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Post in this thread every time you remember your dream.

I'll start.
First I was with a friend at my house living room, and we were talking about the NASA and that they were encovering alien encounters, and then we heard a noise out there, and we went out to see. We saw some sky activity, and we were lured to a place similar to central park, where there were other people attracted by the same thing. Then a big spaceship descended on a mechanism that opened the ground and revealed a structure beneath it. A rather small hole opened in the center and a bunch of floating platforms lead to the inside of it, and a penguin came jumping out of nowhere and went in the spaceship, I was the first to follow and nobody else seemed to dare.
Then I was in the middle of some big round room surrounded by little rooms, I went in there and suddenly I had most of my belongings (namely, my blankets) and there was a bed, so I put my blankets on the bed, the room was as little as a prison cell though I didn't think of it that way. I went out and there was a round table in the middle of the big room I mentioned before, and people were sitting around it, about 20 or 30, and we were waiting for the aliens to come and we'd have some kind of meeting. But they never arrived, and we started talking, and there was Ritchie Valens (a latin rock&roll singer who's dead now) and a long dead politician from my country, who was drunk as fuck and he was crawling funny, lifting his legs. I went back to my room and I saw my friend from the first part of the dream, and we went to my room and a guy followed, and invited us to a party in his room. That's about when I woke up.


My dream this morning was that I only got 81.7% on my midterm journal.

Oh, oh wait. That was a nightmare, nevermind.


File: 1416129452366.png (921.63 KB, 200x134, Foggy.jpg)

Last night I made a backpack travel from West China to East China. I followed a road, that went straight on. There were giant trees blocking my way and sight and it was all rainy and wet.

In the end some unknown acquaintance climbed with me along a cyclone fence, to pass a great abyss. That was frightening.


I once had a dream that Vladimir Putin, leader of men, tamer of beasts, invader of Crimea went and high fived me. We started hanging out and then he made me an officer in the Russian military for no adequate reason and it was really cool.

I don't even live near Russia…


I had a dream my father and I were in some sort of group home. We were in there tracking some sort of entity, this floating sphereoid thing that was floating through the halls of the group home and scaring the residents. I was just kind of an observer, but my dad was running around trying to shoot the thing with a shotgun and missing every time, leaving holes all over the house because of it.

also all of the group home's residents were crips and they were scared as hell, cowering under blankets.


I was brushing my teeth and they were hollow inside. I found a tiny piece of chicken stuck in one tooth and pulled it out with the toothbrush. Then the piece became bigger. It was like a raw chicken wing with strange organ-like qualities (veins and stuff coming out of it). I contacted my sister (she's a nurse) and she told me that it's an important organ in the human body. My mouth felt really uncomfortable and when I woke up, I had a lot of saliva in my mouth from not swallowing it.

My dreams have gotten rather vivid lately. The day before yesterday was also cool, it was kind of lewd. I was in the shower giving a blow/handjob to some guy, it felt so fuarrrking real when I touched the peen. After that he told me that he hated magic. Because of that, I got out of the shower and went to lay with my cute butch crush on the bed. Apparently we were witches. There was no ceiling, so the moonlight shone on us. Our foreheads and legs were touching. It was relaxing. All in all 4/5 dream, basically the first time I've had a sex-related dream.


I have often dreams, where I lose my teeth or something similar happens to my jawbone.
Teeth are also a sexual symbol, if one believes in oneiromancy.


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I started getting >6 hours of sleep and I've been having dreams every night. Here's a three-parter that happened in the span of ~20 minutes this morning.

part 1
>my dad's gf's daughter was left in a hot car. she died and came back with supernatural powers and told me she was going to kill them both as revenge. I wasn't as bothered as I should have been by any of this.
part 2
>my neighbour wanted to make out with me so she takes me to her room. it's weird because she shares it with like three of her siblings, they even came in and did a faceheelturn when they saw us in there. Stuff was going to happen but I apparently had a haunted app that would blast annoying facts over the speaker until I removed the battery. I tore the case off in slow-mo and it was oddly high-tech (think batman beyond aesthetic) inside, and I had to strain to get the battery out. I did this maybe three times before she got bored, turned the lights out in her room and left, telling me to straighten her bed up on my way out. While I did I kept seeing something darting between the furniture out of the corner of my eye, watching me.
part 3
>I'm leaving the movie theater with a girl, really chill, and she's like half a foot taller than me and apparently a werewolf. She runs across the empty parking lot to this raised patch of grass that overlooks the road. she makes it over and out of sight before I get there, and when I do she's already in the woods despite the road being full of cars. when she realizes I can't get across she comes back over, (not sure how, dream glitch) picks me up and sits me on her lap and we just chill there.

diagnose me lains


I think losing your teeth usually has more to do with loss of ability to affect change in your life, but your dreams are affected by the symbolism you know. It's all just elements of your mind rearranged in a peculiar way.


for anyone wondering yes there are people reading this that actually think your dream is interesting
post more dreams


>part 1
It started in a market where I was given a small cube half the size of a dice by a strange stall vendor and told it was a container then made my out of the town.
>woke up to do something then went back to sleep
I was returning from what ever I had to do with a wierd glove on my left hand which had red veins glowing on it. When I got to the market I started speaking to a woman (let's call her friend1 for now as I can't remember her name) and a man (friend2) at a table where they told me they were given 100 containers each. I gave friend1 my money which was in a small bag tied with string and she gave me the containers they had. friend2 complained that he didn't have any dry food so I told him that there was some in the bag with money. Then there was a guy shouting at us that we are traitors (or something like that) so we started running while being chased by everyone in the market. We jump off some kind of ramp and head off in the direction of the mountains. I somehow knew the container had been used and contained something.

A bit about the environment… it looked like a mix between cyb technology and the time of King Henry the 8th where buildings were made up of stone, wood and some kind of metal with wires attatched and the armour friend1 had looked a bit like the armour romand had but darker colours. She also had a sword while friend2 had a hammer but I can't remember his armour. I also knew what a map of the reigon would look like with the town near a stream and a few kilometers awa were the mountains.


>part 2
We were walking on a grass field when the ground opened and I fell in to a cave where there was a creature twice the size of a bear made of ice and glowing blue trying to kill me. I had a bow on me which I was using and could shoot fire bolts in grous of three from my left hand. The creature would fire ice shards and try to hit me. I jumped behind some kind of box made of ice while trying to kill the creature. Then it started shooting at me as if it had a machine gun while walking slowly towards me. I looked at the side of my glove where there was a bar which wad about 70% full and I knew I had to use a power called "gibson" which was a huge fireball which takes about 4 seconds to fully charge. I charged it above my head and shot it at the creature and it missed but the following fire bolts rendered it imobile. I took out a container and it started glowing bule as the creatures glow faded.
After this I was at the bottom of a mountain trail with the man and woman I was with earlier.

>that was the end of the dream

The dream was wierd as I some how knew where I was and as I spoke to the man and woman I was speaking as if they were friends I have known for a long time.
When I fell asleap after waking up I went back to the same environment with only more detail which took less time (1hour) than the part before (5hours).
I also remember the map of the place I was in, the container and the room where I was fighting in full detail (I have drawn it… might upload in a bit).


i've no idea why and don't remember much from it, but last night i had a dream that i was at George Clooney's wedding. i don't even care about celebrities that much and the only reason i know about his wedding was because i read that everyone that attended had to use burner phones.

was weird.


File: 1417308756538.png (5.62 KB, 200x134, index.jpg)

I was highly respected student, having all good grades, deep scientific talks with my teachers, no friends(I like being alone), a heroin addict(that was funded by my scholarship) and my sister/parents was deeply concerned about my health(both physical and mental). They didn't do anything since it worked out….I was doing pretty good, and heroin was just had a good feeling but it was damped out as if I was doing it for a long time…
Overall, a great dream.


Almost forgot, but the other day I dreamt of MCcarthy.
I was in an old man's house, he was an eccentric it seems. Anyway, the guy has hosting someting like a party and at one point I was at his library looking at all his books, he had a lot of them and he had somewhat of a mess. I went to a coffee table with books and I saw some (little) books on lisp. I got really excited and I was thinking of grabbing one for myself. Then I looked around a while and then I saw MCcarthy looking at the shelves. He was black and white, lol. Anyway I went to him and said "Hey, you're John MCcarthy! it's an honour, blah blah", and I stretched his hand and I could see he was annoyed because it happened a lot to him, and he wanted to avoid all the fuzz. But he was unable to express it and just tried to distract my attention by pointing to a random book and said "look". I noticed what he was trying to do and said "Ooooh yeah". He laughed and then I said "Well nice to meet you, bye".


I had the coolest fuarrrking dream ever. It was also the most in depth and detailed dream I have ever had. I remember there being so much to it but I can only remember a tiny portion of it.

I had a dream that I was a private in the Russian military as Russia decided to invade and annex the entire Ukraine.

I was with a platoon of soldiers who all had really awesome and unique personalities but unfortunately I can't remember what they were :(

The dream started with the first push across the border where we walked forwards and started fighting enemy soldiers while tanks and APCs were driving past further up.

