside out so we were two skellingtons and I hallucinated skeletons while I was awake for a whole week because I was so terrified.

As a teen I became completely unable to recall dreams.

Recently, when I do remember my dreams, they're usually stress dreams that depict realistic feeling events that could happen in my life.


>dreams as a kid
flight, childish fears
>dreams as a teen
doing things to the best of my ability and people telling me I fucked up for illogical reasons I don't understand, people not understanding me dreaming I had done my morning routine only to wake up and do it again, wish fulfilment dreams of the perfect life/relationship variety, the kind that make you cry when you figure out it wasn't real
>recent dreams
just assorted weird shit, basically my mind going "lmao wouldn't this be super fucked up"
and then there was one where I was mackin on this qt grill I fell for on the wired


Apparently I used to start screaming that they're (whoever they are) putting my feet in the oven, and wouldn't stop until someone put some socks on my feet. My feet are often dead looking nowadays.
I don't remember. My sleep pattern started getting fuarrrky at 13, so I was probably depriving myself of sleep too much to dream.
I remember having a few. One involved a long corridor, a friend, shelves of china ornaments, and a small drink. Another had a girl I crushed on leave me on a train platform after I confessed to her. Then there was one where I was in a convenience store and kept getting garbled texts that I could read anyway from someone who loved me, but now hates me.


>dreams as kid
Sex dreams and this one that recurred 3 times about being visited by a spooky alien at night outside a house that wasn't mine. I wouldn't say that the alien dream was a nightmare though. Was weird but not scary.

There were also a couple dreams where I'd cry for a long time and wake up in the morning to a hardened stream of tears from my eyes to my mouth. It looked a lot like cracked skin, but could easily be washed away with water.

>dreams as teen

Some imaginary girl (would be a new girl every dream) that I would fall in love with and after waking up would feel depressed for weeks.
>recent dreams
Pretty random things; usually an amalgam of past events and thoughts. I'd also have wet dreams whenever I don't fap in a month.


>dreams as a kid
Pretty normal stuff, can't really remember anything specific but they were typically about my mundane life with maybe a bit of surreal mixed in.

>dreams as a teen

Constant dreams where something is pursuing me, yet, when I go to run, they tense up and I'm forced to trudge along slowly until it catches me and I wake up. Also used to dream about forgetting to wear pants to school often, but those stopped.

>recent dreams

Much more surreal and weird when I can remember them.


>Dreams as a kid
Bugs, aliens, nightmares involving parents dying.
>Dreams as a teen
Being chased, fighting off pursuers and losing often, alien geometry, religious punishment.
>Recent dreams
Romance, dull surrealism and nonsense, flowing through boring dream worlds.


>Dreams as a kid
Recurring nightmares, scenarios that portray me a hero, and so many dreams that have no meaning, but merely strong emotions attached to them. (IE: The whole dream is a screen of a shade of orange. A sentence in black letters appears on said screen. I feel emotions of deep horror and fear without reason.)
>Dreams as a teen
Dreams about lost opportunity, social separation, and dreams with deep meaning about the universe, morality, life/death situations.
>Recent Dreams
Dreams that end right at the climactic point of the dream, dreams about space, extra terrestrials, artificial intelligence/cyborgs.


> Dreams as a kid
Falling from heights.
> Dreams as a teen
Something as if drug-induced hallucinations.
> Resent Dreams
I don't resent my dreams, I love' em! Now it's mostly deaths, fighting, sometimes innuendoes and altered reality.


>dreams as a kid
Either nightmares filled with images from my childhood, or things that seemed like fond memories that didn't actually happen. I got a lot of dreams based on whatever I was reading at the time. One weird dream that came towards the end was that I was the other gender and wanted to fuarrrk my friend.
>dreams as a teen
same as above, but more sexual and the nightmares had to do with social situations.
>dreams now
same as teen years, which I'm only moving out of. I find my dreams mostly have to do with whatever I've learned the day/night before, especially things that had a lot of emotion connected with them.


>Dreams as a kid
Terrible nightmares. Night terrors were more frequent. Lasted a decade, ended when I was 14.

>Dreams as a teen

Varying from post-apocalyptic, to mathematical, to musical, to suicides (the strangest ones), to warfare.

imo the suicide dreams were fun.


Ya know they do..


>The whole dream is a screen of a shade of orange. A sentence in black letters appears on said screen. I feel emotions of deep horror and fear without reason.
>>422 here, most of my dreams aren't 2D(?) like this but I had a fever dream that started off with a similar look one time. It was a white screen almost completely covered by red and black scribbles moving like a low fps stop motion animation. I think the framerate might have even varied for the duration iirc. Think one of those greenscreen young children's show backgrounds only mildly unsettling.
Then someone appeared from the bottom of the screen up until they were in frame and explicitly told me I wasn't "allowed" to have a normal dream.


