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Amateur dream interpreter. Elaborate on dreams you've had and I'll do my best to explain their meaning in exchange for the chance to strengthen this ability.


I vaguely remember a dream that a Mew was inside my body, fixing things, could also be that I was lethally ill in that dream, not sure.

Hell I might even make a fanfic about this, always wanted to see how one like this turns out.




File: 1420717683449.png (245.81 KB, 200x200, 1409791780712.jpg)

I was walking through a park at night. It was nearly pitch black, and the moon was very dim. As I walked up a hill, a red light suddenly appeared before me. It turned out to be the backlight on a bike belonging to an elderly homeless man. Suddenly, the darkness lifted and it turned out to be an ordinary overcast day. The homeless man and I laughed and speculated as to the cause of such a sudden change. We decided that it was an eclipse. He offered to share some food with me, and I politely declined. I crossed through a supermarket to a main street, and then I woke up.


(Will need to ask a few questions to better ascertain the alleged meaning, do forgive.
>I was walking through a park at night. It was nearly pitch black, and the moon was very dim.
Is this something you do often?



you were thinking of that time when you gave bum a dollar.


often I dream I'm in a big supermarket
and I'm just walking around, sometimes looking for something
whats it mean?


I think I posted this somewhere else before but here goes
>I was watching this Youtube video that was also real life somehow
>There was a guy with very soft and transparent skin, so you could look inside him and see all of his internal organs
>He was lying helpless because he had some sort of disability that didn't let him move, but there were a bunch of people poking his skin repeatedly
>The poking was clearly hurting him, they were trying to poke the organs through the skin which was very soft and bendable
>Eventually they ended up killing the guy since his organs got all mushed up through the constant poking
>Nobody really felt sad for him when he died, they just walked away
>He was just a useless sack of transparent gel and organs, not a human being like they were.
I felt pretty sad when I woke up.


Dreams typically warn or convey potential dangers in waking life. Perhaps, you feel you lost something of yourself, and now have to find it. Assuming you're familiar with supermarkets, maybe this means that what you lost is something you can easily get back, but you don't allow yourself to for some reason. This "thing" can be an emotion, relationship, etc.


This person may represent a part of you. The transparency means this is something others can see easily as a weak point of yours. Being that he was disabled- immobile- could mean that this is a part of you that cannot be moved or changed. And, I believe what this dream is depicting is that you're allowing others to negatively effect this part of yourself to the point where this detaches and is no longer a part of you, even though it may be vital.


Do elaborate on whether or not you feel this is a correct interpretation.


Supermarket guy here
I think that you might be on the right path, I don't know, like, I'm missing something which I seemingly refuse to acknowledge in walking life.
There are more feelings to it, like something relating to childhood somehow, though in my dream I'm of my current age, the place is really big though. I am also constantly aware of where the exit of the place is… that's all I can recall atm


Perhaps you subconsciously realize you lost it, though refuse to admit you lost it in a more "lucid" state. Being that you're constantly aware of the exit, I suggest that it means you always keep note on how you can exit the situation and forget about what you were looking for. Perhaps it's something painful or otherwise something you'd rather forget, but shouldn't. Thus is why you don't acknowledge this in waking life. Correct me and/or provide your thoughts.


A lot of my dreams contain or end in tornadoes.


Could you elaborate on specific examples of such? Explain the dream somewhat in detail.


Did you happen to be ill or afflicted (mental or physical) with something at the time of this dream's occurrence?


Oh, and another question; When did these dreams start? And were there any events or changes in your life that transpired prior to the onset of the dreams?


>Suddenly, the darkness lifted and it turned out to be an ordinary overcast day.

Could mean that you've been "in the dark" prior and finally the veil was lifted and now you could see.
I'll try to think of anything else relevant to the other parts of the dream if I can.


My mother passed away like 2 weeks ago, she had cancer, was terminal and in hospital. Last night i dreamed that she got cured and got out of hospital and we returned home together.



Not the OP, but it could be that your mother just went from in-between limbo to her next life. Sometimes it may be hard, but i suggest to always let go of deceased, as someone suffering great sorrow or resentment can hold the deceased back from going forward.


This is the most significant (fever) dream I've ever had, hope you enjoy

>Bagging groceries for a couple at my local grocery store

>besides them, myself, and a cashier the store is totally vacant
>they ask me to babysit their infant child
>I agree without hesitating despite not actually knowing how to take care of it
>I look away from their baby and back at it again, it's been replaced with my brother
>he's standing still with a neutral expression, not indicating that any kind of action needs to be taken
>regardless I decide since he's here it's time to leave
>dream shows us on different points of my drive home, almost like a slideshow. also we're walking instead of driving
>get home
>walk into front room
>it's a mashup of several familiar rooms, some of my family's, some of my friends', and some aspects of the room appear and disappear
>I stand there and wait for the room to "settle" mostly back to normal
>notice something sticking above the wall above my couch
>it's a skeleton key. about 7" long, worn brass, heart shaped bow (handle part) with an emerald and a ruby embedded in it
>I pull it out of the keyhole
>just hold it and look at it for a second, actually feel cold brass on my hands

this happened quite a while ago but it's all accurate, I immediately woke up and drew the key and wrote down details. I still haven't guessed at a meaning for this with any certainty


My dog can fly with his ears.


>inna corner shop, buying noodles
>there's a cooker in the middle of the shop, so I go to it to cook my food
>walk up to it, it's against a wall
>cooking my noodles, phone is going off
>constantly getting messages from someone who was infatuated with me at the time (she hates me now)
>things like how thankful she is to me for helping her, how much she wants to fuarrrk me, etc
>I can hear her voice as I read them
I don't quite get it.


>Last night i dreamed that she got cured
Being that she was greatly physically afflicted in this life, perhaps the leaving of it healed her of said ailments- thus she is "cured".
>and we returned home together.
Perhaps this life itself is a dream, and when we awake through means of death in this life, we arise in another life of which we can call "home". You want to go home with her.


I first started using a dream journal today, and managed to record 3 dreams. I usually don't remember any.

Dream 1
>I'm under a bridge at night, with a river in front of me
>as a form of protest against the government, I decide to jump in the river and float away
>the water is clean but turbulent, yet somehow I manage to float without drowning
>suddenly I'm laying on the ground in front of a drug store, still at night
>I think something about gay marriage, and a bunch of journalists show up to report my thought
>they disappear after some seconds, and I'm still laying there but closer to the store
>I feel quite independent and free
>now I'm laying close to some clubs
>a group of acquaintances passes by me, only one of them greets me by touching the 5 fingers of his left hand with the 5 of my right hand
>he leaves

Dream 2
>talking to my advisor at uni
>he says that in order to become a pH.D student I don't have necessarily to apply, I can just "become a part" of the environment in some mystical sense and I'm in
>I'm convinced that it's even preferable to enroll the pH.D in this way

Dream 3
>texting a girl with huge tits on my smartphone seems legit
>she's quite flirtatious
>suddenly several hours pass
>try to text her again, no reply
>suddenly with her at some sort of coffee
>indistinct talking to her for a few seconds
>dream ends


>they ask me to babysit their infant child
>I agree without hesitating despite not actually knowing how to take care of it
Perhaps this suggests that you accept to do things for others too hastily, regardless your ability (or lack thereof) of being able to do so well.
>it's a mashup of several familiar rooms, some of my family's, some of my friends', and some aspects of the room appear and disappear
>it's a skeleton key. about 7" long, worn brass, heart shaped bow (handle part) with an emerald and a ruby embedded in it
Perhaps this symbolizes that all places of which are or were significant to you when placed together form a key to something unknown. Perhaps the key is to unlock a part of yourself or help you discover something of yourself or your past. The only way to find this key is to look back to and combine memories of your past and present and see how they co-relate and "fit together".
>just hold it and look at it for a second, actually feel cold brass on my hands
Not unusual for dreams. Many who have vivid dreams recall their dreams as more real than waking life itself.


How do you feel towards that person? And, in the dream, did you feel comfortable with your surroundings? Or how did you feel in the surroundings thereof?


I walk in the flat that used to be in possession of one of mine acquaintances, only to find there a couple going to town on the table. The lad finishes and goes somewhere (pretty sure he disappeared shortly after), the lass gets on her feet and starts calling me names for reasons unknown and no, not for barging in their flat. I'm not taking any soykaf from her, so I grab a big blade, a cross between a machete and a katana-like sword, that was standing aside the table and cut her limbs off in several swings. There is no blood, as if I had been swinging a light sabre.

