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Anyone ever experience this? Do you find it to be annoying/negative or interesting?

I get it a lot now, i used to like it but now it gets annoying. It is just really uncomfortable, you need to slowly "unstick" yourself and can only move in small motions at a time. when you get an arm partly unstuck you focus on your leg then your arm gets stuck again. Then sometimes i give up because it is too uncomfortable and fall back to sleep. Basically 90% of the time i then have a dream that i am in sleep paralysis, finally get unstuck and roll off of the bed, then wake up from that dream in REAL sleep paralysis. This loop can go on for like 10 or more cycles sometimes, it only takes like a minute per though. Eventually you just "pop it" and your body can instantly move as normal. Take this chance to leave the bed, don't even think about getting 15 more minutes of sleep or you will be back in a time loop.

Here are some tips:
>Loud alarm clock
>Sleep with a partner
>Blink while trying to un-stick yourself
>Bite lip
>Make enough noise from your mouth so somebody can hear you and shake you (tough to do)


In many games when you get stoneturned/ensnared protagonist wiggles torso and breaks free. Unconsciously, I do the same - shake, or rather try to, torso and shoulders from side to side. It takes around 6-7 shakes to get it off, after that I wake up. Since sleep paralysis and most of nightmare conditions happen because of lack of oxygen, stimulating ribcage for better ventilation is actually a good idea.
Lack of oxygen can be caused by a bad posture. For example, when I lay hands on my chest, it obstructs breathing and after a long sleep I get nightmares. If you get it often, sleep in different pose, making sure nothing is pressing on shoulders or ribcage and neck is not bent in a weird way.


Yeah, I've been getting it on and off for years. I just try to relax and focus on moving my fingers when it happens. Even after having it for years and knowing what to expect the hallucinations I get when i have it still creep me out for a bit so I just try to ignore them and focus on moving my fingers. Usually once I can get my fingers wiggling everything else kinda snaps back into being under my control again.


I get it every time I get a nightmare. And I wake up in panic, and start screaming louder and louder, and as I scream the body starts moving.
Don't mind it tho, it brings some diversity into my routine life.


>Here are some tips:
>Sleep with a partner

How do I acheive this?


>"hey I usually get sleep paralysis and hallucinations when I wake up, it really creeps me out as I feel that the devilish creatures that come from my dreams are coming to kill me. Wanna sleep together so when I start screaming in fear you can help me?"


OK that is the worst pick up line I've ever heard.


Basically what i want to say to a woman. If it gets to that point i will hire hookers to actually sleep with me, not to have the sex.

Anyone else get caught in a "loop" like i do sometimes? It is like kicking dead whales down the beach.


> girl, I've had some kinky tricks pick me up before and even some dudes who just wanted to cuddle and cry on me but this guy last night? Didn't want sex or nuthin'. He just lay there asleep and every now and then would start screaming. The sheets were soaked with sweat by morning. I didn't sleep a wink but he paid well for it.


This happens to me a lot but I'm usually way too sleep deprived to care enough. I just let it happen and then go back to sleep.


Happens to me a few times a year I would say, sometimes more often. I hate it when it happens, its terrifying. I wake up and often I vomit and then I'm too scared to go back to sleep. The most frustrating thing is no one else understands how bad it is unless they've been through it themselves. It's more than a 'bad dream' you feel like you are dying.

I make sure not to fall asleep in the 'sarcophagus' position these days in an attempt to reduce it. Interesting however I rarely (if ever) have supernatural hallucinations. Often they're people I know, I'm screaming at them to help me but no sound or air comes out of my mouth and they just sit still in the corner of the room.