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Lainons, what's the longest you've deprived yourself of sleep and how did you feel during this? And when you returned to sleeping, how were your dreams effected (if at all)? Longest I went was skipping a night of sleep and staying up until 9 AM the next day. I actually felt far more awake and alive than did I when I slept as to how I typically do. I'd a lack of dreams thereafter I recall, however I'd not been recalling my dreams prior to that as well, so may be unrelated to the sleep deprivation.


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I once woke up midday on day 1, worked a night shift, but didn't go to bed day 2 morning, just playing vidya and stuff. I got called by the boss at 7pm day 2 that a lot of people called in sick and they really really need me there, so I did another night shift. I went to bed sometime around 2 pm on day 3 feeling quite numb and dumb. I don't really stay awake for days intentionally mostly because I'd be just sitting somewhere and try not to think about how comfy, soft and awesome my bed is right over there.


About 60 hours. Had a really messed up routine an went on an early flight, didn't feel like sleeping. The numbness and stuff felt kinda nice.

>And when you returned to sleeping, how were your dreams effected (if at all)?

Can't really remember. I did wake up feeling extra comfy tho.


something like 40-50 hours, i don't remember exactly which is a direct effect.

first you feel sick and whatnot, then you feel ok and awake again and are sort of in a good mood usually, which is about 16-24 hours i think, and after that, i gradually get less concentrated and the cold can make you super tired of you're not careful. you start being very unproductive and your short term memory is bad and for me personally my eyes go really bad and all that stuff, i mean for someone who can't drink alcohol that would be an ok approximation maybe. and then comes the point where you should probably stop and go to sleep

i don't dream usually and especially not in the comatose-ish sleep when i'm recovering from sleep deprivation. if you sleep longer than that you can get dreams of course.

also sleep deprivation disrupts my digestion which is uncool, i should do it less.


I had kept myself awake for 48hs twice. Without the use of any drug other than caffeine and sugar, and not even in above-average amount.
You get tired, then active, then tired again with an intensity capable of getting you to sleep standing. Vidya, playing an instrument, or other pseudo-active, non-stop activity can help. Then you start a new day, you feel active and normal. Then the sleep comes again.
It becomes forcedly cyclical, your brain needs to get used to something.
During sleep, I did not dream. I opened my eyes, 7 hours later, feeling only one second has passed.


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Maybe this doesn't count as I did nap a little. However, I wrote my dissertation over 5 days and slept a total of an hour or two. My friend and I carefully measured out doses for speed and kept an eye on each other. The idea was to maintain a good productive buzz without getting high. It was tough going and near the end I was starting to lose it a little. At one point I realised I had been writing about the music I was listened to for ~45 minuets. But! I had embarked on a period of total immersion in my topic so the album I was listening to was related, meaning I was able to include the whole section I had written (after a little tweaking). Won't write a full report now but if anyone has a question ask away. For the record the album was John Coltrane Live in Japan, it took me ~1.5 weeks to recover and I got 98% of the 10,000 word essay I wrote. All's well that ends well.


Slow down, speed racer.


Oh I have, a lot. Haven't touched any for a good long time.


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I did 83 hours without taking/drinking anything like coffee or energy drinks or any kind of drugs, my mentality and also my sense of humor changes alot when im sleep deprived, I need to go get some soykaf done atm but i will write a longer more detailed post about this when i come back.