I remember there being a battle where we were fighting over a hill and a valley near a town and we put down smokey grenades and had to bayonet charge through the smoke.

I kept thinking it was a Russian version of Generation Kill.


Among other things, I dreamed I was playing a cute lil game where little creatures (called 'cdrs' lol) were munching the world and when they saw you they pushed you with their tongue, and you had to flee before the world was completely eaten by those creatures. I think I'm gonna make that game, though I'm no gamedev


oh god please make this game.


sounds like the cutest version of grey goo I've ever heard of


now I dreamt I was in the future or something. First I had no clue of this, I was wandering a high-school looking for a friend, and after a while I gave up and decided to leave, a lot of kids were leaving at that moment, heading to toe subway (well it was a ladder that climbed upwards, like the train at Chicago that's above ground level), and I noticed a guy was following me so I stopped and he stopped somewhere nearby me, there was a lot of people so I decided to take that to my advantage, but this guy and another one approached me while another guy stood behind me, they were asking for my backpack. I wouldn't give it and I was trying to squeeze out between them. By that time we were up in the structure and they noticed there was less people, and were about to beat me, but one of them got mad and took out a knife and put it in my ribs, I was scared by that moment and started begging the guy, but he wouldn't listen and he actually stabbed me.
But when he stabbed me I was out of my body, looking from a short distance at my body falling down. I was in a copy of my body and I just walked away.
I was then in the subway and this is where I noticed I was in the future, it was all different and I wouldn't be able to skip the enter fee. So I payed and entered, and then I got kinda lost, everything was unfamiliar. Then the trains were like those old streen trains in san francisco, they were all small too. I was walking around and saw a funny red car on the trails, then another one. I have always dreamed with cars in the subway trails, for years now, so I realized I was dreaming and it was fun to realize that. But I didn't bother thinking about this much and kept walking, then another recurring theme happened, as one of those funny red cars was about to hit a train. But this time the car just went right trought it, hard to explain…


File: 1424611641950.png (1.09 MB, 96x200, 1422429382599.jpg)

Last night I dreamt about Linus, of Linus Tech Tips.

First we were going on some kind of mission. It was night, and Linus was there along with some other people I can't remember. He broke into and hotwired a car, and then dismissed our concerns by saying the police never catches anyone for anything. We drove to a house and Linus picked the lock. I fell behind a little and had to avoid some guards who were outside. I don't remember anything else about what we did there, but at some point I think I traveled back in time and repeated the mission with a different outcome, and then tried to explain it to them.

Later, soykaf changes: Linus is now running a retro games/electronics/oddities store right from his own house. I'm looking for stuff to sell in my home, and some of it is outside barely protected from the elements because I have no space inside. Then I realize I have a whole unused room that I had somehow forgotten about. I find a laserdisc version of the soundtrack to The Social Network and an old Gameboy, and I go to visit Linus.

Linus' home/store has some gathering going on, and I go to the living room to look out the window. It's winter, and Linus has figures of anime characters in his backyard, kept in a huge display cabinet. It's round and maybe waist-high, divided into two sections. It's much too big for the few small figures he has. As I keep thinking about how he manages to protect the figures from the cold, I realize the cabinet is actually a water tank full of frozen water. fuarrrk you Linus.

Linus is playing with a baby–I don't know if it's his–and I approach him to ask about selling the laserdisc. I don't remember what we talk about, but we move out of the living room and Linus is standing very close to me as he's talking, and I start getting a boner. It must be his raw sexual power, or maybe all that innuendo he has or at least used to have in his videos. Linus tries to sell me some membership system where I'll be allowed access to restricted parts of his house if I do something right (it had something to do with buying and selling).

We start walking deeper into the house, and sure enough Linus turns into an old woman. He/she goes into a public women's bathroom that for some reason he/she has. I peek in and there's some girl there, I think she was wearing a Japanese school uniform. Linus comes out and I start talking about the Gameboy.

I don't remember anything else.


Maniacs. I dreamt about maniacs.

A man who was hunting women for whatever reason. He wasted several of them on the steamboat. I don't remember what happened next. I do remember seeing him standing in the centre of some room in a high-rise flat with his face in blood and pieces of flesh holding a woman by her neck and saying 'I wish you to become one with me' to her. Then something protruded from his face, similarly to Jensen's arm-blades, piercing through the woman's body and entangling with her. I woke up then.

The woman was dressed as a hooker btw. If that means anything.


I had a high school dream.

I was, in fact, Miley Cyrus, and I went to my highschool, because a guy (An anime-fan with over-protective parent, and who couldn't relate with other people socially, so he was often bullied too) had won the prize, so I took a picture with him, and I think I kissed him in the cheek too.

After that, I had to run from my fans, and I hid in a place (apparently in my school) where they sold weed-related products and made tattoos.

Weirdest dream ever.


I had a dream for the first time in a while. I remember experiencing far more, but when I woke up, all I could remember was something about how Ukraine has no right to exist.


oh yeah, now i remember another dream from a while back. it was very strange. basically, i thought i had to go to my old high school in ireland (even though i lived in america at the time) but instead, i went to my primary (elementary) school. all my old classmates were there. then, i realized that i had gone to the wrong school, but everyone was still there. so i said something like ¨damn, i need to get running¨ but then this one kid says ¨why are you here in the first place? why are we all here? this must be a dream¨ then i said ¨i guess you're right¨ and woke up.
also nice >>420 get


File: 1425788730763.png (46.33 KB, 200x144, 4413b464a7b33c69c6f581a7fb778fef1314738036_full.jpg)

I keep a dream journal

Here are some excerpts from it :3

I had a trippy dream one night ago that the japs invented a machine to turn you into a psychopath. You attached it to your head and it would buzz. a jap later on put it and tried to kill me.

//ignore initial racism


File: 1425789089858.png (359.64 KB, 200x134, nuclear-missteps.jpg)

Anoder 1ne ¶:3

I also dreamt one night that I was In north korea. I went visited there and went along complexes that were abandoned. I later on managed to find a control room for NKs nuclear weapons that had a tinted red light with a soldier explaining things for me.


File: 1425789326138.png (54.98 KB, 200x139, moonboulders.jpg)


I dreamt that I went to the moon on a space plane, I held my breath and let go and for some reason I can breath. I landed there with another astronaut and went around the moon. Then came back home to earth in an epic landing.


File: 1425789711250.png (74.46 KB, 200x150, dino-crisis-reboot.jpg)

Last but not least.. (tips fedora)

I always dream of old school video games, dino crisis is a common one. Sometimes it never takes place on the exact levels, but it has the feel. Disturbing, eeri abandoned places. It's pretty cool though


today's dream was weird. I was a serial killer who could only find pleasure in bad feelings, and I chased down the members of a community I used to go on, killing all of them. I finally confronted the last member, and explained my predicament to her, both of us with the knowledge that I would eventually come to kill her (or she would kill me). I kept thinking of a way out, and eventually exited myself in the dream, and entered someone else, like I was the narrator to their life changing subject. it was kind of like homestuck. Then the new person killed me, and I woke up.
There's a lot I can't remember about the dream.


Yesterday I had some really weird dream. Or a nightmare, I dunno.
I was in my flat, hatching Zerg on my bed. When decent inhabitats of the swarm reached the size of cockroaches, I started destroying them. I have woken up after I flushed out the last minion.


Я снгодня был на одном форуме(сектантов или сатанистов). Родители спали, поэтому я писал без света. На форуме написали, что я делаю похвальное дело, ведь, пребывая на сайте, я подпитываю демонов. Внезапно всё потемнело, заиграла музыка из "Мастера и Маргариты" и какая-то рожица появилась в темноте. Я очень испугался, но это был лишь мой кот. Потом поле зрения заполнили быстро меняющиеся строчки текста, я полетел уже на природе, между домиков, утопавших в сакурах. А потом я проснулся.


Get out of here, STALKER.




I dreamt of a guy saying "this is what I dreamt the other night", and then I dreamt his dream.

The guy from TV who announces the lottery is in a local, choosing the numbers he'll play.
He's indecisive and the clerk is doing just-choose-already faces.
The clerk then does an I-have-an-idea face and starts typing into his computer, prints something and starts taping it to the walls.
It was an anouncement that went "Bored? Call the lottery guy! He'll come to your house and not leave. Call [telephone number]"
Seeing that the TV guy looks over-actingly surprised as an off voice says "that gave me an idea" and a publicitary spot about lottery starts.

Then the guy from the beginning says "cool dream, huh?" and I woke up.


potato runes are cyb


Приснился ещё один странный сон. Сюжет был довольно простой: родители сказали мне, что нуэно уже сейчас ехать в институт и пытаться сдавать подготовительные экзамены (хотя я в 8-ом классе). Дали решить 1 задачку по физике и я проснулся.


>potato runes


I am in some kind of indoor/outdoor space, remeniscent of a subway station, but with a really high ceiling, trees, beds of plants and what seems to be sunlight shining in from above or through the walls.

