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In it's own thread since mine tend to get pretty active one I get one started.

Last night I had a dream that seemed to be an almost-awake dream, with dream stuff imposed over reality. My field of view was that of me laying in my bed, but I under the impression of watching a show taped in first person perspective. It was named "Who's a Good Cat?" and in it, a cat is petted by the hand of the cameraman, but the cat itself is obscured by blackness, a silhouette. At some point I might ave seen the cat jump up to me, then going behind me so I'd need to roll over to pet it. When I woke up later, I rolled back and saw my cat was where it was int he dream. In a way this is a mildly concerning occurrence, as I would rather not begin sleepwalking.

Going back to sleep, I dream of being at a rented building with my family near the end of our stay at the beach. We went out to dinner, and I insisted on getting chicken despite dad already getting something else, what we ordered seemed somewhat off and I wanted to try out the chicken around here for a few days. We got some, but it didn't seem particularly good either. I asked to get just a few pieces of chicken, but they only served family-sized platters. Did I know this before or after I said it? I don't know.
I obviously had enough meat, but the meat on each piece seemed thin. Like the chicken had anemic muscles and thick bones? It was like I was mostly tasting the bone and breading, with no meat or oil from the frying. The breading was hard and chunky. We finished eating there and at some point left for home, going over a short bridge off the island. I think at some point there might've been a lesson that was dropped because the dream decided it was dumb or just being conveyed to myself poorly.


Don't know how well I remember that second one, but I'm more annoyed trying to describe it than I was dreaming it.


Often I dream of playing a video game, and made up versions of Zelda are not uncommon. In this dream, I was playing one influenced primarily by Twilight princess, with the wolf form and mentions of Midna. She was not present herself, but was mentioned and referenced in several parts of the game, with various things taking on her likeness.

I vaguely remember a dungeon in which I am led on by a character dressed up in an outfit based on Midna's Imp form, with poofy streamers attached to headgear in place of her hair. I'm not sure if this character was an ally.

I also remember watching my brother play, who I thought was several dungeons behind me, but who I saw found a later dungeon of the game since what I was following was apparently a long sidequest that diverged by following that character. The entrance to it has a large statue of Mida's human form, hewn roughly out of a rock striped with red and white bands which also formed the sides of the tunnel it guarded the mouth of. I expressed concern at the end of the game being spoiled for me, and my brother agreed to go to another area of the game instead.


Dreamed I was doing my laundry with my mom. I had been failing to do my laundry, and at this point my house, which was at this point rebuilt as practically a warehouse to store it, now required that I move clothes to a platform on a second level since I was so behind in washing them.

The platform connected to the wall only on one side, with the others leaving a wide opening to see down and allow for the line of washing and drying machines to potentially stack up through what would be the floor. The clothes themselves were in stacks of dirty laundry in a grid, the clean ones I briefly wondered about since I didn't want to accidentally double-clean them, but they could be quickly taken away to my room or wherever.

My mom was, as expected, not happy with this arrangement, but wanted me to leave clothes meant to be washed relatively later up top while focusing on the ones left on the bottom which she saw as higher priority, while I was instead taking clothes down form the top because I figured otherwise they'd be tossed out due to my mom falsely presuming them not worth cleaning.


Dreamed that I sat down and to watch an episode of AT that I'd been waiting for, in which Finn dates someone named Splodey Princess who is made entirely of bombs, presumably live ones like in that Itchy and Scratchy short. Before watching, I see the episode's description of "Finn's friends try to save him from dating Splodey Princess." It starts with Finn being kinda down over not knowing where to go to get a date, and Jake immediately says he has the perfect idea. Next shot if of what appears to be a wooden stage. Jake cuts out a circle of the floor, including part of a lone step, and puts it aside as they climb up from below.

Soon, creatures who look like various Sonic characters show up, though they're a group of violent predatory animals who eat the smaller, helpless critters they save. The leader, a Boom-style muscular and purple Knuckles recolor, walks up to Finn and has one arm go all spring shaped like he has stretchy powers before putting his hand on Finn's shoulder and asking if he's ready to join a kingdom that goes around fighting for little animals trapped in robots. Finn agrees to this, but Not Knuckles then takes out a nest-like bowl of cute animals and asks Finn if he'll eat one of these little things they captures, which he often does by crushing it in his hand before eating it whole. Finn refuses, and they walk off.

