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So, I had a weird dream a few days back.

My two roommates left me in my room. One of them is Asian. I decided to sleep in the Asian's bed.

I woke up in the bed a while later and found out that the bed was full of Soykaf. There was a strong and thin string of Soykaf a few feet long in the bed that I somehow overlooked. It had a layer almost like a plastic bag, but more fragile and thinner over some parts of it. There were various stains and other Soykaf that I also missed when getting in the bed. I don't think I even pulled the covers back. I'm pretty sure I just barely moved the covers enough to get in the bed awkwardly.

Anyways, I'm out of the bed now and covered in Soykaf, when my two roommates come back. The Asian is mad that I was in his bed and I ask him about the Soykaf. We get in a conversation about him and I find out that it's his fetish. It took some detective work, but me and my other roommate were disgusted.

Then I woke up. I don't like either of my roommates.

What does it mean?


This word filter is fucking ridiculous. This needs to be fixed.

Soykaf is in place of s h i t.


oh i'm sad now because i thought you actually meant soykaf as in.. coffee-like Soykaf, and i was like: wait, this exists???




It might be funnier if it weren't the "bad words" that were being censored. I feel like I'm posting in the comments section of a mainstream news site where profanity is restricted. At least "soykaf" has a /cyb/ relevancy but FOOOOUUARRK just makes the poster sound like a 12 year old. Who the hell even uses that word?


Shitwater makes a pretty good soykaf soykaf.


You don't trust the Asian roommate.