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I had a dream that I had Windows 10 installed on my laptop.
That's literally it.
How do you guys get such cool dreams?
Inb4 drugs.


Well dreams are projections of our walking life, I for example dream of the subway very often, as I've used to spend a significant portion of my day in there. I recently dreamed I was finding my way in an unknown city, which happens somewhat often in my life.
Then when I spend most of my time programming I dream I'm doing just that. And so on.
So go out more often and meet more people and
try not to smoke weed, you won't remember most of your dreams that way, I guess the same thing goes for booze


I think the intensity of the dream depends on the sleep phase you're in when you have it. REM dreams apparently are the most realistic.


>windblows 10
What a nightmare.


If this is literally true how come I saw this bait posted on 2 other chans with the same fuarrrking image.


How is this bait?
Why shouldn't it be true just because he posted it somewhere else?


he didn't even imply it was a nightmare or anything, he just commented how it was lame in contrast to his usual life.


read books


Recently my dreams become weirder every night, probably because I have poor sleep.

Last night I dreamed about a Chinese girl named Xiao Xiang, who stomped on the tongue of a man, so he died due to loss of blood. She later shot some black spray in her face and became blind. Afterwards she got bullied and I felt pity for her.

This was food for thought as a breakfast.


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that wasn't a dream, that was a nightmare


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Although dreaming about RMS snapping and becoming a ruthless dictator, deporting every non-obedient programmer and enemy to the GNU+State to labor camps to work on truly Free Software isn't that great either I imagine.

Back to topic; I don't know either what the fuck exactly makes a good dream.
I do recall however listening to podcasts or audiobooks while sleeping steers the general narrative of what I am dreaming about.


Most of my dreams are based off of video games. Since I was a kid. Some are based off of my parents' strange behavior (one is probably autistic and the other a schizo).


>that I had Windows 10 installed on my laptopthat

The horror.

Look at art before sleep.
It sometimes works for me to look at a mix of art, mostly symbolism and surrealism, before sleep.
Some wild mix of it and other stuff might end up in the dream.


My dreams are mostly indistinguishable from real life, only difference is that my austistic instincts are on overdrive when in my dreams.


I usually can't tell whether or not my dreams are real or not until I go somewhere that I used to live in and I go "Wait a second, don't I live in [x] now?"
Or like I recognize something from a video game I haven't played in years. Or I start flying towards the end or some crap.
Third way to distinguish if it's a dream or not is if there's a mall in it because I don't go to the mall but literally 90% of my dreams take place in or near a mall.


I often dream of ships and airports.
I spend a lot of time travelling.
Makes sense to me.


That's really weird because I know a Chinese girl with that exact same name


Maybe that's the Chinese equivalent of being named Sarah Smith.


If it is just in Latin transcript it can be several different characters.
So not necessarily the same name.


Find something interesting to obsess about.

I typically dream about whatever obsession I currently have.


Xiao is a common nickname too. It can, depending on the character, literally mean "little“ which acts as a diminutive. So Li Er is often Xiao Er to her friends or Wu Ming could be Xiao Ming.


your dreams are based on what you think of before sleep and past memories and traumas and soykaf
so i guess get a better life?


>try not to smoke weed, you won't remember most of your dreams that way
Most people overlook this fact. Weed helps you actually fall asleep but it heavily disrupts sleep architecture and actual REM sleep.


I once saw a dream that Windows 10 forcibly installed itself on my PC, I woke up screaming.


There seems to be different ways the mind works with thoughts, some will be great visualizers who can imagine complex scenes, some will have flighty thought patterns that make for more chaotic dreams, and then some just got blessed with the soykafs. You may be able to cultivate intensity by practicing visualization based meditation (picture a dice and roll it around, spin it, etc. until you have something cohesive; practice rendering other objects) and imagination-based thought games (you're in a room with a door, go through the door, what do you see? Explore the compound.)