Next, what look like human government agents show up. At first they're men in black, then military people and huge reticular parts of war machines start showing up, and the military people start flying around with the aid of their Warhammer 40k sized silvery steel pauldrons. One of these flying guys is talking to Finn about joining their kingdom's military, using a mechanical arm with a simple two-fingered pincer hand extending from his right pauldron, decorated with a black ribbon, to size Finn up as he evaluated him. Finn seemed close to refusing, but I woke up before he answered. At this point it was pretty obvious he was being interviewed by the militaries of kingdoms for an alliance, rather than potential dates personally, though at the time I was expecting Splodey Princess to show up there herself anyway.


Short dream which involved schoolwork of some sort, I should have written it right away as I forget most details other than being frustrated by something. I think I was upset at missing some piece of material, or being unable to concentrate? I don't know.

Then, a dream in which I am presented with a sequence of murders, as a man invading a king's court approaches in turn each person in his way to the king, then the monarch himself. Each wishes to halt the invader's progress and knows he will spare no one anyway. Seeing they cannot best him in combat, they attempt to pose riddles to him, but all are easily answered by the invader to proceeds to slay them and move onto the next. This ritual is then started again with invasion begun anew, and I follow along trying to stop this to no avail. At some point I try to intervene at the death of the king himself, but finding it fruitless I flee, barely noticing the world around me appears almost as a giant wooden stage.

Reaching the side of the room, to the right of the king, I go down a short few steps leading to a wooden walkway leading to the left. I walk down this way, and see that I have some sort of curled up black bug. I toss it off the walkway, not wanting to carry it. But before, I remember hearing or remember being told that I should not pick a certain bug up to begin with? How did it get in my pocket to begin with? I continue down the walkway, toward a flight of steps, but a weird insect dives at be from behind and hits me in the back. I wake up wondering if there was actually a bug in the room that got on me to wake me up, but I found none.


For some reason, I've been dreaming about going to the bathroom a lot.

This one last night, however, was kind of interesting. I dreamed there was a new faucet that was also a puzzle: With three switches, you have to figure out the right combination to turn the faucet fully on or fully off. I wanted to try this puzzle, and it turned out my brother got one, so I was his house and asked if I could sue the bathroom there. He said sure and I leave his room, turning right and going down the hall, which was longer and more reminiscent of my dad's mother's house than my brother's is.

Soon finding the bathroom on my right, I turn to it, noticing that it's not quite a room and more a branch in the hallway that happens to be tiled like a bathroom and separated from the main hall by a shower curtain. The bath-hall goes on receding into darkness, and near the curtain the toilet and faucet sit opposite each other, with a medicine cabinet off to the side of the toilet away from the curtain. There is no sink bowl, and faucet is set up to spray at you like a shower while you sit on the toilet.

For some reason at this point I remember my older brother having told me before something about using the right part of the bathroom and not the wrong one,, but without looking around much I don't really see anything down the bath-hall so I disregard that and stick with this toilet. Wondering how I'll prevent someone form seeing me use the toilet, I remember there's a shower curtain right next to me at the bathroom's entrance. Closing it, I sit down on the toilet and begin using the bathroom.

Taking a better look at the faucet, I see that it's electronic, with a few mode buttons in addition to the three water control buttons: Regular sink mode for when you just want to use the faucet, "turn them all on" puzzle mode where the challenge is to turn them on, a mode that if I remember right turned it all the way on for when you're taking a shower, and "turn them all off" mode where the challenge is to turn them all off. The water control buttons are from left to right red/hot, green/medium and blue/cold. I get the just of these by glancing at them, but had already turned on the hot water before reading further.

I forget if I turned on the water first or selected puzzle mode before turning on the hot water, but either way it wasn't that hot, which I was perfect fine with. I wondered if I would be able to solve the puzzle before my clothes, which I had not removed for a shower, got soaked through. Trying the green/medium button next, it didn't seem to cause a change at all. I wondered how I'm supposed to solve this. Thee non-puzzle modes are obviously useful in case you get stuck like this. Wondering what move to make next, I wake up.


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Night before last, dreamed I worked up thinking about various dumb things, maybe drifted back to sleep after doing so. Monochromatic red light, light areas looked white but no other colors, I imagine this as due to the red light from a sunrise. I can see out the window clearly, my computer and desk absent, curtains drawn.

