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I keep having dreams about a qt girl i work with. She has a boyfriend who works with us too. This is bad..


Care to elaborate as to the events of these dreams?


all i remember was that we were in a room making casual talk with a lot of other people. the 2nd night i had the dream she got on top of me and kissed me on the cheek. i woke up. after i woke up i realized the girl in the dream was a mirror image of this girl at work i know.


>This is bad..
Why, this is real life, no one forces you to make a pass at her just because you dreamed of her :D


It's likely she merely represents your feminine side (anima), and merely chose to manifest as someone you know as to attract your attention. Being that she's practically a female version of you, she'll seem your "soul mate", and this may cause unintentional feelings towards the way your anima chose to manifest itself; as your coworker.


This is rather common as I've come to see it, once a guy in some other site said that he dreamed of Yolandi Visser and that he sometimes dreamed of somebody and suddenly couldn't think of that person. Happened to me about 3 times last year too.
Why? I believe we are inadvertedly attracted to someone and our subconscious reveals that in our dreams, we dream of that person in a sexual/romantic way and then we wake up with the idea of having done something with that person, putting our hopes up and revealing the hidden attraction.
You probably got over it already or sperged all over your workplace


I feel like >>667 is right, the woman in your dreams isn't your coworker, she represents an ideal and happens to look like your coworker because that's the imagery your unconscious chose