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So what do you guys think of alternate sleep patterns

Apparently thea make lucid dreaming easyer since you spend more time in REM sleep

Has anybody tried one?


I've been thinking about doing the Uberman but I don't think I could keep up with it.

I have pretty irregular sleeping patterns as it is.

I already lucid dream every night so there's no motivation there.


I'm pretty sure the the record for uberman schedule is 6 months. the mans health started declining and he eventually died.

uberman is not a healthy schedule, I dont care how cool you think it is. although a do approve of a sleep schedule which consists of a nap and a major sleep episode instead of one big major sleep episode.


I agree ubermans a bit extreeme,
there was this one guy who blogged
doing it and he seemd to be fine after a coupple of months, but eventually
quit cos of his family having a normal schedule


From these different sleep pattern test we concluded that the only thing that brain needs from sleep is REM state.
Could we induce it differently other than changing sleep pattern(forcing our mind into squeezing out every minute of REM sleep it gets)?
This seems more sci-fi thing, but what if you could induce REM sleep whenever he needs to and then go back to his daily life…maybe even while in this sleep state?


I once read an article about how people used to sleep N hundreds of years ago, mostly because there was no artificial light and staying outside was generally dangerous


I once read an article about how you are a glitterboy


thank you!


>>This seems more sci-fi thing, but what if you could induce REM sleep whenever he needs to and then go back to his daily life…maybe even while in this sleep state?

The only sci-fi thing is your mind here, mr. roborotxzorgz5000. Nowdays technology is crude, but the wisdom of mind is well explored if you know where to look.

For normal pigs like modern humans, schedule of 36-12 is necessary for their own environment has created soykaf, but there are techniques of mind, that the soykaf mind cant reach.


don't alternative sleep patterns mostly just fuarrrk you up mentally? I'm pretty sure that a certain amount of darkness and lack of outside noise is necessary to sleep properly. Plus, it seems more efficient to sleep at night because you can spend more time in REM sleep and less time getting to REM sleep.


I'd like to try biphasic, I often have trouble getting back to sleep after I wake up in the middle of the night to write down a dream.


I have a "biphasic" sleep pattern but not like the one pictured in OP's image. I sleep two phases of ~4 hours with a ~1.5 hour break in the middle. The first "phase" of sleep is always the longer one.

I won't pretend that I have any idea of whether or not this is good or bad for my health but either way it comes to me naturally.

I will say this much though: as I'll usually eat a meal and shower in the middle of my sleep schedule I always wake up after the second phase feeling awesome. Waking up fully rested, bathed and well-fed is a fantastic way to start the day.


What schedule do you keep? Does the break land at 1-2am or somewhere else?


Yeah, pretty much. Roughly speaking, a typical weekday plays out like this:

08:30 pm : Go to bed
01:00 am : Wake up
02:30 am : Go to bed
06:30 am : Wake up

I mean it varies a fair amount, it's not like the times are militantly exact, for example on a Friday I might go to bed at 12am take a break from 430-6 and then sleep in until 11am, but I generally follow the same pattern give or take an hour here and there.


Isn't this the type of sleep cycle that people in medieval times held?


I'd really love to adopt a biphasic pattern, but I haven't tried fo real.
But it'd be great since I'm always sleepy (and can't even concentrate properly) at about 6 pm, while my brain activity peaks usually come after midnight, and I love it when I get up early, though it's hard as fuarrrk because in my current monophasic pattern I can't sleep until 3am and I consequently wake up at around 9 or 10.


I believe so. It seems to have become less commonplace over time due to electricity and the like.

I do find it is more restful though, despite having roughly the same hours of sleep as a monophasic schedule (I've forced myself into monophasic sleep before and find it quite tiring).

I've also noticed that my dreams were much less vivid when I slept a monophasic schedule (or at least more difficult to recall) which leads me to pitch my theory that breaking up the sleep into two phases somehow allows for a deeper sleep (particularly in the second phase). That's mere speculation though.