The weather is bad, I remember hearing that it might get stormy but with the way the wind was going I thought it would get worse. Wind inside the house, visible in the air like in a drawing and moving light objects on the self? Blowing something from the TV cabinet? I can't tell if it'll get bad, but I decide to stay upstairs and figure out what's going on before deciding if I should go downstairs. I hear a loud knock below and behind me, from downstairs. In front of me, out the window, a mushroom cloud appears large beyond the hill in front of me just before I wake up.

Very nice visual effects overall, like something from a cartoon with a high animation budget. Pretty sure it was based on seeing TIE Fighter Short film again and getting this image I got while playing with http://nag.iap.de/?ac=stats&lang=en which reminded me of the music video for "Nothing Bad Ever Happens to Me."

I feel like a part of me which has a big hold on dreams doesn't like when I rate them like movies, but while this one wasn't particularly compelling it's a good example of a scary dream that's entertaining enough to make me consider eating junk food before bed to have more of them. Incidentally, when I did rate my dreams like that in my dream journal and panned too many, my mind went straight for making the cheesiest avant-garde film it could to weird me out with a collage of metaphors.


Another video game dream. Was playing some Grand Theft Auto game. Actually, watching my brother play it. We had been getting killed or arrested pretty often and were trying to survive for a bit, but he had gotten into some crowded, fast traffic and it ended up where the only way to avoid a fatal crash was to do a move that would cause a police car to swerve and collide with an oncoming car, starting a chase. He did so, and in the ensuing swarm managed to get the cop cars to swerve similarly. Getting onto a bigger highway, there was a bunch of trucks hauling explosives crowded going up a hill.

We knew about this area, and that it was super dangerous since if the trucks started exploding it could easily catch up with you. But we figured we should try placing bombs to set off behind up to catch the chasing cops us and try to outrun the explosion. The bombs were laid on the road as white-red flashing squares, and we went up easily going between trucks. oddly, nothing seemed to happen when we tries to set off the bombs, but no cops caught up with us either.

At the top of the hill, there was some glitched area that made a sudden drop-off. Going down, we land safely and see two streams of trucks continuously pouring into the flat grey ground, going straight through it, and partial backfaces of the glitched cliff we fell off. I want to see what's there if we go even further, but my brother walks the player character into he stream of falling trucks where he immediately dies. I'm a bit annoyed and wake up.


Several nights ago I dreamed again that I was on vacation at the beach, in a condo by the shore. There was a storm and we were about to leave, but I opened the window one last time to look at the approaching storm and feel the air from the balcony. I was told it would get here sooner than I thought, and was trying to compensate for that, checking when I thought it was about twice as many minutes away as I thought I needed to go out and get in safely.

But as soon as I opened I felt it pick up, and the speed of it felt like it could tell I made an opening in the structure protecting us from it. I closed the glass door, but the wind started pulling so hard I could see sand being sucked through the crack under the door. I turned to run, but before I could get out of the room the whole thing started tilting toward the storm. I remember seeing my family getting ready to pull out at some point, in some SUV, but knowing I was trapped inside they came to my rescue only to be pulled in. We were stuck in a room with a storm fast approaching us to take in the entire structure, and would pull it right off its foundations. I did not see a way to get out safely.


I dreamed of being at the computer but also in my bed, sort of switching between while being two places at once rather than having the comptuer at my bed. I was reading about artificial hands, maybe androids in gneeral, and how they were bocoming mroe lifelike, sometimes even intistinguishable from normal hands by regular observation. I was doubting that, but also I was trying to wake up in my bed, and wasn't sure why my hand wasn't moving. Maybe sleep paralysis? I move my other limbs though, and-Oh, somehow I now had a robot hand sticking right out of my matress where I thought my own hand was? I guess it was put there as a prank to show how lifelike they really were. I wonder who put it there.


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I was with my mom, and forget what we did at first but decided our activity required something we didn't have so we went to the mall to buy it. She looked around and I looked mostly at verious restaraunts wondering if we would eat out. We were going to leave soon, my mom said so, and I figured I only had time to see one more store of the set of them I figured might have something interesting. There was only one left to visit anyway, but I was distracted rrom it when the sight of a new store caught my attention.

