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I've started keeping a dream journal and my memory of my dreams has shot up exponentially. I remember… a LOT. I can see them becoming more vivid now as well.

Issue: I can't take control of them. I don't even realize I'm watching them seemingly until I wake up.

What do I do? What did it for you? I very much want to explore the world of lucid dreaming. Like, a lot.


What seemingly helps is to constantly wonder whether this is a dream or not- eventually this will translate into your dreams and you will realize that it isn't a dream. Whenever doing any reality checks in waking life, don't have any expectations as to what will happen or that it will fail- this will merely translate into your dreams and cause all your reality checks to fail.


I don't know if this happens to any of you but I have some of a consistent intuition of being in a dream (when actually dreaming of course). This leads me, for example, of comparing dreams as if they were memories, thinking stuff like "this dream is weird as soykaf" without giving it a second thought, and keeping notes in the back of my head relating the dream with something I gotta remember in walking life. Seldom I realize I'm actually aware that it's all dream logic and don't really mind it much, just flow with it….
Does… this happen to any of you?


I got it!!! Finally!! Although it was pretty quick.

I remember at some point in my dream telling myself to open my eyes, and I remember as I opened them in the dream I was sure I was going to wake up. It was very dark and I saw this girl who I started walking after. It was very late in the evening and it was dimly lit… I followed her to this rooftop and she turned around and gave me this kind of come hither smirk, so I walked up to her and immediately started kissing her, pulling off our clothes, and having sex with her. I was really getting into it when I realized I wasn't having sex with her… I was looking at ME having sex with her. I realized and instantly said, "is this a dream?" And her and the other me stop and pull off each other as if I just stopped an acting scene, and they're both laughing and saying he knows, he knows. Suddenly I'm looking back at the girl, who is now clothed and smiling at me, and I say, "are you my unconcious?" I was very excited when I said this because I could feel my mind beginning to work and my own awareness (in the dream) increasing. She looked at the other me, also now clothed again, and said I really don't know what that is. I thought to myself I should have said the word subconscious, why did I say unconscious… and it was as if right then the dream characters understood and started laughing at each other again. The girl grabs my arm still laughing and says, "We're you!! We're you!" And I remember feeling suddenly both tired and excited at the same time…. and then I woke up.

It was nuts. I don't know why I suddenly realized I was in the dream but it was very, very interesting talking to…. myself? I guess?

I can't wait to develop this skill. If I can turn my dream mind into a holodeck of sorts the possibilities really seem endless.


I'm having the same problem, though I've lapsed on the journal. But, I think I had a partial breakthrough with a dream I had about a week ago.
The relevant part is I was simulating the personalities of two people I know really well, my brother and my mom, and an incongruency with their real personalities was what tipped me off. I simulated my brother so flawlessly I couldn't focus on him and the rest of the dream at the same time. When it came to my mom, she was unusually cold towards me. I realized this wasn't how she actually acted, and then everything stopped and the dream literally started dissolving around me. Then I gradually became aware of my real body and surroundings, instead of the dream stopping and me waking up all at once like I usually do.


that's seriously cool, congratulations. As for what the girl in your dreams was, she could have been just something your subconscious cooked up like you said, but another possibility is that she was your Anima. further reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anima_and_animus


How I induce lucid dreaming is lay still, don't itch, don't move a muscle. Then after about half an hour you'll find you body has sort of gone to sleep, you can't move.

Then open your eyes for a second and close them again.


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I have always figured all of my dreams were a direct consequence of my real-life experiences in recent days.

Do you notice this, now what you have a record of you dreams?


Since I'm the guy who started this thread and it's still going, I thought I'd give you all an update.

I believe I have had at least 2 more lucid dreams since I last posted, and the last one was particularly vivid. I have had trouble keeping my dream log up to date and detailed because I have a very busy work schedule and do off hours. I try to do what I can, and write anything down at all when I wake up, even if it's just a vague sentence. I'm also eyecover poster OP, and that thing has helped me tremendously I feel. I can realize I'm in a dream often now, but I still have trouble taking control of it. Sometimes in the dream itself I can even feel myself fading back into belief that it's actually a dream, and then my memory fades as I accept the world I am experiencing.

My most recent LD involved me walking around through a town with some people and noticing that the weather was spectacular out and the sky was my favorite shade of blue. I looked off into the sky and saw a very strange looking geometric/angular car hovering there, zipping back and forth, and slightly changing its shape into other angular, geometric car shapes. I assumed it was an alien car. I then turned away to talk to someone and it flew right behind that person in the sky. I looked up and it continued to change shape into all sorts of odd angular looking things (reminded me a little of starfox ships). I then thought to myself, wait, this is silly. This is definitely a dream. At that thought I started racing through the town… I can't remember what it was I was trying to do, but I remember understanding that I was in an LD and I had to reach my goal… at one point I stopped and was like wait, better confirm this, and glanced at my hands for a reality check. Sure enough my fingers were very weird and twisted. I remember thinking to myself alright, I did it! and then I slowly slipped back into the dream. I don't remember much. I did choose to run in that dream though.


This gets me to something else; many LDers who post on LD blogs or reddit claim that LDs are alternate realities. Biocentrism theory seems to agree with this. I'm a little skeptical; even in my most vivid dream there is always ONE reality I seem to keep waking up in. The problem is when I'm dreaming I also believe this… and then I read this article http://www.npr.org/2015/01/29/382483367/you-can-be-convinced-to-confess-to-an-invented-crime-study-finds

Also if you have ever had a precognitive dream (not deja vu, a full up dream that you literally experienced in reality in the future) then this also calls things into question.

Any thoughts? If your reality really is just invented and exists in your mind then the idea of dreams being just another reality is likely. Then again… posting this on lainchan REALLY feels real…>>816


Maybe we're not going to sleep.

Maybe we're waking up.


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