Anyway, she's dead and her mouth is silent much to my pleasure. I put the remains into a sack I have found and leave the house. The house is something similar to Soviet high-rises bar being painted in brighter colours. My perception fades for a while, I find myself in the neighbourhood adjacent to the one I live in reality. The only difference is that there is a strange shop nearby which is not present there irl. The sack with the body remains is missing, and I cannot fathom where have I put it. I get into the shop. They deal all kind of strange antiquated tech that looks archaic yet inexplicably modern. I buy myself a 5.25" drive and get out. I wake up.



Had this weird dream months ago, don't really remember how many. What is strange is that I remember it pretty well except for the ending. Some parts might be made up, sorry.

So I taking the metro from what seemed to be a station to space. It was night, very dark, and there were only a light or two near the metro boarding area. Well, I get inside of it, and find a friend (more like a guy I've known for years, but he's not the kind of person I'd talk openly with). We do small talk for a while. Then I see myself working in a large space station. I don't remember what I was working on, but chances are I was studying something up there. Then a group of green aliens wearing grey and red armor for what seemed to be the leader storm the place, and then the station gets destroyed in a large explosion. The explosion destroys the solar system as well, leaving nothing. Then my dream ends.

I will try following the tips on the sticky and use a notebook to write down my dreams.


>Dream 1
>as a form of protest against the government, I decide to jump in the river and float away
>the water is clean but turbulent, yet somehow I manage to float without drowning
This could signify that you're "taking the plunge" merely to prove a point. Being that the water's clean, though turbulent could symbolize that what you're doing is not a bad or "unclean" act, though it is risky and potentially harmful.
>suddenly I'm laying on the ground in front of a drug store, still at night
Perhaps symbolic of your decision leaving you stranded ashore- safe, though somewhat shaken and confused/disoriented.
>I think something about gay marriage, and a bunch of journalists show up to report my thought
Perhaps this is a manifestation of the desire that people would pay more attention to your thoughts and ideals/beliefs. That or you refuse to acknowledge that others pay attention and this is making that manifest to you. Or it could be that you feel too much attention is payed to your thoughts and ideals, insomuch that you're being crowded even when not expressing said ideals.


>Dream 2
>he says that in order to become a pH.D student I don't have necessarily to apply, I can just "become a part" of the environment in some mystical sense and I'm in
Perhaps you're trying to fit into a specific stereotype that others see appropriate for attaining a pH.D.

>Dream 3

Ever do you blame yourself for lost relationships? If so, this dream could signify that it's due to no fault of your own by which relationships, or the opportunities thereof, fail. Thus is why she neglected to text you for no reason save for her own choice, thus making the fault her own. The latter parts I shall have to think of.


And, as is typical, please do inform me of the validity-or lack thereof- of my interpretations.


The first interpretation makes sense, except I don't give a soykaf about the government. I think it's more about being heard/feeling that my thoughts are neglected, as you said.

Dream 2 didn't mean that, I think it didn't mean anything actually. I fit the stereotype perfectly.

Dream 3 could have meant that. It also could simply be about my fantasy of talking to someone with big boobs.


> I fit the stereotype perfectly.
Perhaps it's informing you that you needn't conform or attempt to fall into a stereotype to acquire the pH.D, but that you can be yourself and still acquire it just as well.
>I think it didn't mean anything actually
Thus is true. I think one of the problems with my interpretations (and dream interpretations in general) is that most attempt to interpret everything even though some aspects of dreams may be without meaning.


key dream anon here, I agree with that assessment. I tend to spread myself pretty thin to keep in contact with various friends and it sort of wears me out. I want to talk to all of them and stuff, that's why they're my friends, I guess I'll have to work something out. And for the key that makes sense too as my parents split up a couple years ago and some of the bits of the room are from their now separate houses. My life has been feeling disjointed since around that time for various reasons so again, you're probably right.

Do people really feel things in their dreams often? Usually the only noticeable senses in my dreams are sight and spatial awareness. That's pretty neat. Thanks for the insight, friend.


Nice. Good to know.

>Do people really feel things in their dreams often? Usually the only noticeable senses in my dreams are sight and spatial awareness. That's pretty neat. Thanks for the insight, friend.

Yes, though I believe it's just as common to primarily have dreams that lack many feelings, control, senses, etc. It may not be that you're not having dreams like this, however, you may merely be forgetting all/most dreams but those in which you lack these things. You're welcome- thanks for responding as to the validity of the interpretation.


Not intending to offend, however that sounds more like an irrelevant detail of a dream. Could be one of the small details of dreams that do not have any true meaning.
I'd require the context of the dream and more details, perhaps a synopsis of the occurrences therein.


Hm… Could be a manifestation of your violence or anger. Could mean that you've no efficient means through which to vent or act on your anger, thus enabling you to suppress it, make it stronger, and hold it in to merely torture you later or manifest in the way it has- through dream. However, that's a more general, vague analysis of these types of dreams.
>I walk in the flat that used to be in possession of one of mine acquaintances
Perhaps this symbolizes that you feel you are treading or trespassing on property of said friend.
>couple going to town on the table
The couple could symbolize your relationships. Once you're finished, you depart and then are haunted/infuriated/aggravated by how she reacts to this (Could be that you left because she- representing all of whom you've dated- was irritating you- so not that you'd your way with her but more because she was somewhat abusive to you).
>and cut her limbs off in several swings.
This represents however you take out your anger in regards to this situation and how you overall react. Either that or it's alerting you that you should find a means through which to vent otherwise it could become more violent, insomuch as to be accurate to the dream's depiction.
>There is no blood, as if I had been swinging a light sabre.
Could mean that however you retaliate towards your ex(es) is harmful, however leaves no scars or lasting memories (lack of blood loss).
>I put the remains into a sack
You're attempting to bury the emotions associated with your ex.
>The sack with the body remains is missing
You've lost it, as you desired. However, now you know not where it was hidden. You need to find this, as the suppression of emotions can be quite disastrous to one's mental health- though you can't as you know not where you encased these emotions within.
>They deal all kind of strange antiquated tech that looks archaic yet inexplicably modern.
You are reminded of old emotions (perhaps those you buried that were attached to your ex?), that somehow manifest themselves in a "modern", new way.
Any of this sound as if it could be correct?


Ok, I had a really weird dream this night. I can't remember it that well, but the main point is, I cut my penis off at one point. Later on it seemed I was not really chocked by the fact itself, I was just embarrassed someone would find my cut off penis. So I tried to put it together and it worked, it seemed to grow together. It still looked weird but for some reason I was confident it will end up looking fine. I think I might have had a similar dream already, so somehow my subconsciousness in the dream related to that.

So I was sitting in the living room after that and the last thing I remember was talking to my dad. The penis topic never came up almost as if it never happened. It was just my dad telling my about a film he saw called "Only Yesterday". It's a ghibli film and actually the day before I was thinking of watching it, because it's one of the few ones I haven't seen yet. It's pretty obvious my dad hasn't seen it, but he is the one that actually introduced me to ghibli movies, showing me Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away.


>Some parts might be made up, sorry.
Forgiven. It's quite common for your mind to create portions of dreams as to substitute missing pieces, so that's fine.
>So I taking the metro from what seemed to be a station to space.
Ok, so you're taking yourself far away. Be that emotionally, mentally, you are bringing yourself farther from who you used to be. Or could mean your making yourself distant in relations to others you trusted prior.
>and find a friend (more like a guy I've known for years, but he's not the kind of person I'd talk openly with)
In your venture away from yourself, you found something you lost of yourself. Something you feel disconnected to, that might be part of what's driving you away from yourself.
>green aliens wearing grey and red armor for what seemed to be the leader storm the place
The space station could represent a safe haven for your mind that protects you from being stranded so far out where you've brought yourself. The aliens represent foreign ideas/relations that've invaded your "mental sanctuary" of which you've locked yourself. So, they've practically invaded your mind and your only solace/protection from the vacuum of space.
>and then the station gets destroyed in a large explosion.
Your solace has been destroyed. Your protection. You allowed said foreign concepts/ideas/relations to destroy your state of mind, or your isolative state.
>The explosion destroys the solar system as well, leaving nothing.
You feel your mental collapse hasn't only destroyed yourself, but so much more. You feel as if the effects of your loss stretch far. Or perhaps this signifies that you typically overreact over such things such as feeling it's the "end of the world" when something terrible does occur in your life.



Thank you. I had this friend the guy in the dream and I used to know, but we barely even speak anymore, and to be honest, this friend is probably the only one I've ever had.

>Or perhaps this signifies that you typically overreact over such things such as feeling it's the "end of the world" when something terrible does occur in your life.