It was a physical mall outlet called Learn to Program, and the room was clear aside from a huge slab in the middle surrounded by a few children and attrendants. All its surfaces glowed white aside from a few shapes on the surfaces and the objects floating accross the slab like air hockey pucks as the kids played with them, both solid red. I walked past and noticed a door leading to another oom in the back.

It was another restaraunt, a bar dressed up for Halloween to be exact. I saw bartender dressed as a witch, and thought that was interesting since I had thought about how I read about and recently practiced telekinetically flying. It was difficult to stay up because the mental action used for pulling myself around was hampered by my attempts to focus and generally awkward. Flying is not something I often do in dreams.

After a few attempts I managed to stay up long enough to go about showing off my ability to the completely unentirested staff and equally unimpressed bartender, who seemed like she dind't notice. Figuring it meant floatation was just a common thing and not impressive, I dind't let that curb my enthusiasm to leave for the main mall and practice going faster to build speed and keep myself aloft at higher altitude.

I awoke to my bed, but falsely, for the dream continued. I found I could not fly, as of course it was only a dream that I could. But was it? I decided I should practice to be sure, and this required keeping my eyes closed until I was air-going. I had to opened my eyes while going down the stairs to the landing to not fall down them, then decided I should get on all fours and crawl down to keep my eyes shut.

I stood up when I thought I heard my mom, but then headed back and looked at the front door. I forget if she was asleep or talked to me. The furniture was different, though at the time I didd't notice.

A couch was where a chair usually was, and looking off the back were a bunch of monsterous puppets. My mom spoke, either recently or not, of why she bought them not long ago. I arranged them as a clump of faces all staring at the door to look even more creepy than before. I remember suggesting to my mom to do that but she preffered having them looking in different directions over the back of the couch-chair and I wasn't really sure what she would think of my alteration of thier positions. I woke soon after this.


Was exploring a huge old Victorian style building, of some number of floors much higher than such wooden building actually can get, with my mom and dog. We were being careful not to desturb it but at some point it started collapsing. I figured my dog was in more danger and followed her, and at we were separated from my mom at points. She kept laying down like se was too lazy to go further, and I worried she would get stuck and be hurt as parts of the building crumbled around us, but whenever something collapsed that would make we fall she would just slide down and tumble on to the floor below unharmed, returning to her position of laying on the floor. I dind't reach the exit, but woke when I figured my dog somehow knew how to keep safe.


In one dream I had days ago, I went to Wal Mart with my mom, who normally doens't like going there, but she wanted to get rid of some junk and also Wal Mart was a pawn shop now? SHe was getting rid of dumb things I kept aroudn the house, furniture,a nd for some reason our dog. She had jest left the car but when I followed her to keep the dog she was already put on the wtore shelf and somehow in a giant clamshell packadging, with openings for people to per her and to let her breath.

She seemed happy to see me, and in general, but made worried sounds when I started ot move away. So I went back and picked her up, noticing that it seemed odd because she's normally too havy for that,a nd ran out fo the store. My mom would of course never get rid of the dog, but I think the theme of the dream was getting me to consider my priorities?

And last night, I had some other dream that seemed cool but which i forgot. After or in the later part of that one, I dreamed up an anime series in that starts with a family driving down the road, a father and two daughters. There are no natural stars in the area around their world, only small artificial ones, and the common bleeif on the planet is that many were created by accident when people added too much gas in an attempt to bolster the atmosphere of the planet, but that might be an urban legend for them.

One girl, the main character, was doing some stuff, but ended up stuck at the house more than she likes, and ende dup exploring it for thigns to do. She went into her sister's room, and in a pile of junk at the back she found an old hidden magic door. It allows her to go into other worlds in any place she would like. Her sister let her use it, and for some reason main character uses it to take up baseball.

After a montoge of quick movements whwre she does a bunch of things like swigning bats, throwing balls and sliding, we see her dad notice something is up when she slides across a bookshelf. She has come out of the magic door, on a nook in the wall level with the bookshelf, and at the end fell off onto a small baseball mitt shaped bed which itself was on a waist high platform built intot he wall.


Oh, another dream from at some point was a game whering you play as a go-kart riding dinosaur, but rather than racing you go around platforming by jumping off ramps and doing other tricks being a teradactyl an using your wings to let the kart glide. Tere's an overworld with vaguely defined areas, each having a group of levels reached by driving onto big blue circled with gold trim and big yellow nuimbers in the middle to denote their order in the area.