I am hanging out with a group of people, mostly around my age ([REDACTED]). I interact with a girl in passing, while walking within the station, but then I go off and talk to other people. Eventually some circumstance brings us together again; I can't remember exactly what happened.

She is a fair bit smaller than I am. She is wearing a tank top with spaghetti straps. She is very animated and I get the impression that she is cleverer than me. We talk for a while, I don't remember what about. She is in 10th grade in high school, not sure what school. She tells me that her name is Mann, and I tell her that my name is [REDACTED]. We seem to be getting on pretty well. She's very attractive.

That's all I can remember. :/


Add some random japanese media like in Blade Runner as well.


Now, ontopic, I dreamed of my first girlfriend, and the thins we used to do (90's teenagers). I miss her, even though I know I woudn't be able to bear five minutes with her today. I guess it's called nostalgia.


File: 1432993829789.png (3.68 MB, 200x113, kosminen aku desktop background 1920x1080.jpg.png)

When I was a kid I used to have a dream where me and my best friend at that time went to a beach and found the pieces of a giant robot (kinda like Iron Giant). I haven't talked to the man in a long time. I'm a bit sick atm so I took a little nap and saw this dream.

Come to the same beach with some friends (ofc I didn't remember it was the same beach). The idea is to swim, listen to music, smoke some weed and chill. While doing just that, one of my friends comes across a strange key and being as adventurous as we used to be as kids, we try to find the thing it opens. Well, after some poking around we find these huge shipping containers which are locked and suprise suprise, the key fits. The pieces of the metal man are inside the containers. There is a breeze and suddenlty all my friends are gone. I ain't that afraid and I try to call the friend from years back.
>Dude, do you remember the thing we found from the beach when we were kids? I stumbled upon it again?
<What did you find?
(At this point I realize that the call didn't connect to my friend, instead, I'm talking with my cousin who is 11 years old. I might have mistouched the name on my phone, but meh, I keep talking.
>Hey kid, that's right! I found a huge robot that shoots lasers and everything!
(I can hear that his legitimately interested)
>Yeah, I'll buy you one! Just remember to be a good kid. See ya!

Huh. I'll try sending a couple of messages to my friend:
>I found the robot!
>Yeah dude, it's the thing we found from the beach!
<Living on Earth must be a blessing.
>dude, wtf
<Because of the DNA, organisms here are always unique, always evolving.
<Always changing.

I don't know how it came to me, but I quickly understood that the robot was messing with my phone.
It was kinda sad that I found the thing from my childhood again but I couldn't share it with anyone, not even the friend from childhood. I could only contact my cousin, sure, he was interested in the whole robot thing (like many kids at that age are) but he couldn't possibly understand.
I locked the containers, took the key with me and left the beach.

That was kinda depressing -_-


File: 1432998353952.png (92.45 KB, 175x200, 1396568434357.jpg)

I don't usually remember my dreams, so this one coming out of the blue really took me by surprise.
>I'm (or whoever I'm watching) is in a broken down room, the kind you would see in stalker or something. There's two bathtubs and nothing else that I remember, they are both side by side about 10-15 feet apart.
>There's one window, it looks like there is ash or something on the ground everywhere outside. There's one door that leads into a hallway just as crappy as this room, by setup it looks like a hospital.
>There's a lady in the other bathtub bathing, not sure what she looked like. I get the feeling that taking a bath is a rare opportunity here so we are taking it. I'm also apparently a woman, or am watching through the eyes of one, and she(I?) is also bathing.
>suddenly the other woman is huddled in the fetal position as close to her bathtub as possible, back facing me, not making any noise. I get the feeling this somehow makes you undetectable by whatever is coming.
>another woman kind of just shows up in the room, she's creepy as fuarrrk - I can't explain looks because it seems like it's all concepts but she's holding me by the throat in the air
>view kind of shifts to an aerial view of a large field of ashen nothingness - except there is a giant screaming/wailing/singing? skull in the middle of it all - I get the feeling it's fuarrrking enormous - like a couple skyscrapers high. It's all ashy too, and looks like it's made out of wood because it has cracks coming down from it's eyes. I get the feeling reaching it would have been something really bad, and being even near it was also really, really bad.
>my view just spins around it drawing closer as it sways and roars/cries. I can't really tell what sound it was making because it reverted back to concepts, but it was the loudest thing I have ever not heard, so loud it was breaking something - reality, the world, me? whatever it was, I woke up just before I got too close it it.


>traveling in the back of a van with some people
>It's cold, the sky is grey
>the van stops by a cinema
>we all go out and enter the cinema
>remember I forgot to take my bag from the van, I only have my backpack
>ask some guy how to contact the guys that drove us to get my bag back
>"oh, impossible, they're unreachable"
>I say I'll go for a walk to see if I can find them
>he tries to stop me, like he's worried about me
>go out and walk for a while, the city looks abandoned, populated only by homeless people
>see a long over-the-ground abandoned structure that looks a metro, like five meters above
>I climb into it through one of the columns that hold it up
>it's an abandoned train rail, on the sides there are "rooms" marked on the ground
>no ceiling
>everything's dirty and rotten
>a guy walks in and looks at the cables hanging from my backpack
>gives me a room saying "this one's for electronics" and throws my backpack in a spot
>I take my stuff and run tfo
>jump off the overground metro and fall to a dirty street in front of a fuarrrked up building
>I look into one of the windows because it looks like there's someone there
>It's a screen
>one by one, the other windows light up showing different footage
>the guy from the metro is running this way
>I run into the building and upstairs a couple floors
>the rooms are small and weird
>see a window, some video is being played on the glass
>go through a door, see the metro guy from behind, kill him with a knife
>he falls on a bed and I run out
>keep running through the wrecked buildings


Two dreams about being back in school today.

>first one

I was writing magic spells because I was bored. One of them turned me into a demon, and I ran around the class fuarrrking soykaf up. Some kid I borrowed paper from to write the spell threatened to tell on me, but when he did the teacher believed my word over his because I was a model student. Later in the dream I was in math class, we were playing jeopardy and the questions were really obscure, but my team felt like they relied on me to answer any of them. Then a girl who had cerebral palsy came in and we flirted with each other.

>next one

I was in math class again, but I was really disorganized and everyone was being unpleasant which forced me to get out of my imaginary shell and get catty with them. It was a lot like middle school was for me because my desk had a million papers on it and organization was limited to folders I stuffed random papers into, and I couldn't keep up with the notes we were supposed to be taking, while everyone around me took notes and kept talking. Despite the chaos, I enjoyed this dream. It lasted about 30 minutes.

High school dreams are common for me. I don't mind, but it gets boring sometimes. I think my dream journal contains the name of every classmate I ever associated with, and then about a hundred more.


File: 1433714133693.png (3.45 MB, 138x200, Serial_Experiments_Lain_Illustrations_090.jpg)

A lot of time ago, I had this dream where a little boy was at my place without any particular reason. He seemed sad or desperate, I can't really remember but it came down to me trying to find faults in reality, focussing on them and speaking them out loud to fix reality. Those faults were not visible at first glance though and it turned out to be very difficult and dangerous cause the world seemed to revolve around hurting us.
So the other day, I had a dream with a similar theme. I was at my parents, fixing the roof after I damaged it for some reason, at least everyone seemed to blame me. Then, a storm came up and I had to leave the roof very fast, though I got wet my the rain. Back inside the whole mood went dark and scary. I was upstairs changing clothes and heard the regulary occuring noise of knives on plates. While I didn't mind it first, I got pretty freaked out by it. As it seemed so unreal to me, I asked myself if this was a dream but came to the conclusion, that it couldn't be. I shouted my parent's names but no one answered, I got more scared. Finally, I got dressed with socks to sneak downstairs quietly.
Moving into the kitchen, I found my dad wearing a suit and a fat version of my mother (they're completely different normally) and some other person probably. They were sitting there like robots, eating their food. As I knew this kind of problem, I shouted "You're not my real parents" as loud as I could and listed all the wrong things about the situation - nothing changed though. This is where I panicked, everything became blurry and trippy, I felt incredibly weak. Then, my mother stood up and started attacking me, so I pointed out my real mother isn't this fat and she insulted me about being too thin for some reason. I woke up while she was choking me to death.


For the past year or so, all of my dreams have been terribly mundane with the exception of one element: I can never walk properly. I'm always trying struggling to keep my balance or my waist is twisted at an awkward angle. The "story" of my dreams is always very normal, realistic, and boring. Something as simple as going grocery shopping, but all of my effort and concentration is on trying to walk normally. It's pretty weird.


Apparently you can't dream of a person you haven't seen before. These friends might be your real friends and you forgot their names/faces, or people from your past that only your subconscious remembers. Also that universe those dreams took place in sounds cool. Almost like a medieval fantasy mixed with /cyb/


Here's a pretty scary dream I had just the other night. The thing that made it that much more scarier is the fact that it felt extremely real, and I often can't tell dreams and reality apart.

So, there's this guy I love, and this 27 stories high building. My dream had him on the roof of the building, planning to jump off. I heard about it somehow and went to him with my computer, trying to talk him out of it. What followed was a long conversation that I've mostly forgotten now, but I know I talked about ponies of all things, and overall a lot of pretty meaningless things.