I really feel like you nailed it here. I get embarrassed by the dumbest things, which sometimes stops me from doing important stuff.

What you say about the ideas/relations could hold some truth as well.


> Could mean that you've no efficient means through which to vent or act on your anger
Maybe. For the first, at times my anger would seem more like a butthurt than anger. Second, I tend to think that cold-blooded response is better and more efficient.
> The couple could symbolize your relationships.
Never had one.
> You've lost it,
Actually I tend to think I disposed it. But how and where—the question remains open. And I think what worried me is not that I disposed (or lost) it but if I disposed it PROPERLY.

I find your analysis interesting. Thank you.


Last night I dreamed someone (can't remember who) gave me an odd-looking cup made of stainless steel. The cup looked like some stupid plastic cups a friend and ex-roomie has, resembling ice cream cones (not that I think that even matters). Who gave it to me told me that it was made of stainless steel and that if I put it in pure (clean) water for a few minutes it'd turn black (this actually made sense in my dream). I walked to a fountain and considered if it would work there, since public fountains always have dirty water. But I looked and this one was quite clean so I sat on the border and put half of the cup in the water, and I felt silly doing this, so I quickly took it out, looked at it, and it hadn't changed. "Though so.." I thought to myself and walked away, still wondering if it really didn't work or if I didn't sink it long enough.
The change, btw, had some significance as to something related to myself, just like those stupid stones that supposedly change color depending on your mood.
What could that mean?


I'm autistic as fuarrrk if that counts.

I think I know where it partially came from: a Tele2 commerical, pretty hard to explain though.


File: 1423260664235.png (79.56 KB, 200x160, fuckin shit aint logical.jpg)

Normally I don't bother remembering dreams, every night it's weird nightmares that don't make any sense but a couple of days ago I had the most bizarre one yet.
I lost virginity. And it was terrifying.
Well it wasn't about actually losing virginity, there was no sexual content at all. It was just another day of NEET life wasting time on the internet but with some kind of overwhelming awareness of un-virginity. Then I woke up.


File: 1423713850893.png (55.37 KB, 200x150, NevinsonPathsofGlory.jpg)

I had a dream in which I found myself on the front lines of WW1 in the British Army. Myself and some randoms were wondering around the front lines, standing above the trenches when there was an attack.

Myself and someone else ran into a foxhole where there were two rifles. We tried to fix bayonets but for some reason the bayonets wouldn't fit on the rifles. Instead we started firing at the oncoming Germans (Who for some reason had an MG-42 gunner) coming over the trenches just thirty meters away.

At that range when I fired the man just dropped and there wasn't a problem. But the German machine gunner (who in my mind was a serious threat) got close and I fired at him. The bullet struck through his helmet and I saw brain and bits of skull fall out from under his helmet as he tried to finish the step but instead fell onto the ground dead.

I felt physically sick after that, I actually felt sick and horrible. After that as the attack kept coming I purposely fired slowly and only at people posing a threat to me.

I knew I would have to kill but I didn't want to anymore. I didn't want to die or have my side lose the war but I didn't want to kill anymore people than would achieve my own survival.


First thought is that you feel you've removed/destroyed/severed a part of yourself (personality, relationship[s], etc). Being that men generally value such a part, I assert that it's symbolic that it's an important part of yourself that has been severed. Being that, after time, no longer have any real care about what you've done, but more what others will think I assume it may actually be a part of yourself you want to destroy/change for the better of yourself, but you worry what others will think of this.
>So I tried to put it together and it worked, it seemed to grow together. It still looked weird
At the realization that others may dislike that you've disposed of this part of yourself you try to mend yourself back together with it. Being that it still seemed not natural shows you that it's not as it once was, or that this is something that isn't meant to grow back that you're better without.
>talking to my dad. The penis topic never came up almost as if it never happened
Can't discern much for the latter portion of the dream… However, from this I'm making the assumption that perhaps this symbolizes how insignificant the situation really is, despite how you and/or others might feel about it, and it's better for you to associate with those who don't mind how you change yourself so long as it's for the better (IE: Mom, Dad, family in general).
Do inform me of whatever validity may exist herein.


>Never had one.
Perhaps this dream is telling you're using that as an excuse to not get in a relationship, or as to comfort yourself in the fact that you are alone. No offense intended, mere thoughts. Could this be it?


Honestly, I know this won't help but I can't really think of anything that would fit. I can't say I've been thinking of changing myself in any war really, recently. However I have recently realized I tend to have "weird" dreams when it's more stuffy in the room. This happens if the windows are shut tight. I think about half of these dreams are erotic in nature, if not more.


Oh, and thanks for the answer.


>Last night I dreamed someone (can't remember who) gave me an odd-looking cup made of stainless steel.
Sounds as if you adopted a trait or habit from another. At first glance, however, you were already able to discern that something was somewhat "off" about this trait/habit.
>The cup looked like some stupid plastic cups a friend and ex-roomie has
Perhaps you feel or see that this trait (as symbolized by the cup) is reminiscent of those of those you named.
>if I put it in pure (clean) water for a few minutes it'd turn black
This trait, when exposed to that of which is clean and pure- be it thoughts, ideas, people, personal aspects, etc-, takes a drastic turn and brings out the negative. Perhaps, when you look at things of which you previously thought were good you can now see the negative therein or you feel troubled at these thoughts. Or perhaps you no longer react well with others which you did prior to the adopting of said trait/habit.
>The change, btw, had some significance as to something related to myself, just like those stupid stones that supposedly change color depending on your mood.
Another idea could be that you feel as if you're deluded and as if this shows plainly when you expose yourself to those who you feel "pure". If this is so, when, in the dream, you expose the cup to the water and it neglects to change, could mean that what you believe is not actually true, and how you feel about yourself (negatively) are just mere misconceptions and have no base, thus you needn't worry.
As I look back at what I've written, I feel my latter interpretations seems far more accurate, however do tell me what you think. I'm somewhat "off", do forgive.


Hm… Could be that the dream was merely the result of altered sleep conditions. When I look back, I realize many odd, seemingly meaningless dreams I have are due to unnatural sleep conditions, so this could be the case.


File: 1423950014413.png (120.78 KB, 200x150, 800px-Nice_Cup_of_Tea.jpg)

> Perhaps this dream is telling you're using that as an excuse to not get in a relationship
> using that
Using what? The couple? What they were doing? Or what? I have sort of lost the train of thought here so please elaborate.
No offence perceived mate. I'm comfortable with being alone. I'd say I felt more dismal when I could not find some solitude for me.


File: 1423962301657.png (449.35 KB, 200x151, 1407353917642.jpg)

>>679 here. I think your first interpretation was more accurate. I had this dream just before moving to a new city. Back in the old, regular places my circle of friends were affecting me in a not positive way, and I used to think these attitudes were okay. Or at least I forced myself to believe that. And that's why I had to escape to a city where barely anyone knows me.
I wouldn't then know how to interpret the last part, but I guess you did hit the spot with the rest of the dream. T-thank you anon.
Have a picture.


File: 1424066823538.png (57.68 KB, 200x142, thecrookedman5.png)

Anybody can interpret this, just tell me what this might mean

I was running through this house and I was trying to save this little girl, and these monsters(horrifying creatures, my god, I don't know how my brain came up with them, one of them I've never seen anything like in any media outlet, and the other looked somewhat similar to pic related with a straight neck and a smaller head, but not significantly similar enough to be a good comparison), and I tried to fight them. I I kept getting torn to shreds by them, and this kept repeating over and over again, maybe 15-20 times. I would be right outside the house after I died, and I would immediately sprint in and grab the girl. I eventually killed the beasts pummeling them to a bloody pulps and the girl was of course traumatized by this. We then ran out through the basement(where the safest exit was located for some reason),and I woke up in a cold sweat.

Any ideas for what this might mean? Anybody have similar experiences? This was extremely terrifying for me, I typically do not dream ever.


And if this might mean anything, some common colors withing the house were brown walls, and yellow lights, with the exception of the bright white light near my exit


Hm… I know not what effect- if any- autism has on dreams. I'll look into it and try to think of something. Do forgive for the long wait.


Bumping this thread


No answer for this then?



File: 1424549590964.png (8.11 KB, 200x69, 1375149668152.png)

I had this dream about five times when I was seven or eight years old - it is probably the most terrifying one I've ever had.

