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Thinking of looking into nocturnal sleeping schedules. Any tips? Should it be a gradual transition or should I just suddenly switch from a "regular" sleep schedule to a nocturnal one? Also, are dreams any different through this means of sleep?


What is your motivation behind this?


Less people around at night and enough 24-hour stores/restaurants open insomuch that I can do as I wish without having to deal with people as much.


You will fuarrrking go to restaurants in the middle of night? Holy soykaf lucky fuarrrking bohemian bastard.

I have gone nocturnal for some time, but the dreams are the same. On other news you are probably going to sleep more, because you will be waiting for it to get dark (its not dark for most of the day), you will probably adopt something like 12/12 schedule, then your brain melatonin will be fuarrrked up and you will feel more tired even while sleeping more. Other than that - just go for it, nothing bad will happen if you just switch, as long as you have the guts to go thought first day with it (you might feel uncomfortable/tired/blabla, drink some coffee, but dont kill yourself).


I have done this by accident once. Beware, it's hard as fuarrrk to switch back to your regular sleep schedule.


nocturnal sleep? you mean you'll start sleeping at night? well most people do and they sort of function alright, so I guess it might work for you.

Now, for a real answer, I guess it's not too bad an idea, the main drawbacks I can think of is regular people schedules, like your dentist appointment who works during the day.
For jobs I guess night jobs are good niches as most people don't even consider that. Moreover, you'll be more than awake at dawn which is supposed to be healthy, and if you go to sleep by noon you'll still be able to do a lot before that. I say go for it.
I've half-done that, by mere accident, that is, being on the interwebs until 5 am, which is a good way to switch completely, just sleep as late as you can, gradually moving to a later sleep time


>you mean you'll start sleeping at night? well most people do and they sort of function alright
If the behavior of people is an indication of how "normal" sleep effects people I'll never sleep at night again.


take vitamin D pills if you do this.

also this.

If you don't like a sleep mask, since you're going all out sleeping at night, there is also this. The others may also be on Amazon.


I accidentally did that after NYE. Started taking naps and suddenly I found my sleep schedule upside down. soykaf was so cash while it lasted, I don't know why but I kind of felt more alive and energetic. The sluggishness I usually have had diminished. Too bad I had to transition back to a normal routine because of normalfag stuff and school.

You should probably do it gradually as >>652 said.


>For jobs I guess night jobs are good
I believe most 24hour stores and whatnot offer more for graveyard shift as well, so you should make a bit more money, too.


ive been all over the shop in regards to sleep schedules and ive got to say that waking up when the sun is going down can be... depressing.
ive found that waking in the afternoon is pretty ideal seeing as i have sunlight upon waking and still have some darkness as im going to sleep. i have very nice blockout window coverings, sleep in a west-facing room, use f.lux when i can, work at my own schedule and take classes in the late afternoon/evening, so its pretty sustainable at the moment.
if i had my druthers, id probably run a 26 hour day, but thats beside the point.
speaking as someone that needs minimal human interaction, try the nocturnal schedule if you like, but in my experience it takes a toll.
make sure you have a social outlet of some sort or you could start to spiral...
more to the point: its doubtful that youll find a qt3.14 if youre only awake at night.


Personally mine came about as a way to attend more classes, I always slept in so since my important classes end at noon, I sleep from about noon to about 6 depending on the day. Energy and other feeling wise, I have been great and feel amazing.

The downsides so far have been:

meeting up with groups for projects: k fuarrrk them all for working at 3:50PM madness right?

Eating: I probably would be fine in a bigger city, but the only place consistantly open 24/7 is subway. I hate subway

Loneliness: Complicated and messy here but bear with me. Overall IF you manage it well it's a non-issue. I still hang out with friends and stuff, plenty. I've also become reliable for being up late hours, and people can come to me for help. However, I always loved to indulge in late night walks by myself, and it's been like a ridiculous access. It would be nice to have someone to share it with, but hey normal person sleep schedule doesn't let you get many walks in anyways.

I've never been much a dreaming to be honest, but I would say initially I some interesting dreams. Maybe a bit more now.

Overall I dread having to change it when I need to job, my field is not good for graveyard shifts. It's not that big of a commitment. It's both life changing and surprisingly normal.

Also at least a few qt3.14s upon hearing about it, get super curious. Def gives off a more mysterious vibe, but you have to be non-creepy for it to work.