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Guys! I heard-

If you die in a dream, do you really die for real?


[spoiler]You're already dead.[/spoiler]


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this is heaven bro

or I should say, the wired


necrobumping is a direct consequence of /random/, be aware

and no, I've died in my dreams a few times and yet here I am … right?


sometimes, if you're on a dangerpus situation in your dream, you're in a dangerous situation outside as well. A common occurence is having your airflow restricted. It's not like any choices you make while dreaming will kill you.. right?


>Implying we're currently alive.
I'd imagine not. I believe most dreams abruptly end right at the dreamer's death or at an insignificant duration of time prior to the death. Though, there are cases in which the dreamer continues to dream after their death and those tend to be rather interesting. I did hear this story- I know not it's validity, however- in which a man dreamt he was shot in the heart, and then awoke to having a hear attack. He survived, of course, as we'd know not this story were he to have died. Was his heart attack the trigger of the dream of his being shot, or was his mind believing he was shot cause placebo leading to his heart failing itself?


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>I've died in my dreams a few times and yet here I am
but how do you know you died? when a person dies, only someone who isn't them knows that they're dead! (as opposed to unconscious)

also iirc, reviving old threads instead of making a new one with the same topic is encouraged. i don't know if that's changed or going to change once things move faster though.


>but how do you know you died? when a person dies, only someone who isn't them knows that they're dead! (as opposed to unconscious)


>but how do you know you died? when a person dies, only someone who isn't them knows that they're dead! (as opposed to unconscious)
uh, maybe I woke up just before dying all those times. But I remember several times I was supposed to be dying.


Maybe no one ever really dies in dreams? Maybe they always awake directly prior to death, thus death never occurs to the dreamer within the dream.


What if I die in a dream in a dream?
Do I get an extra life?


I heard a story of a man who dreamt he was shot in the heart, and awoke to a heart attack. Did the dream cause the heart attack, or vice versa? Seems obvious that it's the former, but you never know.


Next time I start to lose control of a dream I'll try to kill my dream self.
I hope he comes back the next night.

Same forgetful lainon?


no because i'm alive.


r u sure?


If every time a person died in their dreams they also died in real life, how would any of them be able to report it?


Could this be the people who "die in their sleep of natural causes"?


Strong sensory inputs can manifest themselves in strange ways in dreams. It is a very common experience. Ever not wake up to your alarm but hear the sound of an alarm in your dream?


I dunno but I've heard nightmares are frequently caused by breathing trouble like a lack of oxygen


You do, but only if you die in real life while dreaming.


This - I always wake up at the moment of death... no one ever actually dies in dreams.


Watch Jacob's Ladder

Then double think your entire existence :^)


Can anyone confirm this?


Wrong. I once dreamed that I killed myself using nitrogen. Unfortunately I found out, that the after life actually exists and the dream turned to a nightmare because I feared coming into hell because of my suicide. Fortunately I awoke before I could see whether I would get out in heaven or hell. I just was waiting in some reception hall being full of anger about my fauxpas.


I once died (shot in the back of the head) and switched perspectives.
Another time I was in an elevator and this big brunt brought his hammer up on me and two other girls I was protecting but then he brought it down, smashed our heads, and I woke up.
I wake up in fear a lot.


My father dumped a bunch of diatomaceous earth outside of my bedroom window once and I hallucinated for a week.


were there fleas in your house?


I've had a similar experience where I was having the stereotypical falling dream but i stayed asleep during the hit and death. I ended up attending my own funeral as some other person.


I used to think that, until it was no longer true.


If that is the case, then I've died waay to many times.


What if your dreams are real on another timeline? What if you see other versions of your life as a memory in your dream?


I hope not but we have a lot of mites outside.