At one point, he kissed me on the cheek, and shortly after that, I woke up. It was around 3AM, if I recall correctly, and I felt very uneasy. Throughout the whole dream, there was a pretty heavy feeling of impending doom, as if my life was going to end, and it didn't really leave after I woke up. I had a lot of trouble with falling asleep again, even though I knew that the feeling was irrational. It was just really spooky, I guess.


File: 1433784080406.png (12.41 KB, 169x200, 1433697135505-3.jpg)

My dream recall has went to soykaf for some reason. I can barely remember how my recent dreams have ended. As opposed to being interesting and diverse they're now relatively mundane and encompass my anxieties and shameful memories, as if I haven't gotten enough of that in my waking life. I really do not want to write them down anywhere.


File: 1433929955560.png (128.13 KB, 155x200, sekien_yamawarawa.jpg)

I dreamed about a (fictive) Japanese mythological love story, depicted and animated on some veneer or altarpiece. As usual with this kind of dreams, it was a powerful story with a deep meaning lost almost right after I woke up, but the most frustrating thing is that I also don't remember the small haiku-like poem I crafted at the end of this sequence in some kind of fake ancient English. I think it was a call for the lovers to put off their clothes and to go toward love, with some kind of warning. If only I had my pen near me and I wasn't so lazy... What a shame.


There is a really Scary-fun dream when i was a kid. I remember that in the dream i was arriving to my house from the school, so the bus left me in the corner of the street, but i realized that all the doors of the neighborhood were open, so i walked to my house, enter to the house and there was a lot of blood in the living, suddenly i listened to car's motors, so i ran out of my house and saw a lot of "Jeeps" with armored guys comming, at this part i was rly scared, i ran to the corner where the bus left me and i hid myself down of a car in a rly bad conditions. There was like 20 seconds of silence and then Jesus, yeah jesus or someguy with the face of jesus just saw down the car and found, he grabbed his AK-47 and shot me in the head. I wake up with headache.


Just had a dream last night that I was deployed and my weapon wouldn't work. A bunch of people were trying to kill me and all I could do was squeeze the trigger on my M4. It was terrifying.


deployed? are you a soldier?


I just had a dream where I was in a tower, and at the top of the tower was the office of North Korea's leader. I somehow met the leader, and it was a young woman. I fell madly in love with her
Then, when I was taking the elevator to her office with her, it stopped working and descended out of control before stopping at some random floor. This floor was full of Americans (I'm australian) and they were being very loud and rude. I was loudly arguing with them and defending my love, and it was at the moment I realised that I was legitimately believing in all the north korean propaganda I was saying with all my heart and soul, and I didn't care because I was in love with glorious leader.


Air Force. Close enough.

I asked around and it turned out to be a common occurrence among deployed people.


I've not been posting lately since I've been recovering from my depression. I'm on an anti-depressant now and have all sorts of vivid dreams. A few of the best thus far below:

>I'm back in my old dorm, celebrating the end of the school year with friends who don't actually exist. Somehow, we manage to awaken an ancient evil in the form of some sort of cat vaguely like a black panther. Oh, and for some reason my dorm is completely detached from campus and is actually in a very brutalist version of Tokyo. As a result of this evil, civilization as we know it ends. The evil morphs into the form of a woman, and has a companion whom it refers to as her sister. Knowing that I am responsible for the awakening of this evil, I and a companion of mind find a way to hide from it by travelling to the future, where we find a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world run by the evil we were hiding from. However, it doesn't know we are there, and we pose as some of their workers and work our way up until we're in their central office. From there, we plot to isolate and destroy this evil, using a device we made. Unfortunately, our cover was blown. My companion, afraid of being caught, transfers his consciousness into a laser that I would then carry around with me. The device we made is a sort of net that wraps itself around a target when thrown. It continues to tighten until the target is forced into a state of non-existence. After some fighting with this evil and its "sister" I am able to destroy them both. I ceased to exist though.

>People from the future determine that my existence, for reasons unknown to me, is an existential threat to them as I somehow cause a shift in the timeline that results in their reality never coming to be. I'm a glitch. I was never supposed to exist to them. They continually try to kill me. I woke up when they succeeded.

>This dream was in black and white. I wake up in a cramped apartment. Alone. Get ready for what is apparently my job. Walk down a very dull street until I reach a warehouse of sorts. Open the door and it's dark. It's a very big room full of rows and rows of shelves. On the shelves are long metal boxes, all of them identical. From there I begin to walk around in the city, finding people to talk to. When I talk to them, I make small talk and eventually develop the conversation. After a while, the conversation ends, and when it does the person I was talking to drops dead. No one seems to pay much attention to it though, because in this society whatever I was doing was a normal part of their lives. I'd then drag the bodies back to the warehouse, where it would be placed in a metal box and stacked on a shelf.


Had a dream I was abducted by aliens last night.
>somehow regain control of myself
>get out of the cell they were keeping me in
>grab weapon
>run downhallways, killing aliens

Pretty fun, actually...


I had a chain of related dreams a few weeks ago

I was at a large indoor stadium full of people. In the center of the stadium, instead of a sports field of any type, there were just a lot of people with carnival booths set up. I was weaving through the dense crowds with no direction in mind.

A girl who looked like Uma Thurman's character from Pulp Fiction tapped me on the shoulder. I remember thinking that I recognized her as a friend. She said something along the lines of "I'm really bored, want to go find somewhere with fewer people"? Then we went to the edge of the stadium and somehow scaled the wall to get to the seating area. We went through some hallways and somehow ended up at a separate section at the very top of the seating area. Once we were there, we sat down and talked for a little while and held hands. I don't remember anything we said, but I do remember her looking at me and smiling.

I *did* watch Pulp Fiction right before I went to bed that night.

This happened the next night, right after the first dream.

I was going to a Japanese habachi-style restaurant with a group of friends, including a girl that I have a crush on. The restaurant was weird. There was a single squared-horseshoe shaped table with about twelve seats. The table was right in the middle of the building, which had black walls, ceilings, and floors, and there were no windows. The only light was from a cluster of incandescent lightbulbs right over the table, so you couldn't really see too far away from the table. The restaurant staff seemed like they would just magically appear out of the shadows and then disappear the same way.

Anyway, I tried to get a seat next to the girl I like, but somehow I ended up at the opposite end of the table. On one side of me there was a person who I didn't really like much, and I thought I was on the very end of the table. However, I eventually looked at the seat on the other side and there was Uma Thurman again (still looking like her character in Pulp Fiction). The rest of the dream went similarly to the first dream. We never ordered food, but somehow ended up having things to eat. I talked to Uma the whole time (not that I remember anything I said). Eventually, everyone was finished (we didn't have to pay, for some reason) and people started to leave. Eventually it was just me and Uma Thurman.

This one happened a few days later, and I did a soykafty job remembering it. All I can recall is being on a boat on a river that is close to where I live and having Uma Thurman there again. We were alone. I still have the image of her smiling at me burned into my mind.

I have had no further dreams about this girl since then.


cant remember the order

I was outisde doing something and suddenly it started to thunder. Luckily, i was close to my home.
When i came to my house there was a cat i often saw around the neighborhood in real life. It sat right by the doorspring so i pushed it a little so it couldnt get in. I think we had some conversation then. Then after i went inside i picked up my brothers watch which had a gold colour. You could twist it to start a timer and i tested it once.


I dreamed that gandalf was helping me learn to wear makeup.

Also, several nights ago, I dreamed that I was in a skilift with my autistic brother (I don't have an autistic brother) and my friend. He became mad at us because we took a page from his diary about an IQ test he had.


File: 1435419723970.png (86.52 KB, 200x150, I don't know much about trucks.jpg)

This is a dream that I just woke up from.

It's the afternoon, and I stopped by a generic fast food place where there were a whole bunch of strangers. As I made my way out of the building, I slid past the SUV that I drove in and a slightly taller red truck, which somehow rubbed it's paint onto me. Suddenly, a group of dudebros with spiked hair appear around me, mostly onto the truck. The tallest one of the group, which also happened to be on the top of the truck and closest to me, asks some questions:

>Do you know what this is?

>It's a 2004 Ford ???
He asks me some more questions, which I somehow forgot. Also, by this point, I noticed that the truck turned white.
Then one final question.
>You think you know everything about the nothing that you do, don't you?
>Nope, I know nothing about the nothing that I know.

They all look all look at each other and laugh their asses off, get off the truck, then one of the guys hands me a plastic box with colored pencils in it, along with a 3X5 inch paper with a list of names. Most of the paper had names, but N and O were just blank spaces, and there was no M section, so I sloppily wrote my name in the top left part of the paper, then neatly wrote my name in the top right. Then I woke up.


I am writing this with the disclaimer that I typed this with a strong sense of urgency, since the dream was fading fast. Sorry about spelling mistakes and the
like. The actual body of the dream in this postwas written frist with the below paragraphs being added afterwards for the sake of getting it out as quickly as possible, but leaving a lot of it disjointed and confusing.


