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>tfw random lucid dream, my first one ever
>I could do anything! :D

Needless to say I completely wasted it.


I wish I could dream even just a normal dream because the last dream I had was in March. Does someone know a way I can improve my chances of having a dream?


But you do have dreams, anon.
I don't know where the idea came from that some people don't dream. That's bullshit, everbody dreams during deep sleep, a lot of people just have problems remembering anything they dreamt.
Forcefully waking up during deep sleep is one way to increase to chance of remembering, albeit not a very pleasant one.


Well shit I guess I just forget them all, I thought it was because of my shitty sleep pattern. I really don't remember having any of them even after I have just woken up. I'm sure waking up to a loud ass alarm is considered waking up during deep sleep or do you mean the dream itself gets to a point where it forces you to wake up?


I think it has a lot to do with the timing of when you wake up. If you snap awake during rem sleep then it'll be far easier for you to remember the dream.

If the time you usually get up in the morning after your alarm jolts you awake happens to be in a period between rem cycles then remembering doesn't work as gud.


I had a lucid dream yesterday, I realized that it was a dream and said to myself 'If this is a dream, I can walk through this wall', I did, but as I was in the middle of it, my vision went completely white and I woke up. Weird.


Cool, I'll look into rem cycles.


I would say:
>set an alarm to wake yourself up 2-3ish hours earlier than normal
>stay up for maybe 10mins
>go back to sleep(maybe even set another alarm)
>chances are you will go right into dreaming and you will probably remember them

For me typically if I am disturbed way earlier than normal I will remember most of my dreams when I go back to sleep and have little periods in between them when I wake up for about 5 mins(naturally w/o an alarm). Good luck bro.


the last lucid dream i had i became lucid when all these attractive girls were down to fuck. one looked like laura croft and she was impressed by how i was hovering around and shit (i hover a lot in my dreams and think it's normal). it hit me that i was dreaming because usually girls don't throw themselves at me because of my cool hovering ability. immediately after becoming lucid i decided not to fuck her (i can never get off in dreams and i had planned on trying to make contact with devine beings). to be continued my break is over


>usually girls don't throw themselves at me because of my cool hovering ability
I have that problem too


My lucid dreams are always pretty much the same
>lol lucid dream
>do some high jumps/flying
>get this feel like "something is approaching"
>feel really anxious
>wake up with that uneasy feeling


The last time I had a lucid dream, and could hover around a bunch of girls, was at least five years ago. I landed in front of a girl and went "well I'll just wake up if I do this-" and tried to grope her, but she started freaking out - without me waking up.

I started to apologize when suddenly she went batshit crazy, shoved me to the ground and started dryfucking me right there in public, grinding into me to the point that it started hurting me. When I started protesting I woke up with my boxers weirdly twisted and hurting my erection.


Had a similar experience a couple years ago, I was able to induce that I was in a dream one night. Then I realized that I was losing touch and so I quickly remembered some advice that if I spin around and something with carpet I'll stay asleep so I quickly ran into the house and did that and next thing I know I'm awake.

Was real buttmad, wanted to fugg me some squid grill before waking. Oh well.


>tfw no grills to mire hovering steez


woops forgot to ginish this dream. ok so right after i decided not to fuck everything around me transitioned out like some cool powerpoint transition and i was flying up above the clouds. i came to the peak of a mountain that i can only describe as eden like paradise. there i sat on the cliff of the mountain and talked to my own subconscious. i alked it how to atain unknown knowledge and it told me to inven blah blah blah. i asked it what blah blahblah was and it said it didn't know it just meant i should invent something new. i decided to call out and try to contact a devine being. a man who looked like the general god figure appeared next to me. i asked him if he was god and he said yes. i told him to prove it and he said he would turn the temperature down 30 degrees. i felt as if my body were shriveling up and dying. it was a sensation i've only felt when i was on acid. this convinced me but before i had any chance to ask him more questions i heard an authority type voice say " you two janitors come with me" i believed this man had called god a janitor and the idea that this janitor wasn't supposed to be talking to me came to me. i was shocked and they walked me over to a line of people who looked like concentration camp prisoners. god gave me a mouth guard and said "you might need this" i put it in my mouth and forcedmyself to wake up. i felt like the warden had showed up and was taking me back to the prison of waking life that i had just escaped from.


The first time I ever had a lucid dream was when I was 10 years old or so.
I realized that I was dreaming, so I decided to create a beach ball out of thin air to test my powers; then I materialized Hitler to punch him in a 70's cartoon style, and I flied for a bit around my neighborhood.

I've never been able to replicate that level of self-control inside my dreams again.


