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Has anyone experimented with listening to binaural beats?

It sounded like a bunch of new age garbage at first, but I tried it out, fell asleep while listening to some and had a much better sleep than I've had in a long while. Also, I usually find it extremely difficult to recall dreams, but when I woke up I could remember so many little details.

Hopefully it's not just some placebo effect shit.



Here's a zip of the audio I used:

If you're trying to lucid dream or have more clear dreams you'll want either the 6 Hz or the 7.83 Hz waves. The others will probably just make you angry or cause your eyes to explode or something.

Also be sure to use headphones since the whole wave thing is predicated on stereo sound.


binaural beats are kinda trippy but I don't think they have very much of an effect. Did you try binaural beats with the intention of lucid dreaming? 'Cuz thinking about dreaming/lucid dreaming makes both more likely.


I have a fuckton of sooper compressed drug binaurals that come with there own special player so they can stay compressed. I'll post a mega here in a bit.


Alright files are at https://mega.co.nz/#!FNdSWJgb!usKN1AJ9eFO3EJLKG976PG2EItfWbpPFufrJzvAi15s
And since the program needs different ways to play across OS's, the site link is here.
Have fun guys.




I really liked Giles Corey's self titled, and the dude made a binaural beats album:


Turned me into a cellphone


I can't listen to them for long without panicking for some reason


are you listening to the right ones?

Waves of different frequencies have different effects on people. Certain waves cause fear and panic. Don't listen to those ones if you want to sleep.


I tried some that were supposed to be for relaxation, but got the opposite. I don't know much about the frequencies. Which would you recommend?


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I've just gone by what it says on wikipedia.

I think people have made music that has binaural effects but I haven't tried any of it.


sbagen is a pain to run on 64bit Linux


>literally random Greek letters, not even in order
Why do people do this?
>Alpha, this is Bravo. There's beta-radiation coming from pi meters from here, and it seems to be causing gamma-waves


Holy shit. I downloaded the files you uploaded and put the 6Hz and the 7.83 Hz files in a playlist and listened to it all night long. not only did i sleep way better but i had so many dreams and they were much clearer. I didn't land a lucid dream how ever. Thank you so much for the share.


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I'm glad I was able to help you sleep anon.


I was listening binaural beats for a while, and my brain was palpitating or something after that, so it was kinda cool experience


File: 1423110346554.png (153.72 KB, x, The Battle For Your Mind, by Dick Sutphen.pdf)

It changes your brainwave state. Are you afraid of different levels of consciousness anon? I read some books on the subject. Here's a cyb brainwashing one.


The explanation on how one brainwave is bad for you at one point or another is on page six or something…

You should know the differences between brainwave states too to understand what I'm getting at. Trying to get some theta waves in right now. 'night!


Can anyone upload the files to pomf.se?



Does it matter what volume you have them on? I've trouble sleeping with background noise, so I wonder if I were to lower them to where I practically couldn't hear them if they'd still have effect.


Listen to a hardstyle mix. Like one of those "radio" mixes by a big artist. It will activate your REM dreaming and memory and your eyeballs will be spinning around (according to my friend who woke me). Felt so good to wake up to pounding hardstyle.


Just install libc6-dev-i386


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Is there academic or scientific or acoustic or whateveric papers or articles on these? Id really like to read about how this works.


This looks like a good starting point:


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Can someone post the cmd line to create a wav file using the one of the scripts posted earlier

And the audio output doesn't work
but i don't mind since i just want to make mp3 files