Does anyone do dream interpretations here? I just had a dream that was, in many ways related to my current life, but it feels like there's something my subconcious
is trying to tell me. I'm wondering if anyone can get a different angle on this dream and help me understand if there was more to it. First, some background:

I'm in the military and am deployed right now. I'm not anywhere dangerous, but work has been pretty rediculos. The military came up a bit in the dream. I had
this dream after working a 30 hour shift. It was pretty intense with lots of yelling over the sounds of jet engines and running around equipment a lot. None of the yelling was particularly emotionally charged, but simply trying to be heard by someone else. Religionn played a part in this dream, too. IRL, my wife is an extremely religious person and I'm a atheist, with only a few close friends knowing, friends who are also atheists and understand my position. Religion played a strong part in this dream. Additonally, my wife has recently been going to a Christian college. I don't like it, especially considering that they're teaching her apolietics and weaving the bible in with her Early Childhood Education degree.

Emotionally, I recently lost a foster daughter to some soykafty family who adopted her and her brothers and sisters at saame time after openly admitting that they were doing it for social security and government pay. We were given a “farewell visit” before I left, and I almost hit my daughter as I opened the door because they just layed her down on the floor there. I recently found out that they were moved out of this house into another foster family who is, again, trying to adopt them. Though she didn't come up in the dream, I'm sure that she affected its...”plot”. Nicotine probably played a part in this, too. I 've been trying to quit smoking and have been somewhat sucessful. First, I used vapes to get me down to a point, followed with a regimine of patches. After I got in from tath shift, I fell asleep on my bed with my uniform and boots still on, nevermind the nicotine patch that I had on
my arm. That was my first time sleeping while ingesting nic.



The dream faded up into my memory. I don't remember how it started, but when I started remembering it, my wife had joined a religious group. It was already
established that this was a cult of some sort, and I was walking around with them in their place of worship which was, of all places, a vape shop. They, along with
my wife, kept trying to pull me into their religion and, although it was extremely easy to counter everything they were saying, they were insessitant. This was extremely frustrating and, although I remember being frustrated, I don't remember actually feeling it. It was like emotion was something that is done, not felt. I continued walking along inside of this vape shop, trying to find my way out, when I came across the owner of the shop/ the cult leader. He began trying to convert me, which didn't work out too well as far as conversation is concerned. We quickly escelated to yelling at each other, the kind of yelling you end up being hoarse after.

I remember thingking during the dream that this was like my TIs used to yell during basic training. Iremember saying some pretty fuarrrked up things to him, as well as threatning to kill him. This is against my nature. It would take a lot for me to kill someone, but in my mind I was defending my wife, and you don't fuarrrk with my family.

As we were yelling, somehow his back got turned toward me. It was around here that the dream began falling apart and logic stopped making sense. Now, I remember it
two different ways, but I either had a vape in my hands or a bottle of juice. I remember the vape looking like a 9v battery with a medical device strapped to it.
The guy was still yelling with his back turned and I had the sudden realization that he was trying to poison me. He handed me either a vape or a bottle of juice;
again, the logic was starting to fall apart at this point. He tried to hand it to me and I slapped it down to the ground. The dream, again fuzzy at this point, saw
me realizing that it wasn't a vape or juice. It was more like something a kid would make at preschool, like a cereal box with construction paper glued to it.

I usually dont' get too poetic in my dreams, but this dream was an anomily. The guy looked at me and said something that I had never considered before, something
that seems really fundamental but still came out of the blue for me: "Is retribution something that can be felt, or is it something that must be acted out?"

I don't remember much after this, except that the dream became semi-lucid and fell apart as I woke up.



I love dreams as bizarre as this for whatever reason.



Woke up from another nightmare dream with an oddly coherent story tonight. Something about being a game dev running around, stuck inside of his own game. Monsters were chasing me. I couldn't get away. It was inside of some crashed spaceship on an alien world. A game mechanic of the game was that I could add parts to the ship, but they would notice that it was changing. I had a different foster daughter. It was very "the orphan"-esque. She was the antagonist, being the leader of the monsters. The story ended as I escaped out of a window in a house and she saw me running away. For whatever reason, the sneakers I was wearing played a role in the plot. She yelled something at me from the window, but I can't remember what it was. It wasn't an intrinsically evil phrase, but I just knew that it was her trying to lure me back to the house. I was so scared she would come after me or send someone after me.


I had an okay dream last night, but I can't remember much of it
I was traveling somewhere with my friends, and we wound up walking along the path by the river in the woods near where I live. Eventually we came to a major highway that was by the special elementary school I went to as a young child. We crossed the road, it was filled with cars but it felt like they just didn't matter to the sidewalk on the other side where the narrow strip of woods continued. I had always wondered if the trail continued on the other side of that road. There was a path leading up hill next to a metal frisbee golf hole that I'm pretty sure isn't normally there, but there's a spot just like the one I saw in the woods by my school. We started to climb up the hill, and it was strange because it started out as a bike path but turned into a road for cars that curved a little and led to the apartments that were on the other side of the woods, but we never got to the apartments for some reason (I can't remember).

Next I met a girl and she pulled out a strapon from nowhere, at least I think it was a strap on it might have been a butt plug, and there was definitely sex that happened and it was a different girl by the end of it. This is when I started lucid dreaming, and I just thought about that other girl a lot before I woke up.


File: 1436271283996.png (60.78 KB, 200x200, 10372770_903386089712580_1402724258421605003_n.jpg)

I had one where i invited bashar al assad and vladimir putin to my birthday party.
there was a point in my dream where me, my boyfriend, bashar, putin and their bodyguards and some other people i forget were sitting on a large table in a cafe
bashar had to leave to i followed him into his presidentiual car and overheard him and his bodyguard having a discussion about how bashar was descended from european pacific island hoppers (?)
then the dream turned into something else which i wont write here


>that I won't write here

You're on an image board. Not only is it okay to write here, you are REQUIRED by the laws of the internet to write it here.


b u m p


This dream happened in prolonged fragments that were very loosely related, so I'll do my best to remember them all in complete detail (just woke up)
The first was me living in some sort of group housing with a bunch of people my age (early 20s) that I didn't know, except in this stage of the dream everything was mildly paranormal. Everyone else seemed to be afflicted with some condition that lowers awareness to the point they didn't notice the human-size spiders all over the house. Oddly enough the spiders weren't frightening, they were more like annoying weak enemies in the early levels of a game, so I went around stomping them since I was the only lucid one in the house.
The next fragment was me buying stuff from a walmart for the house, but nothing much happens besides me staring at some of the other shoppers and they're all wearing these IDs on their belt/waist that an employee scans.
The third fragment is me in a cafeteria with the people from before and at least a hundred others. I'm sitting alone since I don't know anyone, until a girl asks to sit down next to me. I notice she's about four inches taller than me, has straight blond hair and wears fingerless gloves for some reason. None of these traits are normally what I look for in a woman, but for some reason her personality (being an expert in all her personal interests, essentially) was the deciding factor that made me want to ask her out.
But that's when the next fragment of the dream started. Half the cafeteria was cleared for this pop/emo band who played mildly depressing music with some sort of fatalist message, but the beat was catchy enough I didn't completely hate it. Then the people I was sharing a house with were back in place of the girl, saying how great the band was and that we had to give them this cake they made. It had some message on it that I can't remember, but I thought it was a little ridiculous. We manage to get it across the room to the band once they're done playing, and the lead singer dislikes the message on the cake too, giving my flatmate who made it this deadpan "really?" look, and he just reaches into the icing with his bare hands and mixes it around until the message is illegible, and only then does he start eating it.

If anyone wants to try analyzing this mess be my guest, because I can't make sense of it. I guess it could be me accepting my less than ideal circumstances and just rolling with the weirdness but I bet there's more to it than that.


File: 1443707468814.png (46.76 KB, 200x104, knowyourself.jpg)


So, I was inside a place that I felt was like my house but it was a total shithole.

I had lots of pets, a couple of birds and for whatever reason a cougar.

I'm fuarrrk ing terrified of the cougar. The next thing I see is a bird attacking it's baby and then eating it.

After that the cougar gets up on it's hind legs and it's leaning against me, so I push it off but it cuts my shoulders.

I run out of the house, and for whatever reason I have a bag in my hand, I realize that it's halloween.

There is a bit of candy in the bag, but for some reason the bag was weighted down, as if to make someone think there was more candy in it.

I tell the people up the street to come to my house and see the cougar, but when we get there the cougar is gone and all the birds are eating each other.

The next thing I remember is getting drunk in the dream and lying on a trampoline, when this girl from highschool I used to know shows up right in front of my face and says "No one can ever know about us" and then she just runs away really freakily fast.

I also had the impression that I had gotten her pregnant somehow but we've only ever wen't on one date and I haven't seen her in seven years.


