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we've been discussing dreams mostly, but what about daydreams? The ones you have while travelling on a bus or in a car, during class, waiting somewhere, etc. Ones that can get interrupted by people talking to you, or something happening where you open your eyes or respond and then close your eyes again and try to continue where you left, sometimes successfully. maybe you even know you are daydreaming, but want to make that scene happen anyway.

i had one while travelling on and old, loud bus while listening to this noisy ambient drone metal thing. It was dark, and the bus was mostly empty so i had two seats to occupy. i was sitting on the inside row, and i remember that i had to balance myself in order not to fall out or lean towards the window. i also opened my eyes sometimes to check where we had been at the moment. the dream itself was short, and some parts were repeated or altered, i'm not sure. black and white, similar to the pictures

basically, there was a huge plowed piece of land, and at one side of it there was a 12-15 meter tall stone tower. it had the shape of a thick sword, and had no interior, it was more like a monument. at the bottom of the tower, there was a little pit, again made of stone, with five or six inches of very clear water. there were also some people with white faces and black clothes, who were just standing around waiting. every day or week, a person would arrive with vivid images of the stone tower in their mind, and they would show different reactions when actually seeing it for real. they arrived from all over the world, and they only knew that they had to find it and go near, but none knew what to do after. when they arrived, the agents in black would undress the person who arrived, and put them into the pit. there, these people would immediately become omniscient, knowing everything that has ever happened or will happen, and understanding how things are connected. i didn't really see signs of this, just knew this happened. however they also stopped moving or reacting to the world in any way, they would just lie there like corpses, with open eyes staring to whatever direction their face was looking. at this point, the agents took the person out of the pit, and placed him on a carpet and wrapped them in a blanket for the rest of the day, while they just stared into everything without moving at all. i kind of felt what they could have for a few seconds, and one interesting point was that they knew what was going to happen next - and so it did. when the sun started to set, one of the agents cut the throat of the omniscient person, and they pulled the corpse to a hole, where it was dropped. this would happen to every single one of them, and they all saw it coming, but neither did anything.


The last daydream I had, was about me, being at the place I actually were.

I woke up to whispered voices counting down from 3 to 1 and saying "let's go". Those voices were part of my dream, but it took me some time to get certainty of that.


I was in the bus listening to Soe Doe by Kusseldorf, closed my eyes and got very inmersed in the song.
I could then visualize a big white bird flying, its beak was white as bone.


had a weird morning. it was kind of difficult to wake up, and while i was still mostly asleep, i saw pictures of my chair being pulled, the door opening and closing with no actual people doing it, no hands, just the objects moving by themselves, usually seconds after i "received a quest" - i felt that i need to move those things for some reason. maybe i sleepwalked or did things then went back to sleep and the memories messed up, i'm not sure.


Since you have much more control over daydreams, I use that to give myself cute ones about an imaginary love life, or pretty much any kind of wish fulfilment I want at the time. If I'm in a car they usually involve somebody running and taking impossibly long strides, effortlessly taking big leaps and bounds over whatever terrain is in front of them…
sometimes I just let my mind wander over anything and everything. There's more but it's not really something I keep track of. I'll try to remember more now that I'm aware of it though


I did something like this once. I was delirious from being tired but I wanted to listen to a couple songs before I fell asleep. 3/4 through the second song, I saw an image of a character I had been trying to come up with an appearance for all at once, in a dynamic pose and with a sort of weird abstract color background behind them.


I greatly enjoy those intensive thoughts of things you plan to do that become day dreams. After a while you forget it's a day dream and it feels as if it's something you're actually doing. And then you open your eyes to realize it was just a dream and only a few seconds have transpired.


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for a long time, i've felt like eating flowers


fell asleep sitting up and staring forward on the bus yesterday - I was dreaming about walking through a desert. can't remember anything else.


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I find myself in daydreams while I'm walking somewhere - and then find those daydreams bleed into my dreams. In almost all my recent dreams, I'm walking somewhere. I don't exactly understand the connection myself, but it's been strange. I've had one where I kept trying to walk through what I assume is a retail corridor in a mall somewhere, and as I would reach the end, I'd find myself at the beginning looking in the same direction.

Also: I find my dreams stick around for a while and seep into my daydreams - faces, specific moments or details, even numbers. mostly phrases or faces though, and sometimes I see those faces take form on people somewhere in the middle distance in front of me, weirds me out


I took a short nap today and had a daydream. I can't remember much of it, but it was very stressful and I think I got attacked by a small girl?