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>Dreams as a kid
Nightmares, more nightmares and vidya/school related or mundane themes. Lots of lucid dreams and flying. Being chased/falling.

>Dreams as a teen

Less lucids. Grills and rape train engaging. Weird/inexplicable stuff. Dreams about reaching a higher state of consciousness.

>Resent Dreams

Lucids, having a qt to cuddle, even more surreal and messed up stuff. Occasional suicide/murder. A few night terrors, probably caused by intense stress/lack of sleep.


File: 1426231303715.png (956.15 KB, 200x125, waterloo, battle painting wallpaper.jpg)

>Dream as kid
Usually dreams about blasting battle droids, my brothers of the glorious clone army dying around me, fighting a hopeless battle. yeah i played too much swbII but it could mean other things.

>Dreams as teen

Lucid dreams. everynight. lucid. not even self induced, my dreams usually involved me having sex..


Not many as of late, but the last i was just walking around and everyone seemed happier tha usual like world hunger had just ended or some soykaf, also another recurring one of standing in a battle-line as a colonel leading my regiment in the french revolution fighting the british.


>Dreams as a kid
Being the last human on the planet,space exploration,school or vidya related dreams.
>Dreams as a teen
Nightmares about being the last human on the planet(as a child being the last human was good,not so goo now),dreams where i was paralyzed on my bed and information i saw during the day would flash before my eyes(equations,citations,etc) there were also voices reading the info for me.
>Resent dreams
nowadays my dreams are divided in "parts" each part requires that i behave in a certain way in order to advance to the next.The tasks range from having to close a book to explaining the reason of my existence mathematically.


>dream as a kid
weird things, kind of lsd trips but less psychedelics

>dream as a teen

depersonalization, im another person in my dreams, in another universe

>dreams now

I don't know exactly, im forgetting a lot of dreams now, but sometimes i have depersonalization and sometimes i have "psychedelics trips", but sometimes i have a normal dreams.


>dream as a kid
I don't really remember, probably some scary stuff and stuff from TV
>dream as a teen
banging girls from school; dreams where I'm trying to stand up straight but my legs are weak and I keep falling down
>dreams now
same as second in previous + walks and conversations with friends, stuff from school (I'm studying mathematics, so it's often funky)





>Dreams as a kid
Monsters and scary animals, distorted worlds from various video games. Had a reoccuring dream of a screaming man on fire standing on top of a castle wall.
>Dreams as a teen
Many dreams of being in school, and on the school bus. Many of those dreams were so similar to real life that I often confused my dreams with reality. Running from something/someone in slow motion.
>Recent Dreams
Dreams of fistfights and gunfights that I win. Wandering around in a large old house. Occasional erotic dream.


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>dreams now
I don't remember them anymore. Like maybe 1 or 2 a year.


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>dreams as a kid
I don't really remember but i remembered one with many bats flying towards me like in old scooby do cartoon
>dreams as a teen
Random stuff like hanging out with friends, sometime cuddling cute boy
>recent dreams
i have dreamed of being 2d girl many times, once i was Misaki and i was shooting with railgun and jumping from the roofs of the buildings, in another one i was yukari cuddling yui


>As kid
Expolring. Often with family. School. Very absurd sometimes. Bright colours. Occasionally 2 Dimensional with me looking on, like a drawing. Driving cars.
There is one I clearly remember which centered on a battle with medival-esque weapons and armour at my school. The rendering of the violence was similar to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
I also remember one where there were geometic shapes in pastel colous moving slowly over a plain background with a high pitched screeching noise. I had it quite a few times over the couse of several years.

>As a teen

I remember one vividly where basically my hand would run through a lawnmower. Really that was all that seemed to happen.
Also, school, sometimes very absurd things. I remember a dragon sticking its head into a classroom and eating some students before departing. Being stuck. Occasionally absurdly mundane ones. Also dreams about being the emporer. Generally all of these were 3D.


Technically still a teen for the next few months, but this is more 'late teens'.

Different languages, generally ones that I understand. Wierd perspectives (like I were really short or tall), also very wierd angles like I were standing at an angle on the floor. Walking alone at night and feeling sick. Otherwise I also have had some very wierd physical sensations that seem totally unrelated to what is going on in the dream. I cannot do anything about it and I cannot stop and rest or do anything about it.


I've had the same recurring dream since high school. It's about either meeting a girl at a party or being invited to a party by whoever I have been vaguely fixated on at the time. It always ends with her getting too drunk, trying to shag me but instead of us having sex I take her home, tuck her into bed and leave a note telling her to call me if she really want to go out and wasn't just looking for a shag, along with my number.

it's such an annoying and confusing dream.