In this dream I'm either going to high school or college in a reality where minor spacetime anomalies are almost as common as thunderstorms, and I have a cute planeswalker gf. When I make it to about the third floor of my school (buildings tend to be bigger in my dreams) and there was some sort of bomb threat during an anomaly. Space sort of weakened except in areas with a high concentration of people so the faculty basically huddled a couple dozen people in the middle of the hall to make sure the ground under us stayed solid until the anomaly passed. Nothing ever really came of the bomb threat for one reason or another. Planeswalker gf senses the anomaly I guess and shows up at my school to try to correct it. She uses her powers to navigate the sections of the school that are barely there and reach the mass of people on the third floor and rescue them, the day is saved etc. etc.
but when I get to where my car was parked, all the cars had been switched around and the keys to the car that was formerly in a given spot were in the engine compartment of the car that was currently in that spot, so the "bomb threat" was more like an "exploit the chaos to fuarrrk with everyone's cars" threat. The students and staff eventually get it taken care of and most people leave early after that.


>fight evil entity
>can't defeat it
>escape into the future where it runs the world

are you by any chance a Samurai Jack fan?


Yet another absolutely terrifying nightmare. Everything was a conspiracy and there was a war between Mars and Earth. I had been chosen as a sacrifice to go to and fight them til death. I uncovered the fact that the leader of the Earth's government (a child? At least child-like person/entity) was all-powerful and was in the process of taking over Mars (or something). Now that I was aware of her plans, she began pursuing me. Every time that I thought I got away, she caught back up with me.

When I woke up, I had the most intense hallucination of a malicious entity patting me on the back and a few seconds later, a voice saying something I forgot.


>terrified of a cougar
>see a baby hurt by its mother
>you get hurt by this "cougar"
>have a childhood memory tainted with a forbidden love
I think you know where I'm going with this


I was watching my brother type in his password to some log in prompt. There was no masking so I saw the actual characters every time. I think he kept on deleting it when he screwed up from typing too fast.



File: 1485022362671.png (543.29 KB, 200x149, kaneki_ken_tokyo_ghoul_by_shintaree-d7ra2in.jpg)


File: 1485022603400.png (2.86 MB, 200x162, ClipboardImage.png)


I had a very interesting dream days ago which I haven't written on my diary yet.

I was on Earth, soon to travel to the Moon. When I arrived, the Moon looked barren of anything, just looking blue like it does in one of my favorite video games, Battlezone. I could see it spinning from several KMs away, then shifting to surface of the Moon ahain. Back to it, I went now to a car store, the brand was probably Toyota. A blonde woman who appeared in a dream from some days ago, who was also my sports teacher around one year ago was the receptionist, working like some people do in clothing shops.

Sometime after leaving, I am told of some American tanks and their pilots (BZ) hidden in some houses in a neighborhood close to where I arrived. I go to some of these houses and use a call sign for them to trust me. One of the tanks came out of a house where one of my brother's female classmates used to live in.

They had been trapped and scattered after being defeated by Soviet forces, so I was to regroup with them.

Later I was back on Earth, outside a fully walled city. As I ran fast to see what was around the wall, I saw some monsters, mainly pig cops and lizards from DN3D and zombie soldiers from STALKER who were attracted to the city but couldn't get past the wall. I remember a desolate unit easily very close from where I observed these.

Now I was in Caracas, in a very crowded market where I thought of the country leader, one psychopath from a NwN1 mod I played on the topic of fate. I later appeared in the house of one of my cousins in the same city, who was with a friend of hers. This house looked even smaller than her actual house. fin.

I just had an amazing dream involving dream/space travel through colored portals which I will try to draw, as well as a dream within this very dream through a device used to see dreams. It was fairly long, with some parts repeated, so I will try to write it when I get my PC since I'm on the phone.


File: 1486050376883-0.png (280.51 KB, 200x200, Planet Lucia (2203 AD).png)

File: 1486050376883-1.png (292.55 KB, 200x200, Planet Lucia (2217 AD).png)

I do have one, but it is from 15 years ago, lasted only 15-20 minutes from a nightmare as a kid:

2203AD: It is winter, the planet is in an era of prosperity, and the landscape is beautiful. I end up in a massive capital city on the east coast of the super-continent where there is a huge coronation event coming up, and I am a prince awaiting to become the matriarch’s heir.

Suddenly, the Chasers start appearing out of nowhere from their ships, besieging the city and the people indiscriminately. The Lucians do everything they could to scramble to shelter, preparing defenses, etc.
The matriarch, all her nobles and me keep on running, dodging plasma shots as we flee into higher ground. Unfortunately, we run into a dead-end on the sky bridge as they split it into two, leaving all 23 of us stuck with nowhere to go. I can move and speak in that dream, but weaponless against the enemies, all I do is to run or be killed off for not acting in-character.

The Chasers actually want me personally out of the planet to prevent me from becoming a role model for her armies in the future against them in exchange for peace.
When these monsters finally get in arm’s reach, they all pinned me down to the ground in order to answer before their Demon Lord, whose name is left classified. Had I said no to that wretched demon, they would simply impale me even further until I breathe no more.

While all this is happening, everyone else just stand there watching in horror, as he cast at first a blessing on me that grants me total knowledge of everything, charisma, and creativity early on. Then, he cast a curse that turns off REM sleep, slow learning, uncontrolled emotions and impulses for the rest of my life. Right after that, he then mixes it up a notch to cast both spells in a purplish-blue darkness on the entire populace, leaving them blessed with what I have, but unable to visit other dreamers’ worlds, slow to trust and hard to forgive one another, and cannot sleep or meditate due to restlessness.

The last thing I get to see are the Chasers leaving for their ships. The matriarch turns out to be Lucia herself holding me in her arms, promising me to return whenever I am able to dream again to lead her people as she weeps heavily. As she continues to shed tears while her council just standing there in silence to show respect, my dream vision starts to fade due to heavy blood loss with some scars.

My last few words are like this: “I name this planet after you, Lucia, for saving me. I always am on your side, no matter what happens.” She then replied, but I could barely hear her due to blurriness: “You will become a brave person one day; we are all here for you whenever you need us.” Then, I black out and wake up.

2217AD: Spring arrived, the planet changes drastically unlike any other planet in the entire universe. There is now less vegetation, imminent overpopulation, and erratic weather patterns. My dream people started dying, or disappearing by the thousands every day for no reason. This represents the current situation where I feel like all the time I have with lots of friends are now a distant memory, leaving me isolated.

This is the only unintentional, spontaneous nightmare dream that I had without any stimulants, and from then on, no matter how hard I try, how long I slept for, or how long I meditated, no dreams will come. The cause of the dream is ambiguous, but I will reveal more of my dream world’s past only if I am able to get back into lucid dreaming.

Any advice on getting me to lucid dream is welcome, apologies for the long story and any errors.


My dream involved the place I was being so polluted that there was fog everywhere, I remember standing in some sort of hill, maybe it was the top of a building actually, either way some place I could see the whole city. I could barely see the sky scrapers in front of me, then I thought I ought to buy myself some sort of respirator mask to protect my lungs. That's all I remember I thought it was pretty cyb


File: 1486172481453.png (2.47 MB, 200x113, there it goes.gif)

I dreamed that I wasn't afraid of using the brakes when riding my motorcycle at the racetrack and also didn't crash. My laptimes in my dream were 15 seconds faster than currently and I was super happy. Who knows, maybe my dream can become a reality in a few years.


File: 1486711388191-0.png (1.03 MB, 160x200, Fate.Prototype.full.1609972.jpg)

File: 1486711388191-1.png (1.05 MB, 141x200, Fate.Prototype.full.1673824.jpg)

File: 1486711388191-2.png (1.24 MB, 141x200, Fate.Prototype.full.1875794.jpg)

Nice numbers, also 14/11/11.Before I begin, I must say two things: pictures are indeed Manaka, and I'm a straight-in-every-way male.