I wake up in my bed at night. The house is quiet, I know my parents are not at home. Everything is normal, but for some reason I know that I absolutely have to get outside immediately. I climb out of bed, leave my room and see that there are dark featureless men are patrolling the hallways and stairs. I try to sneak my way past them but one of them notices me and grabs my arm lightly.
I wake up in my bed again, same situation as before. I try to climb out my window but can't get it open - for some reason I know the only way to get out is the front door. I try to sneak past the men, get noticed again, and as soon as one of them touches me, I wake up in my bed.
This repeats itself for about 20-30 times. I try different approaches, running past the men, violence, nothing works - as soon as I touch them, I start back at square one. They never hurt me, they just keep me from going outside. I get increasingly frustrated and scared, I fear that I might never get out and be stuck in this circle forever.

At some point after that, I wake up in real life.


I am >>628

Had another dream today which felt pretty strange.

I am looking at an RPG like map, with a big lake in the center and a gate to a city in the southeast corner.

Then I am walking on a really big roller coaster railway in the sky with a group of people (imagine how big), one of them being the cyborg from Teen TItans. At some point the railway breaks and I see an image of a planet with a ring which looked like Saturn but with not small - not big brown spots on its surface.

I see a clinic room illuminated with a dim, brown light with a doctor and a couple inside of it. Then I see a dark, red and black ritual room, I'm not sure what it was actually, with a nude woman with red vines covering parts of her body, and a stereotypical red demon on another side laying on his side. Lights flash, and the woman changes her position with every flash, in one moment even floating with what seemed to be the same vines hanging from the roof, and a red and black demon dog running around in the room.

I am in the room again, the woman from the couple is topless, and leaves moments after.

I see train station with blue lights in an open field. It's night. I find a person with no features that in the dream was my friend, and we chat about something I don't remember. I leave to get on the top of an oncoming train, which doesn't stop in the station, and I land on a car loaded with minerals. It keeps going until it reaches a loading bay, and the dream ends.


I had a dream in which there was some disaster going to happen(like a hurricane or some storm or tsunami which are nonexistant in my country) and all people had to go to shelter that was like a big abandoned soykafty hotel.
Rooms were small, walls were just barely holding, mold rats and etc…
Although I remember going there with my family , I don't remember them being with me except when I said to my father "this feels surreal" and he smiled at me and stroked me on head. Feel like they were in another room. Felt comfier that way.
I went exploring in this hotel, found a door half opened, peaked through and saw a script kiddie with few of his computers. Chuckled and then walked away. Next room I saw was extremely nerdy, some old tekken type game arcade-style intro["Enter a coin"] playing on the computer. Nerdy references everywhere, books everywhere.
Went back to my room, it was empty.
Woke up.


I've had a re-occurring dream lately, or as close to one as I've ever had. The set up is always the same but with different variations. I'm in a place that I've never been before, but I've seen many times, as if I had looked at the travel brochure extensively before traveling to the same places I saw, surrounded by people I sort of know but I'm just acquainted with, except one figure who is someone I know very well but can't quite place, I feel good being with them but I'm uneasy about the others and the situation. I walk around with the familiar one for quite a while before sitting down to rest, and that's when the dream ends for me. I've never ascribed much value to dreams but this one has been nagging at me.


So I dreamt I was walking somewhere, and then I saw a horse, a light-brown horse that was quite excited walking and jumping, I couldn't hear it's steps, the horse was, by the way, somewhat small.
So I saw the horse and got scared because it was so excited, I didn't know if it was friendly or what and so I turned around and walked back to where I was coming from. The horse started walking by me more calmly and I wasn't scared anymore, he was then just keeping me company. Then the horse disappeared as I found some friends and stayed with them…


I had a dream where I watched tentacle porn on a 3ds XL. Can anyone explain that.

On a more serious note, I did have a rather vivid dream that I was on another planet. But the strange thing was, the whole planet was just an elongated version of my childhood home. While I was there,I was fighting a war. I don't know what it was for or who I was fighting, but it was a war nonetheless. I also distinctly remember being extremely pissed that everyone was using small laser weapons instead of actual rifles. My dream ended when I managed to find an M4.


File: 1428810955698.png (846.54 KB, 200x126, smog.jpg)

This dream was a while ago but here goes

>In the middle of nowhere, desert

>One lone building that has slots and a few other games
>My mother, her friend and his son are there playing
>Get bored and walk down the road
>Come to group of punk stoner looking people
>One girl with rainbow hair follows me down the road as i pass them
>She looks similar to someone i knew for a month or so
>Suddenly black people
>They are jumping over the fence of a nearby farm
>They have watermelons on the heads
>They start attacking us
>Wake up


I'm not really interested in interpretations, but this seems like the dream log general. I feel asleep around 6 pm while just chilling a little, and got this long and vivid thing.

First I was in some sort of shore city, likely near a sea or ocean. Quite modern, recently built and planned out with lost of white concrete or glass walls, and a pier going deep into the water (no ships around). I think I was there for some sort of studies, but during the dream I just walked on the streets and the pier, chatting to some friends and other people. Suppose that the sea was on the east, I went south after a while and arrived in some typical central-EU forest.

Judging by weather and leaves it was autumn, and I just wandered alone with long and inexplicable stops, and weird thoughts. Soon I found a little stone building, some sort of fortress with the rough size of a twin garage. At first it proposed some problem and I turned back, but only to gather forces it seems: soon I had a whole bunch of undead comrades, zombies and monsters with me, and we marched on the little fortress taking it in no time, just climbing in over the walls. For some reason I was held prisoner with the people of the fortress, and we were marching down the road where I came from with hands bound by one long chain. I started having thoughts of a creepy/bloody something, it haunted me for a while.

I may have skipped scenes and locations, I mostly forgot the early stages. After the march, I either was in an unrelated setting staying in some long house, or I was taken there with my hallucinations of the bloody something. Either way it turned out to be a clinic, as small as two conference rooms, toilets, a lounge and one surgery room. Everything besides the surgery room were nice-looking and conveniently furnished, likely for relatives and such. I was about to get brain surgery, and I was talking to the doctor about the process, and some personal things (music, the deepest thought, etc) that really mattered in terms of surgery. After that was done, I had to change into hospital clothes and rest some on a hospital bed in a corner to get relaxed and ready for surgery (although I wasn't anxious or anything, it was more about slowing down and getting dizzy just by myself). When I was ready, I moved to the narrow and plain surgical bed, where I lay on my back waiting for the doctor to work. We were the only two people, and I pretty much was awake and had to assist him by thinking/feeling the way he specifies during surgery.



From this point I often couldn't see anything because my eyes were closed, or I saw things happening from an out-of-body view. I was very calm while he sawed off the top of my head/skull with a small electric saw, causing pain but instead making me even calmer - it felt like a "forced" tranquility, heavy air that I cannot shake off. At this point the doctor seemed like a nice person, quite professional and friendly. He told me that he will now remove some parts of the brain that will be put back later, but needs to be taken out to access the problematic area. He removed them, then asked me to think about my "deepest thought" which we discussed earlier, and so I did. It was a little black stripe with four colored squares in a row, apparently the "elements". I lost the out-of-body view for a while, and only felt lying on the surgical bed with no vision and a very heavy body and slowed mind, apparently everything started to feel dreamlike and weird. I had abstract thoughts come into mind, swiftly replaced by new ones. I kind of felt the bloody thing's problem to be solved already, and heard some sort of ancient/"deep mind" singing that felt very important and intimate, something I knew I could only hear now with a taken apart brain. I could still hear the doctor tell me what to do, but I didn't understand or react to what he said. No muscles of mine moved and I don't think I was able to move them, I was just lying there feeling a little cold while partly being lost in these deep thoughts and the song. After a while I saw an out-of-body scene of the doctor doing some careful work, then a colleague of his entering the room. They started talking to each other, and my doctor quickly decided that I was robbing him of his time, not helping enough and making the process lengthy. They soon decided that they don't want to miss the evening entertainment for some fuarrrking cunt like I am, so the doctor said he'll just "deepfreeze the stuff of this glitterboy and continue tomorrow". While the general aura of trust I had for the doctor was leaving, I also saw him throw the parts of my brain into some sterile plastic bag, apparently with the intent to freeze it. I knew that if freezing happens I'll die no matter what, and so did he. I didn't really panic, but kind of felt sad for my life ending this way. At some point I saw scenes of the doctor consulting my family about the sad happenings and the complications that arose during surgery, of course saying made up excuses that looked totally legit. I was still in the heavy air coma during this time with hard to explain/abstract visions popping up, usually about the singing or the bloody thing.



