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Does anyone else here use an eyemask? My gf got me one of these last week, and my sleep has been absolutely incredible, even when I get a limited amount. It's like as long as it's over my eyes my sleep is going to automatically be deep.

I've never felt more well rested and my dreams have never been more vivid.


thank you for reminding me. i'm ordering one tonight.


I'm not sure I'd really go online to order one… the beauty of it is you can probably find it at your local walgreens, they're super cheap.



I use one because my roommate loves to stay up until 5 AM, when I have to get up at 7 for classes some days. He doesn't make too much noise, but his computer bathes the room in a flickering blue wash. This thing is the only reason I'm (barely) able to sleep at night.

Living on campus was a mistake.


I use one that I got on a Qantas flight a few years ago whenever I am on a red-eye flight or sleeping at the airport.


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Yeah I got one recently. I never bought one because I thought I wouldn't like it on my face, but it's very light. Bothers me less than having blankets on my face. Light from outside, even during the night really bothers me. The first day I used it I went to sleep quickly at a normal time, and woke up just after the sun rose. It felt like my body aligned itself perfectly with the daylight.

My eyes finally feel so rested, and the Nidra sleep mask that I have now has space in front of the eyes so I can look around when I wake up and stretch my eyes or chill out and meditate. They're great for resting my eyes wherever I want. Even if you don't need them for sleeping.
But I don't like the strap on the back. I have to use a pillow (I usually sleep flat on the ground) because the velcro strap is very uncomfortable on the back of my head. I read a review and they said it leaves a mark in your head. I put the strap higher up on my head and tighten it, which I find works better to secure it without letting light in.

So I also bought another mask from Etsy that has a double, thinner strap. It hasn't come yet, but I'm excited because it's hand made and uses real silk. That is, if you want. You can customize it endlessly with many different materials on the inside and outside, and a varying amount of materials depending on how thick you want it for softness versus airflow.
Different types of silk, cotton, and bamboo. I chose 3 layers of bamboo/cotton, with silk on my eyes, and a cotton print on the front. I figure the bamboo with only 3 layers will air out my airs more, and the silk is for comfort.


You can try that out first, but I heard they don't work so well for blocking out absolutely all of the light. The Nidra mask has free returns to Amazon, stays on well and is comfortable, even if you sleep on your side, and doesn't have issues with chemicals leaking on your face (some do). Plus you can open your eyes with it.

see my previous post for more info.


do they make these with lights you can schedule to come on at a certain time like an alarm? I can sleep through any number of audio and haptic alarms so I'm thinking using one of these like an artificial sunrise might do the trick.


cant sleep with my eyes closed, i open and close them constantly untill they get too heavy and i fall asleep


Yeah, I made one myself with some cloth and elastic, I'll have to add a layer of some better type of cloth on the inside because it gives me pimples. Sleep feels better when using it, but some light comes in through the sides of the nose and sometimes it's bothersome because I use it mainly when sleeping during the day, that's when I get most lucid dreams.


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imagine an eyemask, but made from Vantablack


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I generally just duct tape some cotton to my face

My dreams have never been more




i have considered getting one since i really struggle to get to sleep sometimes and i work nights so i am going to bed (and asleep) when it is daylight. i use a blanket instead which seems to help somewhat, at least when the heat isnt unbearable.