So the earliest thing I remember is being on a ship, on a (huge) lake I live close to. It was summer, and I don't think I had any reason to be there. Later on, I realized I was at my grandma's placem and I looked like Manaka (but felt like myself). I was probably just sitting around and enjoying some quiet, when out of the clear blue, I noticed that I'm pregnant. Not only that, but nine months pregnant ready to pop. An ambulance was called, and they were already waiting in front of the house - as upsetting the details could be, I was still calm on this chill summer day. The ambulance was weird, definitely looked like technology from the future. It had this huge round thing at the back (like a bee) which was at least 50% of the vehicle in size, and I was laid on top of that, and then a glass lid was closed over me. I fit in there, but there was no space to move; the vehicle didn't have wheels either so I guess it was a flying thing.
Next thing I know, I'm at the hospital in a small room. It was bleak as you'd expect from a hospital, everything colored teal or white, but otherwise it wasn't equipped with almost anything related to surgery. I was mostly chatting with a nurse when not having pains, while she was testing this or that, and preparing me; meanwhile two doctors talked about unrelated stuff in the room, giving off a vibe that they have to wait, supposedly for me. After a while things began to happen, but for some reason I abruptly fainted and missed most of the giving birth part (I don't think they had to cut me up though, so I guess it's another point for future technology). The next time I was conscious, I was at home in bed, but I had a bunch of memories from the hospital:
- I remembered that after some initial stuff, I held the child for a while. I never knew from the dream whether it's a boy or a girl, and neither did I name them. They were just as unnaturally calm as I was, but also a bit too silent. I remember firmly that their eyes were pretty unnatural, although the details are fuzzy. There might not have been an iris at all, and the pupil had a weird shape, similar to a lava-lamp. After a while, the doctors asked me to return the child because they needed some further medical care for the night, and also sent me home because apparently I was totally fine. -
So somebody woke me up at home (seemed like a nurse or a friend who stayed over that night to look after me), and I remembered these things. I got dressed after a while, and went to the hospital to see my baby. I went to the room where I was most of the time, and found the baby in that same, huge bed. In comparison, it looked super huge now. Something didn't look right however, as the baby had the blanket over their face. I touched their forehead... a chill ran down on my spine as it was cold. Instant panic, as not only was my baby dead, but I was sure I fuarrrked something up and I'll be taking the blame for it. But I barely had time to start sweating, a doctor found me with a confused and remorseful look. She explained to me that the child died before morning, and that their best expert confirmed without a doubt that their muscles were way too relaxed during the time of death. This implied that the baby has, not a day into it, has completely given up on life. They simply refused to take another breath, and drowned without any sense of pain or struggle, not giving a damn about it. At this point I regained the calmness I had for most of the dream. The hospital staff likely didn't know, but I was sure; the eyes, the eerie serenity, and now a decision to die on day one. This was no ordinary baby. While I mostly regained that summer day's calmness I had just a day before, there was also a little Manaka-ish pride in there, knowing that I just gave birth to a kami.


First of all english is not my native tongue so I want to apologize for the bad grammar beforehand:

I remember many dreams but this one had the biggest impact and is recurring in some form or the other.
Certain characters take different roles in many of my dream.

There is a laughing man with an exagerated grin. He has an aura around him attracting everything toward him like a strong magnet. He becomes bigger and stronger until he consumed everything. Sometimes I can hide from him mostly I wake up. So he is more or less a buzzkill ;)
2. The Elkman. A guy in a blue suit acting like a background character. He has an elk head instead of a human one. He doesn't talk but observes my dreams from a distance. For excample one time he sat at an asian restaurant at the bar, drinking from a saucer filled with cigarette butts, looking at me while I was ordering something.
This one is very important to me. It is a woman dressed in complete white. She is ~3meters tall and is interacting with my real life. The dreams with her are extremely real and are a mirror of my current situation. I see her watching myself sleep or while I am reliving parts of my daily routine she always stands behind me watching every move.
She looks like an angel but when I look at her face it is more like a mannequin. The more I concentrate at her face the more lifeless it gets until she comes apart and dies.

I have a whole notepad filled with dreams I've had. This is more of a recent one....

It has been a long time since I was living with my parents. I moved out 6 years ago. Since then I lived in many different places. In this dream I was teleported back into my home village. It is winter and there is heavy snow falling. At least half a meter of fresh-fallen snow is covering the muddy ground beneath me. I am only wearing shorts and my fingers are blue from the cold. I am also barefoot kneedeep in the snow. My fingers and naked feet are already numb.
I just then realize that I was standing here for hours in the middle of the forest close to our village. I watch myself from a third perspective. Like a camera following me from above. It switches back and forth from an ego-perspective to a floating cam. Most of my dreams are percepted this way.
I need to go home or I will freeze outside. So I walk through the woods towards the border of the village. I can't see far through the heavy snow. There are huge trees behind the snow. They are far bigger then the real trees there. Only outlines are visible and when I try to look up the trunks, the snow is driving me back down. Some time passes until I reach the corner of the street I live in. At this point there is another realization. Another "me" is sleeping on a mattress in the attic. I know I am not the real one of us but a segregated part of myself. This is the moment of entering a lucid dream state. I am aware that this is a dream and it is incredibly real.

In the distance something is catching my eye. A huge person stands at the front gate of our house looking up towards my room. The snow is melting in the line of sight between the person and myself. It is the woman dressed in a white fur coat. She is standing at the top of the snow not really touching the surface. It is more like she is floating above the layer of snow. There is something sticking out of her back. A large structure. I can't really focus it. It is at the one time part of her coat and then again part of her body. The colour is not steady but changes from a deep black to a silver and grey. It is like kicking dead whales down the beach the colour from the air around it. When the snow gets stronger it will change to silver and back to black. The structure is gigantic, reaching all the way across the street. It is a sickness something evil feeding of the woman.


She notices me standing there. Without moving her hip she floats sideways looking at me. It is weird to see her like that. This dream seems to be different then the ones where she follows me. She is surprised to see the splitted part of me. There is proud in her face but at the same time she seems really tired. The thing feeding of her is growing steadily while we look at each other. I feel the urge to help her get rid of the thing on her back. So I fight myself towards her through the deep snow. She hesitates at first but then moves towards me. She slowly moves her legs and with every move she covers a lot of distance. Then suddenly she stands right before me only an arm's length is seperating us. I can smell a pungent odour coming from the thing on her back. She looks really weak and isn't standing up straight anymore. Suddenly her face is right before my own. We are only centimeters from each other. She has deep blue eyes like ice on a lake. Her face is covering everything. The street is gone and am lost in every detail of her perfect skin. Her skin starts burning and grey ash is covering her face instead. I am sucked into her eyes. They are getting bigger and bigger. I grab her pupil and climb into her eyes. Behind me is the street and the cold. Before me is only blackness and the odour is getting stronger the deeper I move into her head.
I feel hands grabbing my legs. There is some kind of wet gras touching my legs. A huge dome like the Pantheon in rome is in the sky with a huge hole in the middle. Through the hole shines a stream of light . It makes a circle illuminating the purple/green gras in front of me. I grab the illuminated gras and pull myself into the ground using the gras like a rope. I climb down but also up at the same time. I feel mud covering my face and my hands while I am being pulled into the ground. The earth around me gives in and becomes some kind of liquid. I can't breath and am slowly suffocating.
A voice calls me. It is more like a whale song then a clear language but the massage is clear "swim". There is a feeling full of shelter and security within it. It is hard to describe... I swim towards a wall of pink flesh. Black roots are poking through it into the water. I pull at the roots with all my strength but can't move them. Then the wall tightens up like when you tighten your skin. Now the roots are movable. One after the other I pull at them. Every time the end of a root is in my hands they die off. There are now holes where the roots used to stick out. The liquid drains from those holes and after the last root died of I am also sucked through them to the outside.

I am falling and wake up.


File: 1487667957951.png (264.8 KB, 200x135, 13934858_746992448737642_7968040987492957448_n.png)

Had an incredibly vivid and nigh lucid dream last night

>amble on down to the chinatown district of my city one evening

>head into this random chinese place because i only have a couple bucks and i want cheap soup

>this place is fuarrrking strange

>like a regular chinese dive except for some noticeable differences

>there are regular 3D asians eating near dragon girls and the such like in the corner

>i dismiss this as "those crazy orientals are acting in their confounded ways again"

>there are graphic photos of dead Vietcong soldiers next to a menu item advertised as "chu noi steak 99 dollar viets get out"

>i make idle chit chat to this guy near me while standing in line for my soup

>suddenly, the dude running the order counter shuts down the operation, telling customers to gather round

>he just bought some special hot sauce, and anyone who tries it gets free food

>to demonstrate, he drips some on the counter, causing it to wither and burn a goddamn hole through the wooden top

>he flashes me a wry smile as the smoke rises to the ceiling

>fuarrrk off you chinese devil I'm not putting that in my food

>the asians and dragon girls in the corner think otherwise

>the line slowly advances as they writhe around and shriek in pain on the floor, knocking over chairs

>i made the right choice, rip anime

>reach counter

>chinese guy is still smiling at me like we are both sharing a silent joke

>whips out a fully prepared bowl of noodles, without even asking me what i wanted

>i amble off to where the people were eating

>there is a documentary on the tv about how the Germans must answer for the " hungarian genocide"

>the counter guy also starts talking about the hungarian genocide

>i look up

>the hungarian genocide is an item on the menu

>i am so confused i wake up

After that i actually looked up the hungarian genocide

It doesnt exist old man


File: 1487880538179.png (763.03 KB, 161x200, 1395442535268.jpg)

A few nights ago I had a dream that really stressed me out. It started with me buying a huge amount of chocolate for Easter and as I'm buying stuff one labeled "suicide egg" caught my eye.
I guess I bought it out of interest and then I was in some apartment I don't know unpacking my shopping and putting it away. By the end there's one thing left on the bench to put away, the "suicide" chocolate egg. At this point something about it is bothering me but I stupidly decided to open it and take a little bite. There' a foul tasting creme filling and I swallow some but then decide to throw the eggs out.
A weird detail I remember vividly is putting the egg inside a tub of expired sour cream before throwing it in the bin. As soon as I do this my vision goes blurry, I get chest pain, breathing is hard and I can barely walk. I struggled over to a house phone and try to call 000 but it takes two tries, the first time I dialed 992 instead.
As soon as someone answers I'm suddenly standing in the middle of something like a huge hotel lobby. There's a spiral staircase in the center with floors of this hotel going circular around the far outside. The offputting part is there's also enough floorspace for an E3 size technology expo that's going on in this lobby.
The nurse on the phone starts asking what the issue is and as I explain the symptoms, they start to go away. It's only about 10 minutes until they've fully dissipated. While I'm talking on the phone I still gad a decent visual idea of what the nurse looked like, she was pretty cute.
The last bit is a little fuzzy to remember but I somehow ended up standing on a railtrack, the surround area looking a bit like the outskirts of an abandoned construction site in a city's industrial zone. The track is suspended in thin air as it passes over a ditch in the ground that two massive drainage pipes empty into, both of them probably 5m in diameter.
I'm still on the phone to the nurse and she asks me another question or two about the "suicide cupcake" as she's been calling it and then concludes it was something like arsenic. She asks if there was only a small number of the suicide for eggs for sale, I reply there was only one and she then said something about a conspiracy that I can't remember exactly.

