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>tfw you get a dream with your waifu
dreaming is beautiful. i wish i could do this every single day until i die

i barely have dreams that i can remember tho, like one per month, any tips?


Writing down dreams greatly enables you to remember more. Whenever you do recall a dream, write it as soon as are you able- and preferably before you are fully awake. After having fully awakening 80% of the dream is allegedly already forgotten. Keep a notebook by where you sleep.


I've heard writing a dream journal improves your ability to recall your dreams and found this now:


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Is Hibiki you're waifu? She's in the anime, perhaps if you watch that just before bed you'll have more of her.


Sometimes I get nightmares. I don't want my waifu to experience my nightmares.


The only way I can remember a dream is doing a lot of exercise the day before and wake up the next day in an hour I'm not used to.


I've already dreamed with my waifu. It was not a perfect dream, I dreamed that she went with another fag.


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> having a waifu

Just kidding. I had a dream I was dating Ellen Page. Then I woke up and she was a lesbian ;_;


I've only dreamed twice with her, I want more...

Tried doing that several times, usually staring at her images on phone.


You could try dream potentiators.


Use wisely.


Also whenever you wake whatever you don't don't move or flip around in the bed. For whatever reason if you change your position after waking it dramatically reduces the chances of dream recall. I forget why this is, but it's been scientifically verified if I remember correctly.


I too forget the explanation but from personal experience, the more I interact with the physical world the faster memories of dreams slip away. I often have to quickly go and pee when my eyes first open so that is like accelerating deceased cetacea along a sandy oceanfront with my shoes.


>not wanting to be a girl and date your waifu
Lainon pls. That's the real dream right there


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I had a, rather fitting, lucid dream with my waifu about a week ago. It was the happiest I've ever been.


>get a dream
>tries to kill me
>embrace in hug
>still tries to kill me
>stop it every time
>doesn't want to kill me anymore
pretty good dream


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This seems like the best thread to post about the dream I had last night. It wasn't strictly about a waifu but it was a bout a girl I was enamoured with in the dream.

------start of dream----------

So to set the stage in this dream I was living in the real world, specifically Russia. The difference being Russia was much smaller and directly under China separated by a river. I know this because the firs thing I saw in the dream was an over head map of the world.

The girl was also quite interesting. She had killed her parents as a child with her brother and after many years of rehab and prison had fully recovered and was trying to live a normal life in china. She was quite small, aged early twenties and had medium length brown hair.

I don't know why I was interested in her, she isn't someone I know IRL or even in the dream. Regardless I get a flight over the river to china to meet her. I get to here house in the middle of the night with a bottle of champagne, some flowers and chocolate. For some reason she lets me into her house and we spend the whole night talking and drinking.

Eventually I have to go or I will miss my return flight but it is clear we are both hurting, wanting the moment to last forever. I'm about to go but I forgot something and when I go back to get it we say a second good bye and with out thinking I kiss her on the cheek. At that moment some one is coming in the house so I leave out the back and jump over the wall into the street.

I struggle to make it over the wall but as I am doing so I can hear who it was coming in and it is her mother (yes the dead one, not a ghost simply not dead any more. you just need to accept it as dream logic). She notices the bottle and stuff and instead of being angry starts crying. The mother is crying because she has her daughter back who has just had a normal life experience after all the terrible things she has been through.

-----end of dream--------

I'm not really sure how to interpret this dream. Spending the time with the girl was amazing, we got on so well and her cheek was the softest thing I have ever felt but on the other hand having to leave after such a short time was very painful. And why did she have such a background and the moment of redemption with her mother.

I do wish I could have someone IRL be as close as we were though.


>tfw you finally see couple of dreams with animu characters in them but now your waifu


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I had a dream of Raven last night.

I dreamed I was reading a comic with her and Beast Boy in it. She was being possessed, and then she started saying a poem I can't remember. Everything was and they cuddled together in bed after. And then I woke up.

That was a nice dream.


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When you see an anime character in your dream are they personified as a human or do you enter a sort of 2D world?


don't think too hard about it


For me they appear in their 2D form and blend in with the rest of the world, like it was the most normal thing.


I want to blur the line between dreams and reality. Maybe I need drugs.


Added bonus of noopept is that your dreams become more vivid.
A small dose, 10-15mg is enough.
Just saying.


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Anything, anything!!
To bring me closer to Lain!
The distance between us is marked by the pain in my heart.

So is there any gain? Any gain? Any gain? Any gain?