Once again the discussion raises around bineural beats, this time not of sound but electrical current.
Last time I dreamed lucid, I punched a concrete pillar to dust and jumped like Tarzan along high voltage wires and over roofs.
The fun was interrupted by my alarm clock. Well, at least I managed to remember the dream that way.


I've never ever lucid dreamed. Or maybe I have, but I couldn't tell.


I've never had a lucid dream

Last night I dreamt that I had a lucid dream: in my dream I remember saying 'this is a dream' and then 'woke up' after, then the dream ended..


wat do now


Was the meta-dream lucid?
Did you feel control over yourself telling you that it was a dream?
Were you reassuring yourself that you were in fact dreaming or did it just feel predetermined?


that's cool. it's like that thing they they sometimes do in anime or movies to confuse the fuarrrk out of you :-)


>used to lucid dream literally every night as a child
>almost never even remember my dreams as an adult
>get a lucid dream out of the blue one night
>decide I'm going to try to fuarrrk a girl like I used to in my dreams
>find a random girl
>make her more attractive
>can't think of anyone to make her look like (literally missing most of my memories)
>just make her generally attractive as I can
>fly her over to a water tower to fuarrrk her
>put it in
>can't really feel much, must not have fallen asleep in a position where I can reach my penis
>not even she looks like she's enjoying it
>try to make her look happier
>can't hold on to my libido, her face, and her expression all at the same time
>she starts turning green
>froth starts bubbling out of all her orifices
>she starts inflating and disintegrating into green foam at the same time while making horrible sounds
>wake up
>never lucid dream again




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>she starts inflating and disintegrating into green foam at the same time while making horrible sounds

That's horrible and hilarious at the same time.


my first time lucid dreaming:

> realize oh soykaf i am dreaming right now

> gonna try to fly
> start swimming like a frog trought the air for some reason with half the speed of a snail
> wake up
> dream wasted

no lucid dreams since then


The last dream I had that went lucid

I was sitting in my house, which for some reason had a counter to buy things from which I apparently worked at. I was with my mom.

Some guys came in to collect a debt, and were generic scary guys in suits. I said I had to use the bathroom and went. I had found a wallet earlier, it was on the bathroom counter, and was stuffed with money. I was debating using the money of whoever it belonged to to pay them off, when I realized I was on camera going through their wallet.

I realized that it was illegal to have cameras in bathrooms and started to become lucid, looked down at my hand and it was deformed.

I woke up shortly after, unable to control anything else.


My first and only lucid dream :

>At beach, on top of a huge as fuarrrk dune (at least 100m, probably infinite)

>Wandering around, thinking about people I know AFK
>Suddenly, I see people appearing everywhere
>This soykaf is a dream
>"Find" hot girl from high-school, we decide to fuarrrk
>She gets naked, we lay down and start "fucking" while rolling down the dune
>Feels good as fuarrrk for 1 sec
>Sun wakes me up

This was 3 years ago.


I've had two lucid dreams and they both happened the same night. I had been trying for one week by keeping a dream diary and checking my hands regularly and a few other things. When I realized I was dreaming the first time I panicked. I started flying just to get some kind of experience out of it but then the dream slowly faded out and I awoke.
The next time I found myself standing in a very dirty bathroom. It looked like something from a horror movie. I looked into the mirror and figured I was dreaming. Immediately I felt how the dream started to fade away. I started walking around in circles so I wouldn’t wake up but it didn’t work.
Both dreams where wasted. That was more than one year ago, but after that night I pretty much lost interest. Now I’ve found this board and I’m starting to get interested again. Maybe I should give it another try.


I don't have lucid dreams very often but this is the most recent one:

>some sort of a party at a shitty house

>go to the bathroom
>four different toilets, one next to the other
>hot girl coming in right after me
>just mind my own business and start peeing on the third toilet
>she sits on the second one
>starts talking to me
>she looks like a brainless blonde so zero fuarrrks given
>talks about Star Trek
>she's hot and a nerd
>now she has my attention
>she "teleport" to another part of the bathroom
>now I realize is a dream
>just go along with the talk until I wake up

the weird part is not that I didn't have sex with her, because right now I'm more interested in someone that I can talk to, the weird part is that I don't know anything about Star Trek.
I have not seen that show. I've seen things about Star Trek like memes, references in other shows, but I don't feel like I can talk about it.
I had a conversation with my HOT subconscious.


I think I had my first lucid dream last year. I had such a hard time trying to focus on staying in the dream that I wasn't really able to do anything. Also, it felt like my body was like some kind of physical shell for my dream form or something.