But suddenly, while the doctor was out of the surgery room and my brain + the top of my head still in on the table, Ixtli (*) popped out of thin air, and kindly told me to think of my "elements" again, which I did. She then stopped floating in the air and descended to the room, changing face and clothes into a military officer and taking command of the place. A lot of people also appeared with her, some got the job of arresting the doctor and others to fix me up, which both happened. There even was a black drake (almost like Alduin) in the surgery room, just slowly breathing and looking at the events. I soon had first person vision again, and was walking around on my own legs like a drunk person, but somehow never in the danger of falling. I knew the doc was taken care of, and some nurses were consulting my family now, and one of them following me around asking questions to asses whether I'm fine or very fine. I still felt weird but most of the time I was inside myself now, very calm but now more active in terms of movement. I woke up not too much later while exploring the lounge area.

(*) character from RahXephon, seems to be able to manipulate minds/memories, and a bunch of other godly stuff. Looked exaclty like Ixtli, and I was "assured by the dream" it is her.


File: 1432267487733.png (96.02 KB, 200x197, allahuTea-bar.jpg)

One bump


How do you feel in regards to your virginity? Do you value it greatly? If so, and you intend to preserve it for "the one", than it could be that you feel remorseful for not having done so. Somewhat relevant to the concept of Buyer's Remorse (IE: Seemed like a good idea at the time, however upon analysis you feel mistaken).


Do forgive for long wait.

>had a dream in which I found myself on the front lines of WW1

Perhaps this war represents an inner conflict that you subconsciously feel the need to resolve. Or perhaps signifies that you sometimes feel "at war" given specific social situations.

>Myself and some randoms were wondering around the front lines, standing above the trenches when there was an attack.

>Myself and someone else ran into a foxhole where there were two rifles

I feel like running into the foxhole is a reference to you "hiding away" from yourself and/or others. Acquiring the rifles therein seems to mean that you hide away and then arm yourself, preparing yourself for aggression or hostility as, perhaps, a reaction to insecurity.

>We tried to fix bayonets but for some reason the bayonets wouldn't fit on the rifles

You try to arm yourself as best you can, however you do this rushed (perhaps feeling the urgency to "protect" yourself as more direct than it really is) and then "enter battle" unprepared.

>I felt physically sick after that, I actually felt sick and horrible. After that as the attack kept coming I purposely fired slowly and only at people posing a threat to me.

>I knew I would have to kill but I didn't want to anymore. I didn't want to die or have my side lose the war but I didn't want to kill anymore people than would achieve my own survival

Perhaps a manifestation of the realization that you needn't always resort to hostility when given poor situations. Many of my conclusions are arising from an assumption or feeling of social insecurity. (IE: Hostile behavior in social situations in fear of being "attacked". Somewhat like a "prevenge" of sorts. You're trying to disable any potential enemies prior to even knowing whether they pose any threat or not.)

I don't feel I really interpreted this well and will try to look back at it and see if I can discern an alternative interpretation.


Something about Swedens conservative party having a band that is 4-5 dwarf sized lego robots


File: 1438936401371.png (882.28 KB, 200x186, 1414090141494.jpg)

-i heard rumors of this certain attractive woman who entered people's dreams and spoke to them.
-i was then visited in a dream (in the dream) by this very woman asking me to join her.
-after waking up, i found myself in an extremely large and mostly empty room with a system of pillars inside.
-she visits me inside of my mind.
-she shows me a cloaked alien ship that hovers over a desert, releasing smaller ships that fly away.
-she says that she is an affiliate of the beings in control of the ship.
-the ship rises into the sky to leave Earth, decloaking and revealing part of its shape in the process.
-she asks me to join and work with her, but that it will cost me.
-she says that she can give me a "third eye" of some sort, but it will cause green slime to come from my two original eyes whenever i talk to someone.
-even though i am not sure i want to join her, i am intrigued enough to follow her to a place deep within the pillared room.
-she leads me through a door at the very end of the enormous room, and i find myself in a small square room with two other "women" waiting for me.
-they are old in appearance, one being plump and the other being thin.
-they both have black scraggly hair reminiscent of witches, and periodically laugh and cackle as if they are having a conversation with each other.
-i get a strong feeling that these three women are somehow not what they appear to be.
-the two older women start explaining something to me that vaguely sounds like a contract or list of duties and rules to abide by.
-i turn around and see the young woman (whose name i still don't know) perform what looks like a spell of sorts on me.
-it only takes a couple of seconds, and when it's done i feel a bit different, more aware, but in a way i can't understand or explain.
-the young woman tells me to go back to the normal world and try things out.
-i get back and start speaking with someone at my old job, and as told i feel a green slime coming out of one of my eyes.
-after wiping it out, i try talking to someone else, and the same thing happens, making it difficult to maintain a conversation.
-after another conversation i realize that this plight is permanent (at least as long as i have this "third eye"), and that the slime also randomly comes out of either eye.
-i begin to wonder how i got stuck with this, and think about what i am going to say to the woman who has enlisted me into whatever this is.
-she explains that this is only one ability she can give to me, and that it can get stronger, however with more power comes greater cost (namely, more green pus oozing out of my eyes).
-even though i know this is not a good idea and i should get out, i am still intrigued as to what the other abilities are.
-i am left wondering what the heck i should do, and who she really is.


A dream I had nearly every night when I was around 8, my memory might have modified it a bit but it's quite vivid still.

>typical "VR" environment, total whiteness

>From the "glass" floor lot's of human shapes appears
>Stands still, does nothing
>Suddenly start to punch on each other, forms a giant pile of violence until they're almost indistinguishable
>Huge piles of soykaf hit them from every direction and crushes them into a single hardened pile
>everything sinks back into the glass floor
>repeat ad infinitum


Hm... I've heard stories of people being ill in waking life, then have a dream similar to what you described and than awake realizing the illness dissipated in the night,


Sorry if this is long and nonsensical.

My dream starts with me sleeping in bed (at this point I'm an anime girl, I'm probably 14). I go under my sheets because I'm too cold. Eventually I start to feel something touching me all over my body. I try to get my sheets off so I can see who's there but I can't find a way out. I grow a giant futa dick and someone starts fuarrrking molesting it! I try to scream and struggle but no sound comes out. Eventually I throw my sheets off and escape from whoever was molesting me, and I realize that I'm in a church with a bunch of other people in beds around me. They're all awake, staring at me. I look for the door and see 2 ghosts floating away and realize they were the ones molesting me. Apparently I'm in a church camp and the walls have been breached by evil spirits. (I transform into myself around here) We all get up and go outside so we can start fortifying the church and keep the monsters out. There are a few werewolves and lake creatures (we're on a small island), a few people die, but we manage to keep the monsters away and make it back inside. We go up to the top floor of the church and I notice that everyone has a special power, and mine is using a device to protect people. Someone hands me the device, and I start to operate it.


>I was running through this house
The house encompasses who you currently are within the dream.
>I was trying to save this little girl
Said little girl may embody your innocence, or a similar positive trait of which you'd rather retain.
>these monsters
The monsters may signify more distasteful traits that have intruded upon your persona.
>horrifying creatures, my god
Due to the explicitly horrible appearance of the monsters I believe that this may signify that these traits are quite repulsive and potent in their atrocity.
>I tried to fight them
Being that you're attempt is to rescue the girl from these monsters shows that you fear that the monsters, terrible traits you've acquired, exhibit a risk to destroy the girl, your innocence (or perhaps sanity, well-being, good traits, etc).
>I kept getting torn to shreds by them
You're failing to preserve the traits you desire, for the negative traits are overwhelming. You feel that you keep trying to dispel them, though to no avail, thus forcing you to attempt such over and again. It seems that the more you try, the more you fail.
>I would be right outside the house after I died
Assuming the house encompasses your persona, your being outside of it at your death and failed attempts to destroy the monsters means that you're no longer yourself or who you used to be soon thereafter every attempt. Perhaps, you feel, that the only way to rid yourself of the monsters is to isolate or abandon them, thus you change yourself- exit who you are (the house).
>I would immediately sprint in and grab the girl
Deciding now to merely change in entirety rather than fixate on the poor traits, you try to preserve the good traits of your former self- the little girl.
>I eventually killed the beasts pummeling them to a bloody pulp
Through means of this new mindset were you enabled to finally rid yourself of what you wanted.
>and the girl was of course traumatized by this
You were able to change whilst still retaining the trait you'd desired- though this trait remains somewhat changed or, perhaps, tainted.
>We then ran out through the basement
You've escaped yourself finally.
>some common colors withing the house were brown walls, and yellow lights
>with the exception of the bright white light near my exit
The pale colors and "tainted" lights might be an indication of a pale existence within this home (yourself). The white light at your exit means that it was time for you to escape and that this was a good decision.