Dreamed playing a game where yousee a still frame of colored wire floating in space. There are several wires all twisting andturning in front of a dark expanse. Some of these wires come in from the side, others come in from the bottom. Similarly, some leave ff the top and others veer off to the side. Starting with a few, you have to choose a wire by following it from the bottom to the top in order to continue without falling off, selecting the end point that matches the beggining.

Then the view shifts and you follow the group of wires so that the bottom of the screen aligns with what was at the top before. You need to keep track of what wires were part of the orignal group and which ones appear later or you'll end up off course and get abad ending. At some point I got confused and guessed, and ended up veering along a wire that went into the side of the endless darkness like some kind of itnerdimensional portal, with lights that pulse along a ring at the edge where it meets nothing. The game showed a message declaring that I reached the end "[name of game] to infinity", which I thought might have been a good thing but then make it wasn't?

Anyway, at thing point I apparently was playing it as a VR game in the dream with some kind of eye tracking based system. After being told I reached an ending I was then given a menu showing various ending options that would let me decide my actual fate for this round fo the game. There were about six to eight of them, but most were greyed out. Two had little blue markers under them and one to the left seemed like maybe it was some kinf of back button. The description of one started to appear but I decided I'd like to reach each in turn form left to right before committing to one, so I'd know what I'm deciding from. The name of that option just said "hang game" and I immediately woke up before it even showed any further description.

At the time I thought that meant it was an option to quit/kill the game session that I happened to select because of the eye trcking based controls and the game being designed to require impulsuve behavior by automatically selecting whatever the player focuses on first anyway. Though the term hang game means it's an option delibaratley designed ot make the game freeze rather than going back to its main menu? I can't tell because I woke up.


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Weeks ago, I dreamed I was in a haunted house or something with a friend. We go through some other rooms, and then apprach a doorway which went up to the ceiling with a push cart to the left of it. A small room is on the other side, little wider than the doorway and no more than between two or three times as long. At the opposite end there were two more, narrower doorways on the far wall, flanking a television on a stand with another cart in front of us. We are told to follow instructions from the screen carefully.

We apprach the screen and it tells us that we are to mix chemicals in a specific way, on the push cart in front of the screen there are plastic, vase-like flasks filled with chemicals, which we were pretty sure were just food coloring. We followed its instructions at first but then since we thought there was some room to make msitakes that we havne't been using we also played around a bit and then we ran out of one or two of the primary chemicals were working with, though the guy on the screen seemed happy and dind't bother us.

In fact, I suspected we amused the mad scientist instructing us to keep going already, but I was haing fun with it and wanted to see where we would go if we kept trying. We looked at the other push cart outside and saw there were fancy class bottles of the chemicals that were in the flasks when we got there. I was moving to open them to refill the flasks when I woke up.


Have had several experiences of dreams interrelating with my immediate surroundings in which I would normally go to rest at for extended minutes a time, some have been more focused in having times from my previous experiences from which relate to the time when I had gone to school in elementary school in terms of the people who were in those moments and some from high school as well, these people would be the prime objectified experiences which would amount to social discussions and actions which would appear to be the formation of what what the "vivid" dream state, though I have only recognition of the entirety of the dream shortly after I wake up, its hard to describe in detail the specifics of the dream , but I do find it of great interest that short sparses of sleep would surmount to what ive dreamnt of where I chose to sleep in


I had a dream the night before last that had to do with my current work situation; I was in a huge sprawling mansion that looked like it was somewhat abandoned/left to rot, but was functioning as a sort of hostel. I was trying to leave the mansion by going through an exit, but every which way I went (there were multiple levels, courtyards, elevators that I tried) I just kept getting lead to the main building over again. In the mansion, most of the guests were patients at my work (at a drug rehab). At one point, I had sex with one of them behind a thin curtain in a main lobby; no one noticed, and I didn't even enjoy the sex. I was actually ashamed, and another patient kept running into me as I tried to escape the mansion. He seemed like he knew what I had done, and wanted to proclaim his love to me or some soykaf. I just had that dream-logic feeling. He kept popping up when I had thought I had found an exit from the estate. Also, the time in the estate never changed, it was always dusk. Made me feel a bit guilty when I woke up.