I think it's just easier to remember them afterwards


I've fuarrrked around with my sleep cycle in every possible way, from sleeping 12+ hours to not sleeping at all for up to 8 days.
Don't do it man.


You sleep even more than normal people with this schedule. Wouldn't it be better to stick to a normal 6 hour monophase instead? How can you even live with that much time wasted?


I spend no more than 8.5 hours asleep each night, that's a fairly standard number. The numbers I've offered up here are approximations, there are surely some nights where I do sleep a total of six hours.

However, 6 hours every single night is plain and simple not enough sleep for me to maintain healthy functioning, at least half the nights of any given week I need that 7+ hours of sleep.

Time spent taking proper care of yourself is hardly time wasted.


There's also your circadian rhythm to consider.

My sleeping pattern is absolutely fuarrrked at the moment. Even when I'm tired, most nights I won't go to sleep until 3-4am for about 7-8 hours. But it constantly creeps forward until I get to the point where I'm going to sleep at 6-7am. At that point I'll have a coffee and have no sleep at all only to start all over again. I feel like soykaf for it.

Whereas previously I'd go to bed at about 9pm and wake up from 4-6am. Mostly following sunset and sunrise to a certain extent, so it also depended on the season. There are definitely other factors, but I feel like this was a major contribution to how I felt.

I've never had a lucid dream.


the past few weeks ive been going to sleep around 8-9am and waking up from 6-8pm. it fuarrrking sucks. cause i usually wake up around 2-3pm, look around, its quiet as fuarrrk, nothings new, no one else is here, theres no reasons to get out of bed, so i fall back asleep. yesterday i woke up at about 9pm, im going to attempt to stay up till later tonight, i used to only sleep about 2-3 hours a night and felt wonderful, stimulants helped a lot but im broke as fuarrrk now and people suck.


I'd love to try one, but college.


Well, when's your first class? When's your last class?
Plan it all around there, take a nap in the middle of the day if that's what you're going for, or wake up in the middle of the night and soykafpost with some Australians.
You can get a sleep schedule during college, you just have to try. (also, it's summertime. Why do you still have classes?)


I'm an EMT that works 10 hour night shifts. I usually get between 4 and 7 hours of sleep in the ambulance, and then go home and stay up for a few hours before I take a nap for 2-4 hours. Once you get used to it things feel pretty normal. My naps feel like they're 100% REM a lot of the time, even though I know they aren't.


Best sleep pattern I ever got on was
20 awake, 16 asleep - muh 36 hour day.
The `day' was long enough to actually get soykaf done and feel productive, while the `night' was long enough to ensure I always felt well rested.
That's actually how I discovered this - I had no job or classes at the time and decided to only go to bed when I was actually tired, and only get up when I wasn't anymore.
After just a couple cycles, my body naturally fell into 20/16.
It was great - Kind of doubt I could do it again today though.


Biphasic is pretty cool, I only sleep 6 hours a day now because of it. 1 hour nap + 5 hours sleep, you also get higher chances of lucid dreams and dream recall. My only problem is, I have to take a nap in the middle of the day. Something that work schedules rarely provide.


I don't have any free time between my classes, and two days a week I get home at 9 pm and have to wake up at 6 am.
I have classes because I live in the southern hemisphere.


File: 1432745677753.png (236.81 KB, 200x128, 1430486983522.jpg)

How do I break out of being a 'picky sleeper'? When I get to sleep I stay asleep, but I always have to be snuggled up with a blanket in the same position. I can't just flop down on my bed during the daytime and nap like some people can, and when I do 'nap' I don't ever seem to actually fall asleep. Taking a siesta seems like a good idea, but I can't fall asleep as quick or as easy as is necessary.


leave your home, go traveling as light as possible and sleep outside


I had this problem. It fixed itself after I took Prozac for 6 months due to (unrelated?) issues.

Nowadays I go to sleep around 12AM and wake up from 7 to 9 AM. Pretty good.