>Tfw can't lucid dream
im so pissed over it


File: 1449007121655.png (1.29 MB, 200x200, [Stephen_Laberge_PHD]_Exploring_the_World_of_Lucid(BookFi.org).pdf)


>as a kid
weird surreal stuff. had one where the world was slowly deleting itself and everything looked dead and glitched out. No gore or blood though, this cat with half its body was like limping along. I was just observing. Every now and then I would have SUPER happy dreams, so happy id cry. A lot of my childhood memories i get mixed uo with my dreams

>as a teen

very sexual dreams but never ordinary ones. never had a wet dream either. the dreams were often very normal until i realized
its a dream at which point id fuarrrk pretty much anything. always disgusted me when i woke up a bit.


dont remember my dreams often. No real theme to them anyways, now that im thinking they usually involve the loss of a pet but its not like especially frequent.


>as a kid
I didn't have dreams often, but I recall some of the ones I had from an early age, such as one of them being a distorted clown version of my father limping towards me in pitch black darkness with a psychotic expression and a knife.

>as a teenager

I didn't have many dreams at this point either, but I recalled and recorded a few of them. Usually they didn't involve monsters, just people.

>as an adult

I've found that I dream about being in school or being around my family often, and occasionally, things that are actually interesting. No monsters or people trying to kill me though. A year or more ago, I started trying to record every dream I have, so I can remember more of my dreams. Often in my dreams I feel like a camera that's rooted to a spot and sometimes moves around, but I also have first person view dreams, though I typically have little control in them. I've had third person dreams as well, but I don't really notice what I look like in them. However though, before and after beginning adulthood, I've had LOTS of nightmares about my computer being destroyed by viruses.


>kid dreams
Can't really remember too much of 'em. Though, I vividly remember having a dream that recurred for 3 nights, where I would travel through some dark fields for a while before ending up in this bright room with a pink floral carpet. It looked like something where a royal person from a jrpg would spend their days.

>teen dreams

Now /these/ I can remember more clearly. I discovered Yume Nikki when I was 13, so I got way hyped about dreaming. They were all either pretty horrific, or downright disturbing. Most would have to do with me being separated from/abandoned by someone, or trudging through incredibly unsanitary places. One theme that liked to recur was a really dim and flooded bathroom, either set up in a maze or with no stalls. 50/50 chance it would be covered in mold, or shadows of people would be hanging around it.

>recent dreams

Only real difference is that my dreams are much more surreal and leave me feeling way more disturbed. I still get yucky bathroom dreams sometimes, but way less often. Mostly I dream about incredibly gross and low budget apartments, and glitchy tech junk. Lots of running away, too.


>dreams as a kid
Usually based off of video games, pirates, mermaids, a lot of nightmares because my parents were insane.
>dreams as a teenager
There was a good half year where I didn't dream at all. But then lots of dreams with zombies, people trying to kill me, getting lost at amusement parks, my only friends in the dreams were smashed in the head by an axe and crushed by an elevator. I could also fly now.
>present dreams
Seeing the beauty in the world, colors became very vibrant, I switch from being a man to a woman usually so I could be straight in my dreams, most of the dream people are either very hostile and must be avoided or blank faced, black and broken npcs who don't respond to anything. Lots of biblical imagery even though I'm not Christian but ever since I've seen angels going around burning people to help sate my dissatisfaction of people, I've become slightly more religious.


I want to add something. As a kid, I learned to be able to stare at something then dream with my eyes open, another time I was awake and I could feel my body moving but I was tearing my hair and blinking hard and trying oh so hard to wake up and I couldn't. And another which I'm not sure whether it was a dream or not: the little bump in between your two front teeth, mine grew very long to the point where I was sobbing and my parents were holding me down trying to cut it off.
Then I had a dream where it was so frightening, I screamed "no" and woke up somewhere in my early teenage years. I was laying down, sleeping, and I touched my face but there was a dead stench around me and my arm was covered in dead spiders.
Awful, I prefer these new dreams and their mundanity.


I had a few years where it't feel like I'd close my eyes and open them up a minute later and have it be morning.

Other than that painfully mundane activities.

Occasionall guilt based nightmare


Winding narratives, some parts involving me. Surreal landscapes, vibrant colors.

Normal social interactions.


Being lost in complex surreal buildings.

Religious imagery.

Empty landscapes of nothingness.

Daily routines.


As a kid I always used to dream I was in a funfair. We went into a building and for some reason it turns out I become child labor for a conveyor-belt dinosaur car wash where you guessed it, live dinosaurs would come along on a conveyor-belt and we had to wash them. The whole surrounding was like a ride I used to go on as a kid, looked prehistoric era but clearly made of styrofoam. Well anyway with all the over kids we decide to try and escape. So we hide a barrel, wait for them all to go past and following them from behind. End up at some managerial sort of office with a huge opening looking over the fun fair kind of place and people start jumping out into peoples arms who catched them from below.

I don't even get it, all I know is it was a recurring dream.

Since I was a teen however I don't remember any of my dreams.