Also, through meditation I have found that I can sometimes have lucid daydreams or at least highly controlled visualizations. This basically means I can lucid dream whenever I have the spare time to do so but I don't know what I should do with this power. I was thinking of using it for creating stories


>short nap
it doesn't count as a daydream if you were asleep.


oh, I thought daydreams were just dreams you had during the day


I was daydreaming before I fell asleep last night.
I had earbuds in and was listening to...
>scrolls through music playlist
Swimming in the Flood by Passion Pit and when I was in HS, I was in the orchestra so I was there, witnessing my orchestra play Passion Pit but then I remembered that we don't have a percussionist in our orchestra or a singer, or anything.


It's depressing to admit this but I have the same ones over and over lately. All of them are either meeting someone who falls in love with me (and then we have sex (usually oral)) or they involve me delivering street justice to some prick who deserves it. Most of these are not real people or even based on real people I've met, just fabrications. Imaginary friends almost.

The library grows but it's still just a library; I replay the same tapes over and over in my head. Sometimes I flip back and forth between two or more like flipping channels on TV. I am suffering from a lack of imagination lately I guess.


read some books yo



I recently had one, which was partially a concious construcion but also partly a random sort of day dream, in which I was playing over the effects of a massive impact some 500 km from where I was. I would look out the window periodically to see the growing cloud and counted down as the debris and shockwave approached, and then passed by my city, firing off car alarms and busting some windows.

I was sure to move away from the windows slightly before that happened.


Hello my old thread, good to see you again!
I just had one. It happened like dreams, things were going in their own direction and their own speed, I couldn't change anything in the dream, nothing in the dream was desirable/something I'd wish for myself, but still my eyes were open.

So, I was suddenly in a room. It looked like my room sometimes and an unknown room some other times, but I kinda felt like it was my room. There was this 7/10 girl looking at me, expecting me to say something by the looks. I had no idea who this girl was, but she clearly knew me. I said that I had no idea where I am or who she is, which she seemed to perceive as some theatrical prank at first. I kept on explaining myself in a calm and somewhat distant matter. She even tried to hug me once but I kinda backed out because it felt awkward. I soon found a mirror. I was definitely myself, I had the same facial features, eyes, hair color, and I found a lot of matching little details on my body. However I was kind of skinny, which was never true in real life. I also had louder, better articulated speech, like someone who has to talk in public a lot would have. My manners were different, and things about me felt as if I was a normie. I asked the girl what my name and nicknames were, which seemed to fit. I also asked her name, but the sounds were blurred out in the dream, like some form of censoring. I still don't really know who she is.
She was kind of upset but overall calm, even though she had a hard time grasping the idea that I have no memories of her or the building we were in, my place in society, yet I have complete memories from a different setup where I was a more nerdy neet. I also felt sort of chill, and didn't really panic about anything "missing". I dodged all sorts of responsibility by my lack of memories. I didn't intent do go to work tomorrow, or act like I'm okay - I was open about what I did and didn't remember. However, I didn't want to exit this life; with no idea how I arrived, panicking and clinging to my memories seemed like a bad idea. I planned to learn about myself, and while changing some unpleasant things and coldly telling people that they should introduce themselves again or say bye, I would have lived on in this new life without much ado.
[the body was too long]


[the body was too long]
We visited a hospital, and it turned out I was in the town where I attended high school. After reiterating my situation a few times, a bunch of curious scientists were attached in my shadow, and we visited my high school, which I've never been into according to my papers and family. The scientists(neuro+psych) stated the reason for our arrival, which generally caused a stir. I knew almost every detail of the building well, but couldn't find that board where my graduated class' photos were. I did find one however that consisted of about 60% of my classmates, while the rest were random people. The various people following me asked a few teachers and the headmaster to help out. They had to ask me questions about the customs in the school, location of things, details about my time spent there. I answered most of the questions well, and tried my best to get into details in a scary way. One of the most successful victims was an IT teacher, who I used to like and talk to after class, and so I knew a good bunch of details about him (hometown, favorite food, figures of speech, opinions on politics, technology, I even guessed some of his opinions on other students), yet he firmly stated he never saw me before.

Meanwhile, I had some thoughts about what this could be that I didn't really talk about. I was pretty sure the plot of this daydream had to do something with Mawaru Penguindrum. More precisely the way I interpreted the end of that animu.

Overall I think it was a remarkable thing, not just because of the topic, but also how it lacked the lucidity of the usual daydream - I didn't have any say in things, the dream was going it's own way while I just experienced my role in it. And yet, I was staring at the ceiling or the christmas lights around my window all the time.


i daydream about my impdending demise

pretty soykaf tbh fam