>This was extremely terrifying for me, I typically do not dream ever.

Was this nightmare recurring? This might be the reason you dream so seldom. Most afflicted by recurring nightmares eventually stop recalling all dreams as to ensure to isolate the nightmares in subconscious.

Does any of this seem like it may be vaguely accurate? Let me know.


>in my home, in my bedroom
>everything is bleak almost like a gray filter
>moving around my house when I notice that there are spiders everywhere
>The spiders are attached to objects, ie my fridge, table, books, etc in my house but they are unmoving
>These a very large spiders with long legs that grapple the objects they are on, they are almost like spider crabs without a shell
>near the mouths of the spiders is some kind of tube that looks like it is siphoning something
>I am not alarmed of these spiders at all
>all of a sudden my cat walks by and there is of course a spider on it
>all of a sudden i'm alarmed, I move to kill the spider on my cat
>pry it off at the abdomen area
>rip off abdomen and notice that i just broke open an egg sac on it back
>spider skitters away
>chase it down and kill it
>for some reason I have the impulse to wash its corpse under hot water
>wake up

Sorry for bad greentext I usually do not post in the greentext format

When I woke up I had that "creepy crawly" feeling.


Not exactly a single dream, but a recurring thing in my dream is to see a rattlesnake, not malicious or anything, but it's just sitting on the curb or grass and we look at each other, then I go about what I was doing previously.

I've seen it a bunch of times. Any possible significance?


File: 1443310907422.png (75.59 KB, 200x200, 1443162497512[1].jpg)

I had a pretty cool and strange dream. I found this one interesting because it had a soundtrack.

>I'm in a large mostly dirt field on the back of a hill

>there's a big corn (?) field further down the hill and there's going to be some kind of music festival there
>This place is way out in nowhereville up on a mountain
>I'm sitting in a car I used to have (an old Durango)
>there's several hundred people milling around close to where the stage is supposed to be
>I'm listening to some kind of heavy metal type stuff on the radio, which isn't really my kind of music
>suddenly these huge (about 8-9 feet tall) grim reaper like figures come in from behind me and just glide up to random points in the crow or near them
>the reapers are carrying scythes, wearing robes ( I believe they were dark colors, but not just black. There may have been dark red ones), and their skulls look like Dia de los muertos style imitation skulls but without the paint
>people are just checking them out and a few people start asking them questions like "Are you event staff or something? If not I don't think you can have that (scythe) here" etc.
>The reapers remain silent and motionless
>Something happens and time fast forwards
>The reapers are gone and now there's several thousand people
>There's a band on stage getting ready
>I'm still listening to the radio
>Suddenly the reapers re-appear but this time there's more of them and their clothes have changed
>There's 30~ reapers now and they are all wearing light pastel color robes
>Some of them have symbols or writing on their chests but I can't make it out
>I'm just sitting there watching them but nobody else acknowledges them
>Suddenly one swings his scythe and cuts a dude clean in half just above the waist
>My eyes bug out of my head and I immediately slam the car into gear, cut the wheel, and stomp on the gas
>Just as this happens a new song starts playing on the radio that reminds me of Doom's E1M1 track
>I go flying over the top of the hill and land on the dirt road on the other side
>I keep driving full speed and lean out the window to scream at some people on the road to GTFO
>Do a sick Initial D drift right between two kids who are kicking a ball around
>I keep driving until I get much further downhill to this big restaurant that exists IRL
>I jump out of the car and I go to run inside and get help
>For some reason I have ski poles in my hands and I lean them against the wall
>When I get to the door I start thinking about what I'm going to say
>I go "But what if they don't believe me? What if that was just some kind of act for the band and I look like a huge retard?"
>Dream ends


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A bit similar to a dream I had, also with soundtrack because it was a movie's trailer. The song is one I hear in lots of places and I've been wanting to know its actual name for months but never found out. This is a part of it: https://u.teknik.io/Fwj1AH.mp3
>Hear the song in a movie's trailer
>I'm paying attention to lyrics so I can look them up in DDG and get the name of the song
>The movie is about three Italian or Argentinian-looking men
>Their job is to write poems that tell the fate of people who're going to die soon
>They give the poems to a being that kills the people in the poems
>One of the writers is driving through some yellow fields in the middle of nowhere
>The car stops and the being is approaching through the fields
>It looks like one of those wood dolls used for drawing models, it's like 2.5m tall
>It's walking with its arms crossed in front of its chest, with a stick in each hand
>Each stick is connected to a black horse's rein, the doll is pulling and making the two horses follow it
>It reaches the car and asks the writer if he have him a poem that said that a certain person was to die
>The title of the poem was the title of the movie and the name of the song, something like "the death riders" but it had the word "neck" somewhere
>He answers yes, and the doll tells him that he wrote the name of the wrong person, and made it kill an innocent man
>The trailer ends, I couldn't understand any part of the lyrics


5-6 times every day


I usually have very vivid dreams about looking up into the sky and seeing a bunch of celestial phenomena. I.E.
>planets/ moon/ asteroids up close to Earth
>densely populated stary sky with a bunch of star flashing
>black holes
>static sun




It was me and some kid outside a big building of sorts where Primus was playing and Elvis Presley snuck us in.


>At a rest stop on the side of the road with my mother.
>The stop has a beach and a food kiosk.
>This is obviously in Australia, the beach is surrounded by huge Gorge walls and the dirt is red.
>There is a really loud group of middle age bogans (Aussie rednecks) yabbering on to each other.
>Decide to get up and walk to a bench in the middle of the stop, which is shaded by some trees.
>The Bogans heading towards the beach pass me.
>On closer inspection their faces look really munted, like goblins or something, with huge grins and sharp teeth.
>I head back to my mother and the car.
>She doesn’t seem to talk.
>Next thing I know there is a chick wearing a baseball cap waling towards us.
>I had noticed her before sitting at a bench speaking to herself saying "I wonder if these people speak English they aren't listening to the world cup" as she listens to that very event on SBS radio.
>Hey do you guys speak English she asks some of the remaining Bogans who didn't go to the beach
>Yeah 'course we do this is Straya love.
>Why weren't you listening to the world cup?
>World cup *scoff* where do you think we are this is Straya cunt.
>Oh okay thanks
>She begins walking towards us again
>On arrival she says "Oh wow I really exited to meet new people, a big thing has happened in my life.
>But I'm more exited by the male over here.
>She runs at me a envelops me in a hug.
>She stays like this for 10 seconds, I do nothing,
>Next thing I know we are at the beach about ankle deep in the water
>HAHAH isn't this exiting
>Yeah I guess so, I say
>Do you know why I'm so exited?
>Well it's because of a new drug from Japan, Red Pixie Dust
>Out in front of us appears a semi transparent holographic display
>On it is a Youtube search displaying multiple videos about Red Pixie Dust.
>MIRACLE DRUG FROM JAPAN GET fuarrrkING CHINK CHICKS TODAY are the sort of titles these videos have.
>The thumbnails are very explicit scenes from random JAVs
>I refuse
The dream now cuts to me at the open day of some guy's house. This house is owned by a slightly rich genius programmer who likes puzzles. I admire the man but, I'm frustrated by the fact that I can never speak with him. The house is on a precipice overlooking the beach but it is surrounded by rolling sand dunes and grassy hills obviously further down south than the last spot. The house is ultra compact i.e. it has loads of sliding compartments that all fit into one another. The decor is like a preschool fun-house or playground all the colours are bright and everything is plastic. All the other guests can't understand the point of the whole thing and find it disgusting. On the other hand I think it's genius and have a great time looking about the place. When that's all over everyone but me is having drinks and refreshments out on the balcony. I am standing there not sure if I should sit or not because the Red Pixie Dust girl is there. She is the life of the party as expected. Genius programmer man sees me and comes over.
>Aw man this girl is so fuarrrked up
>Yeah, pretty interesting
>You know why though?
>Yeah it's that party drug from Japan
>It's pretty munted
>Yeah can't see myself having any
We both crack up laughing and the dream ends.


Anyone wanna give me a go? I lost some of what happened, but I'll try to give you the things that personally stood out to me.

