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no matter what, i just cant dream anymore. what should i do?


Are you taking any medications or recreational drugs?


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Are you experiencing any interruptions to your sleep schedule? Do you consume caffeine within a 6 hour window before sleep? Do you feel rested when you wake?

I have found that melatonin and valerian root extract have consistently increased the intensity of my dreams in the past, but I don't recommend taking something that you don't need, or may (unlikely, but not impossible) have an adverse reaction to.


But you're dreaming at this exact moment… awaken.


Some behavioral tips for maximum amount of dreams:
>sleeping long
>waking up naturally
>not jumping out of the bed right after awakening (think about the dreams you had first)
>afternoon or morning naps
>being not too exhausted in the evening


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With my experience, I can definitely agree with 1 2 & 3. I'll have to try the last two though, thanks.


synchronizing with the sun helps too, if that's an option. In the past I slept more than enough to dream, but waking up at noon didn't do me any favors. I woke up with headaches and never dreamt.


It's not that you're not dreaming, it's more likely that you merely cannot remember dreams that are had. Logging your dreams helps immensely with dream memory.


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Okay, so I voluntarily have "dream sprees" on my weekends off. Although they are not lucid at all, they are extremely potent and memorable. This is how I achieve them:

>go to bed at whatever time

>wake up
>don't get out of bed at all
>lie there for a good hour or so
>keep eyes closed as much as possible
>you will eventually slip back into sleep, although this can take a good hour, two hours even
>don't focus on passing of time, just don't get up and relax as if you're asleep
>you fall back to sleep
>stage 1 of dreaming commences
>if you had no dreams/remember no dreams from original sleep, then stage 1 will be less potent
>repeat cycle to advance to stage 2 potency

This is pretty much unlimited, until the point that you get dehydrated and/or starving hungry. I have done this for 24 hours before and more though, with a glass of water by my bed. The dreams become more and more potent, leaving almost real memories when you wake up. You can also remember the very early events in your dreams, which is unusual.

Give it a shot, just pick a day, and do not get out of bed for the entire day. It helps if you are very warm and comfortable. I recommend extra blankets or wearing a dressing gown/winter pajamas in bed.

Good Luck.


I can somewhat attest to this method. I rarely remember dreams from my "regular" sleep but find I can have incredibly vivid dreams if I do as above or purposely try to fall asleep in a slightly uncomfortable position (something I discovered in University while falling asleep on some hard, wooden chairs in the library). It makes me wonder what kind of dreams homeless people sleeping on the sidewalks have.


Like >>584 I, too, can attest to this method. Not sure about all day though, but I have done one or two cycles before (lazy Saturdays in the summer during high school.) Works pretty well. especially if you think of something nice as you are relaxing and waiting for sleep. It's also what I do when I am about to take a nap, but I do not remember so lucidly at those times.


I've heard that instead of having one, continuous, 8-hour night of sleep, that two, consecutive, 4-hour durations of sleep are effective for dreaming.


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isn't that normal? i stopped having dreams since age 10.


>have dream
>its a couple who wants bloody sex
>guy cuts up stomage and uses blood as lube
>"More blood!" Says the blonde girl
>get caught by police
>they try again
>this time they set of a rube goldberg machine for some reason

I have no idea what happened after


in my experience falling asleep with too many blankets on helped me have a more vivid dream. I wonder if the slight discomfort is like the touch equivalent to white noise.


My intuition tells me it has something to do with the fact that you will sleep less deeply with some discomfort, therefore you will spend less time being completely 'turned off' and more time in-between.


This is how I think it works, as well. You want a good balance so you're comfortable enough to sleep but not too comfortable.
Coincidentally, recently I've started sleeping very comfortably (by hugging a pillow). It feels great, but I hardly remember my dreams during a regular sleep.


I barely have a dream or two the whole year.
I usually dont go to sleep unless I'm really exhuasted or I have to force myself to sleep 2 hours before waking up for work.
I sleep during the day mainly.
Previously I would just lie in bed doing nothing which led me to asmr although I didnt know it was called that before.
For me to sleep if im not exhuasted I masturbate which was mainly the way I did for the past 10 years or so.
Maybe thats why I dont dream in addition to the fact that I'm very self-aware and rarely encounter any conflicts that I cant solve.


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