After that I woke up.

Is there any meaning behind any of that? I'm not going to die, am I?


I've been having apocalyptic dreams recently. Near the election season I had a few with dahnald in them but as my confidence in him increased the dreams decreased. Last night I had a dream that really disturbed me though.

I was in my old university residence, where I lived about 5 min off campus, and my dad was picking me up to go.. somewhere, it was late summer and the weather was warm. We walked out to the car, and an airplane flew overhead on a very disturbed flight path flanked by a few fighter jets : it was wobbling visibly in the air. I knew that it was an air-france plane for some reason, and I also knew that they had lost contact with this plane after take off, and at this point it had somehow circumnavigated the globe twice. After that it crashed maybe 20 km from me there was a big explosion. Afterwards during the evening, got a warning on the news that the airplane was 'uncrewed' and carrying some sort of biological or chemical agent.

The next day the roads were blocked, fires in the city, everyone going nuts. Interesting dream.


I was in a west coast city I haven't visited in eight years. Many old friends from different times and places were there and it was really hot and everyone was sweaty (its cold as a polar bear's taint where I am).

A friend I had adventures with long ago was in a wheelchair, naked and with part of a leg amputated. I gave her a sweaty hug and she put a shirt on. She said she was dying, cancer I thought but she didn't say, and she had a baby girl who was also dying. There was a native american elder who picked the baby up and called it by name. She was a personal caregiver I guess.

The woman I loved who got away and whom I still think about every day, was playing with her new band. She was one of three drummers and they were like a primitive Neurosis type band. It's funny because drums are the one thing she could never play. She kept messing up and finally tossed her mallets onto the skins in a "screw it anyway" motion before the song was over. Not even mad though.

They were going to set up for a second show at a swimming pool birthday party where there was lots of beer. The bowl of water I'd been drinking from had white wormy things swimming in it. I wondered if they would make me sick but surely getting this drunk in the hot sun I would be sick anyway if I didn't find water. Then I woke up.


File: 1489168517208.png (2.99 MB, 200x113, 1453177588877.png)

Two women are separated by a vast gulf of time and space. I watch them both hard at work.

One of them is light-skinned, and all around her is a dilapidated and dirty kitchen. Before her on the counter, she has a specimen of brown fungus that absorbs gamma radiation. She works and works while outside is the chaotic, deafening cacophany of dropping bombs and human suffering.

Meanwhile, or perhaps much time later, a dark-skinned woman, sweat glistening in the desert sun, leans over a table full of glassware and scientific apparatus. She is working to extract something from a piece of her own skin; a small graft from her own arm was excised for this task. Her efforts have born fruit. Sitting on a petri dish, is the brown fungus from before. She smiles, and takes a bite. It's edible. Provided she can grow enough, this will be able to feed her community for years to come.

Then I woke up and realized I fell asleep while listening to podcasts. They were talking about gamma radiation-absorbing fungus.


This was quite a good read. You sir have an awesome writing style.


Last night, I will green-text.
>be with friends in not-homeland country
(Probably Lisbon in my dream, as we will go there as a school-camp)(friends are good at not being normal people just as I am, it means we are "integrated" members of a society we would like escape)
>find a internet point with "internet- Lain" written on the door
>enter and it is like supermarket
>look a little dark door and stairs
>take the stairs
>find 4/5 really old computers (as we were 4/5 people I thought it was normal
>first my friend goes on a computer
>he leaves, so I go and start playing minecraft
> world filled with castles and houses
>I ask who did that
>we are thrown out
Then I woke, sorry for my bad English


It's not a recent dream but I remember it a lot just because of how nice it was.

My house is on a hill, and in the dream it was at the top of a mountain. It was Halloween and the adults had a chill party while the kids went trick-or-treating or were already back and stuffing their faces, and the teens just kinda hung out. The moon was supposed to get really big that night so some people including myself were out to watch and for a bit it was practically right against the atmosphere. Not only the moon was massive, but the ISS flew by (IRL I go out to watch it fly by whenever it does) and it was unbelievable and just as big as the moon. I remember it so well.


File: 1489904436538.png (128.18 KB, 200x144, mdtzqoWiMDc.jpg)

Today I had this really weird and gross dream:

The dream began with an overview of a really shabby soviet-style kitchen - a single wooden table with a perforated tablecloth on it in the middle, scratched and stripped wallpaper, rusty fridge with brown stains, wooden floor covered in dust and newspaper covering some space not far from the stationary "camera" from the point of view of which I could observe the room.

The view then "jumpcutted" with camera now pointing downwards, covering the "newspaper" area of the floor. On the newspaper sat a man, with his face clad in dirty bandages and dressed in foul hospital gown, the one pregnant women usually wear, handling a human baby carcass. Its face was bloated, purplish-green, eyes closed. I could remember this distinctly because "the camera" got a closeup of it. Then it zoomed out once again, and a pair of hands in blue surgeon's gloves with scissors appeared in the camera angle. As they appeared, I could hear "Pregnancy challenge day number twenty" being said with a heavy german accent. The hands then slowly closed in on the baby's face, easily tearing its nose away with the scissors, with all tissues and fluids clearly visible, all in zoom.

Then again came the jumpcut, with the camera now pointing on the wall with a window. The "mummy-man" stood not far from the table, with his abdomen bisected in a vertical line, from the groin to the ribcage, flesh and muscle of the belly were just spread out, "opened" and fixated to his sides, so he looked pretty much like a flesh wardrobe that's open. His intestines didn't fall out for some reason, and one of them was actually connected to the baby that had been laying on the floor, on the newspapers in its decomposition puddle. The man then took the watering can that was standing on the table, and started pouring water in a hole of some sort, that was punctured near his neck. His bowels began enlarging, as the water was slowly moved through the organs towards the carcass on the floor. Once the water reached the baby, its head inflated rapidly, something popped, and then its belly also augmented.
The man then stood still for a few more seconds before yet another jumpcut, this time pointing on the ceiling above the table.

He was hanging from it, with his body disemboweled, and his sprawling abdomen skin just sagging from the body. On the table, just under the corpse, stood a huge metal plate with his guts and flies all over it. His body then slowly turned towards the camera to reveal his previously hidden face - it looked like a mask, or, rather, skin that had just healed from a burn of some sort, and was really light-colored, somewhat rosy, with a smile on it. There were no creases on the face from smiling, which really made it look quite scary, not to mention the lack of eyebrows and eyes that were wide open, but without irises in them.

It should be noted that the whole dream was mainly monochrome, and only some colors and things were distinct: blue gloves, purplish-green face, reddish inflated guts and the rosy face.

This dream was the reason I woke up, wanting to throw up a little.


I started my new job as a cashier yesterday, and last night, I had nightmares for several hours where I was stuck trying to check people out, and I could never leave for some reason. It felt like everyone was judging me harshly, purposefully, and if I were to leave them, I would lose my job. I started dreaming at about 2 A.M., and woke up sometime at 5 out of shock, then fell back into a peaceful sleep for the remainder.

I don't know, very weird. It was kind of like how I did feel on the job yesterday, but exaggerated in every aspect.


I was living in the burnt out shell of a school, with friends I've never seen. We were hiding from something, or someone. I'm not sure what. In a long, wood-floored hallway, I found a turtle living in a little tank under a tea towel. He was absolutely adorable, and i carried him back to the hall where we were all living. I remember playing with his sweet little legs, and giving him head rubs, which he seemed to really enjoy. He kept trying to nibble my fingers, as well, but i was worried about getting them nipped, so i didn't let his mouth get too close. I think i loved him, a little. I covered up his tank with the tea towel again, because we had to go do something to stop the people chasing us. When i got back to the hall, though, it was really hot. the tank was scorching underneath the blanket, and the turtle had turned into pork scratchings. I cried and cried and cried, because i didn't want to have to eat him. Something a bit odd happened after that. time seemed to rewind, to just after i found him, but i still had all my memories of what had happened. i played with him some more, and this time made sure he was properly watered, and left him uncovered. When we got back, he was still alive, and happily splashing around with a little turtle smile.

I don't remember the rest of the dream.