My dream was similar to my normal life with a few minor changes. I was still the exact same person I am now. I was living a similar lifestyle to the one I'm living now. I was playing an odd video game in which I had a sister that was similar to the sister I have in the dreams "real life" and in real life. Earlier in the day of my dream I was playing my game. It was just a normal day. I had to do something and get off the game, so I left for whatever it was I had to do. Somehow, a man managed to murder my "real" sister in my dream, and I was consumed with rage. I was driving with another man, and we both killed the man who killed my sister. Then we somehow gained height due to something like a ramp, then we crash landed in the ocean that was in my video game. There was a bunch of pillar-like rock structures in the water, and I climbed atop one(at this poing, my view changed from first person to third persom). I may have prayed, and then my sister appeared in front of me. I began bawling at the top of my lungs at the site of her, and then my hiew transitioned to the "real" me outside of the video game, where I was also crying while staring at the TV screen and holding my controller. The dream went on for a while after this, but it was essentially just like ordinary life.


complete amateur here, so sorry if I'm wrong.
what I'm getting from this is you're very attached to your sister and fear her getting involved with a bad person you don't trust. in this case, you fear the worst might happen - that she'll die and you'll never see her again. this isn't to say you think she shouldn't be with any man, as indicated by the friend who helps you get revenge. he represents a "good man", or just somebody who you've met and trust. maybe you don't have enough trust in her judgment, or maybe you just think she needs a man to protect her.

the inner/outer dreams part is more interesting. maybe the reason why your dream reality is just like actual reality is because on some level, you question its realness? like not that you think you're living in the matrix but more like you see everything around you as a projection onto the world, just like you were living in your own fantasy. the fact that your sister is consistent through all of this shows that she's connected to a lot of this doubt, maybe it's that you doubt her personality and decisions like I mentioned earlier, or maybe it's that you doubt your perceptions of her. the fact that your videogame has her in common as well might show that you have this constructed image which you turn to as a kind of painkiller - like you're distracting yourself almost? the way one normally would with videogames.

okay, so after the girl dies in the dream your entering the dream in the car shows how dream-you tries to escape into self-delusion after the death of someone you hold dear and becoming a murderer. the fact that male friend sticks around for the ride shows how male friend is actually just a reflection of yourself (it's a dream so you are all one anyway).

the videogame world could also represent the afterlife, since you died after killing the guy and driving into the ocean. in that case the crying as you wake up from the game could be a kind of reincarnation, in that you have a desire to be reborn after your sister died.

I also see the waking up from the videogame as part of the delusion - if your sister's death was inside a game the entire time, then it must not have happened. could also be your subconscious saving you from the implications of playing out the death of your sister, after seeing how far you would go, or that there was no more need to keep on simulating it.

I keep coming up with more ways to interpret this thing. The reason why your reaction in the videogame (crying) mirrors dream reality is because whether your sister is dead or not, it doesn't matter because your false perceptions of her will lead to your suffering.

the tears and ocean could also be part of the redemption motif, as if you were being cleansed or baptized.

that's all I can come up with for now, I hope it helped somewhat.


It seems a recurrent theme in my dreams are planes(crashing down, dropping bombs, firing) wich seems rather strange to me as i have never been on a plane and neither do I watch or read anything related to them.


Thank you for giving me your interpretations. Yes, lately I have been questioning the authenticity of my reality, so you're absolutely correct on that. I've been feeling increasingly disassociated, the other day I felt as though every step that I took was only possible by the work of some kind of puppet master. But as for the sister thing, I don't really even talk to my sister at all. I know it's horrible to say, but besides having an emotional attachment to her due to seeing her since she was born 13 years ago, she isn't a very large part of my life.


I had vivid one last night

it starts off and it's christmas and my parents have invited all my old friends from primary and highschool who I never see. at first I'm panicking because I think they are going to ask me hard questions I don't have answers to like "what are you up to" and "why did you stop talking to us for no reason" but they are all being really cool, and we are all having a good time.

then we decide to go out and we are in a fictional city which has been part of a few of my dreams before but not very often. we are going to go to a weed smoking club and we are smoking all the way as we walk there. we get to the club and a big fat black bouncer is keeping us out, I ask if we will ever get in and he says he's not stoping us it's just a slow queue and have a chat with him he turns out to be really friendly.

then he tells me to look up and instead of bending my neck I try and lean back to see up the building. once I get far back enough I cans see some guy one floor up spitting down on us, we avoid his spitting and get in.

it turns out this club is a rollerblading disco thing and all the weed smoking goes on in the changing room which is all glass so you can see the people rolling about. at this point I realise everyone in this place is black apart from me, and two of the people who I came in with, the friend who told us about it is now a skinny black kid. suddenly he gets a call from his dad complaining about all his weed smoking, he hands me his joint and goes out to talk to his dad. as I watch him leave I realise the entire roller blade hall is hot boxed, the smoke is so thick you can't even see past the windows any more, every one in the changing room explodes with laughter because we all realised it at the same time.

the joint he gave me is now massive, wrapped with a banana leaf instead of paper and lit at both ends, one side is smaller and has less ash so I draw from that side. I take a huge draw it's like a cartoon watching the thing burning up closer to my mouth. I take it out, hold my breath as long as I can and exhale the smoke. only the smoke doesn't rise it just floats away at mouth level and there are lots of cinders in it too.

then the joint gets passed about and some fat chink I've never met tries to steal it and I fight him for it, this is where I wake up.

it should be noted I never really smoke weed so it's a bit odd to have a dream so focused on it.


I only remember the end of this one, and it was kinda confusing, but here it goes

I was explaining to someone (might have been my mom but idk) about the three different "timelines" that I was aware of
timeline1 - I am born in New York and remain in New York
timeline2 - I am born in New York and move to Florida (in waking life I was born in New York and now live in Florida)
timeline3 - I am born in Florida and remain in Florida
I told her "I want to go back to the timeline where I'm born in New York and then go to Florida, but I want to be conscious of it, I don't want to forget this."
Immediately after I said that I woke up
in timeline2, conscious of the transition

I'm sorry if this doesn't really make sense its all I can remember


Had this dream a few years ago. I was in my psychologist's office; he was holding an Adderall pill and saying that I needed to take it. He seemed like he was mad at me, fed up in particular, and he was telling me that if I didn't take the amphetamines I would end up being a boring loser.


File: 1450176506604.png (461.04 KB, 200x86, GVV07.jpg)

I was walking through my hometown when suddenly I see lots of topless mature women wearing red armbands. I walk closer to see it's a Nazi party rally. With lots of smiling, well dressed Nazis handing out flyers and talking to people about their cause. The public seemed very receptive.
Then some Asian hookers walked out of a nearby tattoo parlour and complained that the Nazi MILF's were stealing their business. I made a joke about the Axis forces working together and then I left.
I had to walk my dog (which I don't have) so I entered my fictional ultra-modern house and pulled out a portal-gun straight from Rick and Morty. I took my dog through the portal to a giant field and let him run around and take a soykaf ect. As I was heading back through the portal someone tried to follow me, only to get severed when the portals closed. It was very cartoony, no blood, there were just bits missing from this alive and conscious human, he didn't even seem to be in pain.
The next day I went back to the street where the rally was expecting to see them again but they were nowhere to be found, even the hookers were gone. I turned to a stranger and asked where they'd gone. He said
>"You totally missed it. Everyone was fuarrrking. I fuarrrked Gamera."
I was very disappointed
>"It's okay man," he said "There's a video online."
I went home and tried to find it but in all the thumbnails I never saw Gamera.
I then woke up horny and unfulfilled.

Some backstory.
>I'm not a Nazi nor have any particular interest in their cause.
>I do like mature women
>And Asian women
>I don't like dogs
>I last watched Rick and Morty many months ago
>I don't think I've ever seen a Gamera film, though I know of his existence.


I was staying at a lake house in Quebec with my family, the house itself is real but I haven't been there in years. For some reason I still went to class at my current university in the US. About a 10 minute walk or quick boat ride away were our neighbors, which was a girl and her brother Cody (the only named person, I had new family members who were unnamed) and their strict parents. I went to class with the girl and we studied together once, the school disappeared after that one time. It was really rare to run into her on the island and she didn't have a phone, our only method of communication was through 4chan but all she would do there is post something like "where is that guy I talked to earlier" and whenever I frantically replied she wouldn't respond. My brother and his friend said goodbye and left, it was implied that we would never see him again. While they were packing up I saw the neighbors' car drive by with the parents and Cody inside, he rolled down the window but the car drove away. I ran to my boat and sped over to their house but it was only a bed. It was at that moment I realized I was dreaming (I kept rolling around and semi-waking) and I got a horrible horrible sinking feeling, one of those debilitating dreams that you can't shake.

I'm schizotypal and I haven't had any romantic interests for 7 years, it's not in a depressing sort of way, I just don't have any desire to have sex or spend time with someone new. Other than my parents, grandma, and an esoteric group I joined online that meets in a chatroom once every few months, I just break contact with people whenever they stop contacting me, I don't have a problem with losing or abandoning people. They don't seem to miss me. It's not guilty or sad, just neutral. I really miss the girl though, she seemed mentally unstable and obsessed but for some reason I loved her. I feel really broken knowing that she doesn't exist even if we never had any real memories or connection, we probably saw eachother a total of 10 minutes. I'm tempted to drive out there again and go inside her house (which is a real house, except she doesn't exist) but I feel like that would be the end of my life, I would fall apart.

Approx 15min after waking currently, probably tired-typing on phone


The memories are hazy, but this was the basic gist of it:
I live in some kind of small shack with a bed and a few posters around the room. This shack is in the back yard of what I assumed was my house, but actually was some kind of clinic when I looked at it more closely. All that's in the yard is a small tree and a chain that looks like it was used to restrain a dog which isn't attached to anything. There's a fence bordering somebody's house, but off to the side where the yard would be fenced in on my left is a concrete road which leads to some huge cityscape far away with large buildings visible in the skyline. As I'm wandering this yard and the sun is starting to set, I get startled by a hulking figure lumbering around the corner of the fence. It's like some kind of mental approximation of Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but with the details all wrong. His face looks weird as fuarrrk and as I try to concentrate on his features I notice that I can't really make out a coherent face, it looks nothing like Leatherface and it keeps changing in shape as I look at it. It doesn't really frighten me but it's tripping me out. All of a sudden he locks eyes with me and starts coming after me, and I start trying to run.

From here on it's very hazy what was happening, because I was running and hiding from Leatherface but none of the events were connected aside from that. I remember talking to a girl about the danger I was in, hiding in the trunk of a car, sprinting through some dark neighborhood looking for an escape, and all the while getting flashes of images of him either rounding corners to come after me or murdering somebody. I had a really weird moment of introspection where I thought about how fuarrrked up the whole situation was, and realized that what was happening to me had played out many times before as entertainment, in the form of horror movies. I got this terrible feeling that somebody was watching me and enjoying the show, never knowing the kind of terror that I was experiencing and not caring. It made me feel sick and helpless.

At some point undetermined point this all ended, and I was coming out of my shack in the yard to speak with Leatherface. He told me something about staying off his property, and I gathered talking to him that he didn't really give a soykaf about pursuing me any further. He starts walking away towards the city, then abruptly turns around when a girl steps out of the clinic with an ice pack on her forehead. She looks at him and goes pale in the face, and he shakes his head in frustrated disappointment before revving his chainsaw.


A constant dream I have from time to time is being a soccer player. As soon as I am about to make a goal I wake up and kick the air


I keep dreaming I am a worm


File: 1459496217772.png (47.6 KB, 128x128, 12553031_10153186540451879_1676965213836803902_n.jpg)

give me an email and i'll send you my complete dream log and some background information about irl events. hope it helps you. anyway...

>in the city of Florence, there is chaos regarding the horse situation

>horses are amok everywhere, horse-owners are desperate, and the city is hell traffic-wise.
>my close group of friends is here in the city, each minding their own business and resolving their horse-related conflicts.
>lots of homeless and exhausted people in the streets
>i talk to a friend's sister called Florence (pic) about giving her a kiss, and she says no, but i kiss her anyway and its ok (she offers no resistance)
from now on the log is hardly readable, but it mentions something like this:
>sarkis restaurant (my father owns it, i work there)
>elementary school girls slutted-out, whore-dressed, drunk af and desperate for rough, casual sex
>chat conversation with a friend we call "frog"


Holy SHIT. More than a half year later guess what: I had a similar dream, again!

This time however, it was different. Mew found out she could shrink to minuscule size, so she jumped into a pickle pot and was amazed how many bacteria there were for a acidic enviroment like that.

That's all I remember. God damn, I really need to stop watching The Magic Schoolbus, as that dream is almost a carbon copy of a MSB episode! It was quite vivid, tho.


File: 1470465227819-0.png (154.04 KB, 200x115, 11.png)

File: 1470465227819-1.png (132.16 KB, 192x200, 22.png)



File: 1470860520943.png (59.91 KB, 200x150, 1024px-Pik_4721.jpg)

I interpret my own dreams through Freudian free association, all material you could have no access to. self-interpretation is best-interpretation.


File: 1471005998817.png (284.41 KB, 200x199, wat.png)

i've had a few dreams about visiting an island that doesn't exist. in my dreams, it's located a bit west of ireland. i mention this detail because i've seen it on maps in my dream several times. it even has a name that i can't remember. anyway, i've sailed to it from mainland europe a few times and all the times i've sailed to it, it's full of cannibals and/or savages. i'm not sure why i keep visiting it because i end up hiding from the savages there when they inevitably notice me. i dont really control most of the thing i do in my dreams though, things just kind of happen in them. like i'm watching a movie. anyway, i visited the island again in my dream last night for the first time in a month or two. what was odd was that there were civilized people there, no savages at all. there were some buildings and structures and even a canal under construction. i have also forgot a lot of details in these dreams since i haven't written them down but what do they mean exactly? it kinda annoys me because the island is the only thing that's really out of place in the world.


the reapers represent social predators


>back at my office
>configuring some kind of Cisco switch but don't really know what I'm exactly doing
>only remember some kind of terminal screen
>suddenly in some kind of city with my sister
>air raid sirens go off but they sound weird
>enter first open building
>it's a toy store
>end up buying cheap toy revolver
>head back outside for some reason
>suddenly holding some kind of rifle
>buy wants me to do some kind willem tell routine where he runs towards me while ballancing one of those huge water jugs on his shoulder and I'm supposed to hit the bottle
>shoulder the rifle and miss
>hit his cheek instead but he doesn't seem to mind
>balances a huge brick on his shoulder with the intention that I shoot it
>feel the stock off the rifle against my shoulder and the resistance of the trigger
>can somehow imagine the brick shattering from the bullet
>for reason an add plays about how it's biodegredable and good for bugs or some shit
>wake up


Dayum, that theme tho.


File: 1472995895377.png (15.62 KB, 200x174, 5226f6be634968e9d25156084dcd8c5b.jpg)

A lot of things happened in the dream I had last night. Something I do remember was wearing a dress not dissimilar to pic related, but it had hot pink patches on it. A bit like a Gothic-lolita getup. Everyone said I looked pretty.
I'm a man, by the way.


>walk down the neighborhood road
>the bus is coming
>the very line that had just this year stopped operating
>it is also going the wrong way
>board it, I am the only passenger
>instead of sitting, grab the hanging strap and stand
>reach the town, bus is going downhill fast
>snap out of my stupor and realize I have to press the stop button
>press it late, very close to the bus stop
>the driver gets startled, swerves to the right and crashes into the bus stop
>wake up


I remember this one vividly from when I first moved in with my grandparents (I was 5)
>be little chubby me in muh livingroom
>grandmother comes out of fuarrrking nowhere
>Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin is chasing her
>I start to cry, for I fear that she may [censored for british readers/] stop living [/censored for british readers]
>then he looks at me, screams "BACK TO FORMULA", and proceeds to swing his arms in the air like a baboon
>he starts chasing me around in circles, around the couch in my livingroom
>I get tired while running, so I fall, before I hit the ground, I wake up
Since having it when I was five, I still have the nightmare every other week, waking me up in the middle of night in a puddle of my own sweat and tears. What does it mean?


File: 1489197417326.png (1.48 MB, 200x150, IMG_2497.jpg)

I keep having dreams where I have two girlfriends simultaneously. They are very unusual relative to all of my other dreams for the last few years, as they are totally blissful and nothing seems odd about them. It's always of women I've never seen or met before and it is generally not-x rated. So, it's not like threesomes or anything like that, but rather holding their hands, one to the left and one to the right of me; cuddling with them; kissing them, sort of alternating between giving them attention; lots of smiling and staring into each others eyes. Typical innocent lovey-dovey type stuff.

Very curious to know if anyone has an interpretation for this. I've only ever had one serious long term relationship and I haven't been looking for any sort of intimacy in months. Even now, there's no one I pine after. Akin to most dreams, nothing seems strange about having two girls at once until I wake up.


I had a strange dream last night:

I was riding my dog through the sky. He was much larger and he could fly. For some reason, I had to go back and forth over a huge, dystopian city - more of a tent city than a real city. There were buildings made of cardboard and old pallets.

When I landed, there were a number of racist meth heads that attacked me. They didn't like me for some reason but I don't remember why.

When landed, I coordinated with some kind of martial arts master...Kung Fu? He flew off into the sky on his own dog, and I followed him.

That's about all I remember. I normally don't remember my dreams at all.